Jul 18 2017

What’s the Difference Between the Intelligent Water Meter & the Common Ones

Intelligent water meter is a new type of water meter which uses modern microelectronics technology, modern sensing technology and intelligent IC card technology to measure water consumption and carry out water data transmission and settlement transaction.

Traditional water meters generally have only flow collection and mechanical indicators to show water consumption. Compared with the function, intelligent water meter is a big step forward. Except for the ability to record water consumption and display electronically, the intelligent meter can also control water consumption in accordance with the agreed number.


Advantages of Intelligent water meter

1. Intelligent water meter can record the water consumption and display the number;
2. Intelligent water meter can be control the water consumption in accordance with the agreed water consumption, and automatically complete the ladle water price calculation, while the water can be stored data storage function;
3. Intelligent water meter allows data transmission and transaction settlement through the IC card, with a convenient transaction, accurate calculation, the use of the characteristics of bank settlement.


  • Product Description
  • Magnetic interference display: The strong magnet will affect the collection of signals from water meters. In this case, the error code will be displayed in the screen.
    Low battery replacement. When the battery symbol is displayed. The internal battery needs to be replaced.


  • Product Description
  • Selected sensitive reed-type pluses
    Resistance to interference
    Keep its fundamental function as standard meter
    Consumption can be collected by remote transit with accurate and reliable reading
    Can be connected with computer , for management,

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