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Single Jet Water Meter

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  • Single Jet Water meter

  • Product Description
  • Single jet water meters are accurate in small sizes and widely used in 1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm) sizes for residential and smaller commercial uses. 
    Single jet water meters use single input port to create a jet of water against an impeller. The impeller rotation speed is in relation to the velocity of water flow. 
    Single jet water meters generally have an internal strainer element that can protect the impeller from getting clogged

  • Model : Single Jet Water Meter

Single Jet water meters are ideal for sub/secondary billing for domestic applications, batch control and also water monitoring in industrial/commercial applications. Available in sizes 1/2" & 3/4".

Single-jet water meters were designed to offset the limitations of existing meter technologies. In particular, they were designed for high accuracy and longevity for billing applications. Precision engineering and high-quality manufacturing ensure the product delivers the best performance. 

On average, the normal period of operation before servicing is at least 7-12 years. In most cases, single-jet type meters will test to a higher degree of accuracy after 7-12 years of service than compound, turbine, and displacement meters test when new. 
Single-Jet measurement
A single-jet is a velocity type meter that incorporates a “single” tangential jet, which flows across a paddle wheel or impeller. The impeller is offset from the water flowing through the tangential jet such that the water travels perpendicular to the rotational axis of the impeller.
This is the characteristic that separates the single-jet from Class I or Class II turbines where water flows along the rotational axis as opposed to prpendicular.   

From a design standpoint, the effects of this operation are significant. By operating perpendicular to the impeller, water flow through the single-jet meter exerts very little, if any,force on the bearings (either the top thrust bearing or the bottom pivot bearing) carrying the impeller. Said another way; the maximum force on the bearing is the weight of the impeller. In addition to the tangential jet, Metron-Farnier single-jet meters incorporate a“lifting”function whereby the impeller actually floats during operation. With the impeller afloat, the pivot bearing at the bottom of the impeller is relieved of wear. This allows for an extremelysensitive bearing and thus excellent low flow measurement characteristics.

The combination of the single tangential jet and the floating impeller allows for extremely precise water measurement without periodic maintenance.


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