Sep 15 2015

Vertical Woltman type water meter and horizontal Woltman type water meter

Vertical Woltman type water meter


1. using a special liquid packaging, the reading will stay sharp for a long time;
2. counter styles are divided into half-seal and full liquid seal two;
3. full liquid seal type: counter of liquid packaging as a whole;
4. semi-liquid seal: only wheel part liquid packaging;
5. initial flow, suitable for networks with poor water quality, is the best meter product that suits China.
6. the technical performance indicators are in line with GB/T778.1~3-1996 (the equivalent of ISO4064) b or c-level standard.
Horizontal Woltman type water meter
Woltman type water meter is made up of helical rotor rotation around the axis of flow of a water meter. The Woltman type rotor with level swirling flow direction.
Main features:
1. counter has pointer type (c-type),, pointer and wheel combination wet (type E) and dry-type (G type) three
2. hot and cold tables (-R) options available to customers
3. simple structure
4. the flow capacity, and less pressure loss
5. technical indicators conform to GB/T778.1~3-1996 (the equivalent of ISO4064) b class
Conditions of use:
Water temperature ≤ 45 ℃ (≤ 90 ℃ hot water)
Pressure 1MPa
Maximum permissible error:
From the minimum flow (including Qmin) to the boundary flow (no including Qt) ± 5%
From the boundary flow (including Qt) to the overloaded traffic (including QS) high as ± 2% (water table is ± 3%)