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Water Meter Box

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  • Plastic Water Meter Box

  • Product Description
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  • Model : L315




Our water meter installation boxes are made of high grade plastic. Due to the heavy duty construction they are very robust and prepared to withstand manipulation attempts. As there is no scrap value of this surface box thefts are kept to a minimum. The box is available for meters with a connection from 1/2" to 3/4”. It can easily be installed onto galvanised steel, copper and polypropylene pipe.



  • Made of high grad plastic;

  • Heavy duty contruction;

  • No valve for thieves;

  • For residential water meters;

  • Material: PP material for box container, cover, bottom. Or PA For box container and box cover. ABS material for box bottom.

  • Box tap: slip surface hinged to allow opening of more than 90 degree

  • 12months of warranty.

  • Resistance load is more than 1500lbs(7KN).

  • Special locking mechanism,requiring a tailor-made key to open the lid.

  • Unique couplings,convenient replacement for the metersinside.

Plastic key to open the lid






water meter box

315 mm

200 mm

180 mm

1.2 kg

Water Meter Box FEATURES Water Meter Box FEATURES

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