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Water Meter Box

Home » Products » Water Meter Box » Water meter chamber unit

  • Water meter chamber unit

  • Product Description
  • Withstand a compressive force of 8.6kN 
    Openable small lid 
    Special locking mechanism 
    Big space inside 
    Good drainage 

    With lock &key,safe valves available.

    with one key.

    safe valves available.

  • Model : L365

Our water meter box systems are available in all sizes to cover all standard installations.  Made from top quality raw materials they are designed to suit most climatic conditions.  These products are designed to have an asset life in excess of 50 years subject to normal operating and maintenance conditions.  The boxes comply to Water Industry Specification.

Special locking mechanism , requiring a tailor-made key to open the lid


Unique coupings, conventient replacement for the meters inside


the meter/ballcock assembly is lcoked where it passes through the meter box to prevent it from rotating during installation.


High quality ball cock shut off valves without rising headparts which can cause leaks.

Material: PP








230 mm

185 mm


Water Meter Box FEATURESWater Meter Box FEATURES


Water Meter Box  data Water Meter Box  price

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