Sep 10 2015

Vertical Woltman type direct-reading remote water meter


Record accumulation of piped drinking water flows through the tap water flow, and flow. Direct-reading remote transmission module the series of water mater is configured by photoelectric direct-reading meter, direct read dial readings, hundred percent meter accuracy.
Digital output signal is applied to water table monitoring system and two systems of measurement such as enterprise, efficient.
Main features

Flow performance: base table technology and production process are from Germany, unique of design guarantee has meter of low district sensitivity and high district circulation performance, WS type vertical screw wing type Big caliber meter concentrated has level screw wing type meter and spin wing type meter of advantage, used full flow detection, was measuring flow for axis to flow, low into high out, measurement precision high, especially in low flow Xia, precision above other type meter. Stainless steel built-in filtering mesh design, ensures that product long-term stability: WPHD for mega-flow measurement, shell cavity with flow function, can effectively reduce the meter before installing elbows, t-tubes, adjustable tube, water filters, valves and other interference on the measurement accuracy of the meter, disturbance flow performance of the highest level U0 and D0.
Protection grade height: Advanced copper technology, overall protection grade IP68, ensure that no damp and fog.
Accurate readings: using infrared radiation sampling, ambient light does not affect no mechanical contact Republican mechanical action, without piping or other disruption caused by the shock of read errors and data of meter reading and mechanical values are exactly the same.
Long service life: low-power design, and only read is a capture device power supply for a short time, electronic unit with shorter working hours, e-units is greater than a meter provided a strong test cycle.
Safety: electric power and water to achieve physical isolation, theater high strength to ensure security;
Implementation of the copy function: you can measure within the remote orders table data and State data out in real time. Real-time value represented by this water, to provide accurate accounting difference metrology.
Compatibility: supports a variety of standard communication interface, convenient access to a variety of management systems
Remote functions: use M-BUS or RS485 interface, achieving data transfer, internal power supply centralized monitoring water meter, read by the capture device when power supply for a short time, electronic work is relatively short, machine working life than the stronger inspection time.
Higher measurement accuracy: non-magnetic non-contact sensors. There is no external magnetic interference caused by reading out of electronic reading devices do not affect the measurement accuracy of the original instrument.