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Multi Jet Water Meter

Home » Products » Multi Jet Water Meter » Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

  • Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

  • Product Description
  • Brass meter body, ISO4064 Class B. Cast brass meter cover OR plastic meter cover optional.

    PN16/10Bar, with non-return valve, inlet strainer, brass connection tails,  no remote reading function, not avaliable with pulse output.

  • Model : MSA-15


Multi jet water meters are accurate in small sizes and widely used in 1/2" (15mm) to 2" (50mm) sizes for residential and smaller commercial uses, but are not used in larger sizes, since they don't have the straight-through flow path needed for the high flow rates used in large pipe diameters. 

Multi jet water meters use multiple ports surrounding an internal chamber, to create a jet of water against an impeller. The impeller rotation speed is in relation to the velocity of water flow. 

Multi jet water meters generally have an internal strainer element that can protect the jet ports from getting clogged.

Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline.

Dry type, magnetic drive, antimagnetic function, easy and long term clear read ing, frost resistance, long work  life. Available with non-return valve and inlet strainer on request



Water temperature:  ≤40℃ for cold water meter
                              ≤90℃for  hot water meter

Water pressure:  ≤1MPa or 1.6MPa optional (10bar or 16bar optional)


In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and includ ing Qs is: cold water meter ±2%, hot water meter ±3%.

In the lower zone from Qmin  inclusive up to  but excluding Qt is ±5%

Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

Technical data conform to International Standard ISO4064


Type Size(mm) Class Qs Max Flow Qp Nominal Flow Qt Transitional Flow Qmin Min Flow Min Reading Max Reading
M3/h l/h M3
MSA-15 15 A 3 1.5 150 60 0.0001 99999
B 120 30


Each water meter has one set couplings optional: 2pcs tube, 2pcs nut and 2pcs gasket. 


Type Size L(mm) B(mm) H(mm) Connection Thread weight
MSA-15 15 165 99 115 G3/4B 1.6kg


Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter


Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

Exploded View:

Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter price 

cheap Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter supplies

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