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Multi Jet Water Meter

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  • Multi Jet Water Meter

  • Product Description
  • Multi jet water meters are accurate in small sizes and widely used in 1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm) sizes for residential and smaller commercial uses, but are not used in larger sizes, since they don¡¯t have the straight-through flow path needed for the high flow rates used in large pipe diameters. 

    Multi jet water meters use multiple ports surrounding an internal chamber, to create a jet of water against an impeller. The impeller rotation speed is in relation to the velocity of water flow. 

    Multi jet water meters generally have an internal strainer element that can protect the jet ports from getting clogged.

  • Model : Multi jet water meter


Water meters using the multi-jet principle are the best cost/performance,long life, flow measurement instruments.
Wide clearances in the measuring chamber and negligible area of contact between static and moving parts are the main reasons for the high reliability of this design even in hard water.
For domestic, agriculture and industrial use.
• Only one moving part - the impeller - in contact with the water for minimum wear and utmost reliability. Magnetically driven sealed registers. Stainless steel/glass encapsulated option is unconditionally guaranteed against fogging

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