Jun 20 2014

Volumetric Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register) structural features, working principle, operational procedures and FAQ

Nano nylon containing material product type (rotary piston) water table, the performance index of ISO4064; product can control temperature, low resistance to blast,

Volumetric  Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register)

The meter adopts composite nano meter nylon material for manufacturing, the products are green, pollution-free, non-toxic and nano nylon, no corrosion problem, the performance is stable and reliable, fully meet the safety requirements of the water meter manufacturing. Water movement is a new transformation, can realize the dripping metering, clear reading convenience.

Analysis of various materials and application of water meter:

The industry is developed for domestic needĀ Volumetric Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register) and at the same time in the product standards.

Plastic water meter can not only solve the problems of cast iron water pollution two, copper water meter high price, but also prevent the installation of outdoor water meter copper piece is solution of theft.

The manufacturing process of plastic water meter, can fully reflect the energy saving and environmental protection, which is compatible with the national energy-saving emission reduction policies.

Nylon shell of water meter, in recent years is the preferred material for plastic water meter, water meter nylon plastic shell, in the international, the domestic market has withstood the test of various conditions.

Nylon material basically is divided into three levels, from high to low are: Swiss aromatic nylon (6T/6I), Germany BASF glass fiber nylon (PA66), glass fiber modification of domestic (PA6).

Nylon shell of water meter’s advantage lies in the health, security, cheap, its strength, anti-aging, anti creep as long as appropriate selecting, enough to meet the need of water meter.

However, because of the nylon raw material market price difference is very big, made of black water, very difficult to distinguish the performance, once a few years after the emergence of quality problems, may be explosive.

Nylon case possible problem is the problem of aging, ultraviolet irradiation therefore, critical water supplier test means and technical strength.

Nylon strength in water water will decrease the strength, toughness enhancement, only dry state 60%. The strength of nylon by means of adding glass fiber to fiber, nylon material more good prices more expensive, poor nylon material is glass fiber more of the cheaper.

Cast iron shell of water meter

Because the two pollution, has cast iron water so water meter shell, mandatory safety rules require casting materials in 2010 eliminated ash, for large caliber water, will replace the gray cast iron with spheroidal graphite cast iron and stainless steel material.

All contact parts in theĀ Rotary Volumetric Piston Water Meter should be used generally non-toxic, no pollution, no biological activity material, and should be able to resist the internal and external corrosion.

Copper water meter

When phased out iron shell water is more and more high, the international price of copper is still in the low, some manufacturers use brass instead of cast iron water meter shell.

The subsequent rising copper prices, copper prices caused by water, and in the outdoor installation easy theft, made of brass instead of cast iron water meter shell trend has not formed climate.

China is a lack of copper resources in the country, and the copper smelting requires a lot of energy resources, and energy-saving emission reduction policies do not match.

Brass is a product of copper and lead, the Pseudomonas, its toxicity is far greater than the harm, iron rust on people so, use of brass, and can not solve the two problems of pollution.

Stainless steel 304 gauge

Stainless steel casting, forming distinct characteristics, product appearance.

The addition of trace elements of stainless steel material, can resist the external pollution, also won’t produce pollution to water quality in the interior.

The product strength meet the requirements of physical strength meter casing and accessories manufacturing.

Stainless steel water meter products can achieve food grade, no corrosion, no pollution second, durable.