Aug 20 2015

Vertical Woltman type water meter

Vertical Woltman type water meter Description:

The WS series of horizontal Woltman type water meter vertical Woltman type wide range of large diameter water meters are mainly used for measurement of total amount of water flowing through the pipes. Water meters without a worm gear, directly driven impeller counter, wired remote, M-BUS/RS485 interface and standard communication protocol used, normal working voltage from the bus power supply DC24V, high transmission efficiency, low initial traffic, measuring range, high accuracy. Detachable metering movement structure, convenient maintenance. Water meters of this series can increase M-BUS/RS-485 or wireless remote controller interface, easily upgrade from a mechanical meter to remote water meter.

Vertical Woltman type water meter is the Woltman type water meter, velocity type meter, suitable for use in large-diameter pipe, which is characterized by large flow capacity, small pressure loss. As with the rotor-type water meter, Woltman type water meter is a kind of velocity type meter. When water flows after the water meter, along the axis of impulse water meter Lo Wing-shaped impeller discharge, impeller speed is proportional to the flow velocity, after after the reduction gear drive, displays the total quantity of water through a water meter on the indicating device. Woltman type water meter into horizontal Woltman type water meter and horizontal Woltman type water meter type. Domestic uses most of the tables was horizontal Woltman type water meter for industrial use.
Third, horizontal Woltman type water meter application range:
Horizontal Woltman type water meter suitable for water supply companies and monitoring of water resources management of water, is widely used in water plants, water Division, for sewer, water metering and trading settlement.
Four, vertical Woltman type water meter product advantages:
1, detachable metering movement structure, without having to replace the base table to facilitate maintenance and replacement;
2, shell replacements, shell back can increase the Intelligent remote modules, easily make the upgrade from mechanical table to the remote table;
3, choice, freedom to choose electrical readings, wired remote, wireless remote-type;
4, wireless remote with special 470MHz~510? MHz band, internal 3.6V lithium battery provides power, battery for more than 8 years;
5, timing, location of remote water information for copying;
6, jurisdiction of all water meters can be queried through a computer daily, monthly amount, losses of information;
7, with the report output, contain premium statistics, debt statistics, report storage functions such as account statistics: water meter data can be saved after a power failure for more than 10 years.