Jan 27 2015

Two-way horizontal Woltman type water meter levels of structures, as well as bi-directional screw-type water meters with which advantages?

Two-way horizontal Woltman type water meter, which includes case, wing wheel module, rectifiers, cumulative count of gear mechanism, which is characterized by: Cumulative count organizations connected in a planetary gear differential gear train–ratchet pawl, and administered by two separate counters for measuring water flow in both directions. Advantages: accurate measurement of the two-way flow of water in the pipeline, suitable for large and medium cities water supply water pipe NET system; because it consists of a simple gear train to achieve bi-directional measurement, than the existing bi-directional meter cost is greatly reduced.

Horizontal Woltman type water meter belongs to the field of fluid measurement instrument technology. Its mainly cover plate mounted on top of the case, lower part of the casing is equipped with counting bodies, counting bodies equipped with a drive mechanism, wing wheel mounted on one side of the center hole of the rectifier, wing at the other end of the wheel axle shaft mounted drive mechanism outside of the Center. Drive mechanism of shell with worm and worm gear and Center, respectively, fitted with a magnet on the worm and gear.

This practical new structure compact, and reasonable; due to used has overall type vacuum sealed of magnetic drive institutions, so can makes wing round and drive institutions Zhijian no directly of mechanical drive, can reduced has wing round turned of mill wipe resistance, improve meter of performance; can makes drive institutions long-term keep stable of work; can effective to prevent flow in the of impurities winding in worm, and worm Shang and produced meter of fault; and can effective to prevent mutations of flow impact worm, and worm and produced meter of fault.