Jun 09 2014

Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter structure design, working principle, the error value and maintenance


Is the total volume of measuring instrument used for measuring the water passing through the pipeline, metering and suitable for industrial water and domestic water. LXS type wet type structure, scale for digital and pointer type (E type). Display the number of LXLG type magnetic coupling drive dry type structure, reading, convenient, high precision, is not influenced by the water quality, the dial to keep clean and clear.

Product main features:

1, firm structure, anti impurities capability, low pressure loss, long service life;

2, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, repair, time saving, labor saving;

Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter
3, using a pointer, a character wheel combined display, digital display clear reading convenience features, small starting flow etc.;

4, direct drive is not influenced by the magnetic field, the transmission resistance is small, sensitive and reliable operation, large measuring range, high measuring accuracy;

5, Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter is detachable, easy replacement of measurement movement, high precision, strong anti-interference, reliability;

6, connected to the head part by national standard thread / flange connection;

Technical parameters:

A, maximum flow rate (Qmax) – meter in a short period of time, without damage cases, maximum flow.

B, commonly used flow (Qn) – meter in normal working condition is steady or intermittent flow, optimal use of flow.

C, the boundary flow (Qt) – flow range is divided into two zones of the flow appears.

D, the minimum flow (Qmin) – at the maximum allowable error limits required to show the value of the minimum flow meter.

The maximum permissible error:

A, including the minimum flow to not include boundary flow low area: + 5%

B, including boundary flow to maximum flow high: + 2%

3, the temperature: 0~45 ℃ cold water table, water table ≤ 95 ℃

4, the nominal pressure: DN15~DN40 ≤ 1.0MPa, DN50~DN200 ≤ 1.6MPa

5, the pressure loss: ≤ 0.1MPa


For a family or a resident unit of measurement of  Multi Jet Liquid Sealed Type Vane Wheel Water Meter.

Installation notes and instructions for use:

1, the water meter diameter should choose suitable caliber water meter according to the size of diameter and flow pipeline installation locations, often use flow close to the common flow is appropriate.

2, before installation should first remove the pipeline debris, sand so as to avoid the water meter fault, if the liquid impurities, need to install the filter or filter at both ends of the water meter.

3, the water meter are installed horizontally, dry water meter away from magnetic field, dial should be upward, watch the direction of the arrow must be consistent with the direction of flow. Installation location should avoid exposure, water, ice and pollution, convenient disassembly and reading. In the rainy season, the winter rain and freezing measures should be taken.

4, the installation should be equipped with valves, water front, in order to cut off the water supply and water meter.

5, water meter installed in the annular water distribution network or boiler water inlet end, a special check valve must be installed water meters, with waterproof table and hot reflux scalding water meter.

6, to ensure that the metering accuracy, directly connected with water meter straight length (excluding valve) before the table should be not less than 10 times the water meter nominal diameter, table should be not less than 5 times the nominal bore water meter.