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Prepaid water meter

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  • STS Keypad prepaid water meter

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STS Prepaid Water Meter

·    SP series is an STS (Standard Transfer Specification) compliant, electronic valve controlled, water meter. With SP series you are assured of continuously good metrology and revenue protection at the same time.
·    A handy remote keypad , as Customer Interface Unit (CIU}, is offered to enter recharge tokens and information short codes. The CIU is installed within customer's premise, when the meter is kept away from customer's reach in locked-up boxes or premises. The communication between CIU and the meter can be NB-loT, RF-LoRa on request. The meter is available with AMR data transmission features.


·    Multi-jet dry dial , R160
·    Magnetic drive mechanism with anti-magnetic protection
·    External regulating device
·    Perfectly water tight (IP68) for all harsh and humid environment
·    Prepaid and post-paid hybrid
·    Pre-programmable low credit warning
·    Estimated Battery life: 10 years
·    Brass / plastic meter body on request
·    Reading through Lo Ra , NB-loT and the system of GPRS /3G
·    Non-return valve preventing back-flow
 Optional Features
·    Non return Valve and Inlet Strainer
·    Wet dial and Rotary piston mechanism for option

Working Conditions

·     Water temperature: ≤50℃ for cold water meter
·    Water pressure: ≤1.6MPa(16bars)

All-in-one prepaid solution

1.    Customers pay for Token, and water meter records data after typing the token. And STS System is approved by STS Association.
2.    The tokens is only for using on related water meter. And if customers have own STS Association approved Token Data. We could make Token Data into water meter.
3.    Token is typed by CIU, which could be used in long distance by Radio Frequency.

Note:Please be advised a special code required to switch on/off the prepaid function through the supplier/manufacturer

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