Sep 17 2014

The basic structure and principle of prepaid water meter, the characteristics, advantages and development prospect of performance

The traditional “water first, pay after” into “first payment, after the water”, to effectively solve the charge problem. Detailed design flow using EM78 MCU to design the specific hardware circuit diagram and software are given.

(1) without the need of manual meter reading, and is conducive to modern management. With the “implementation of a table” one household, the meter number of power supply enterprise management increases dramatically, installing prepaid electric energy meter is used for

prepayment water meter

Strengthen the modernized management of electric enterprises, improve the best choice for a service level. The use of prepayment electric energy meter also avoid manual meter reading charge door the inconvenience caused to customers, and the history of  prepayment water meter can be saved, convenient customer query.

(2) fully reflects the commodity attribute of water. Prepaid water meter according to the principle of the implementation of commodity exchange, buy water after the water, completely changed the traditional water charging mode, fully embodies the commodity property of hydraulic. Customers can according to their actual needs to have a plan to buy water, water, does not occur late fees due to arrears, add unnecessary expenses.

(3) to solve the problem of fees. Can well solve the problems of scattered residential customers fees, temporary water customers, customers often in arrears.

A, use and scope:

For total volume measurement and control water flowing through a water supply pipeline. The table has the advantages of high reliability, high precision, low power consumption characteristics. The parameters meet the national standard (GB/T778.1-3-1996) and urban construction industry standards (CJ/T133-2001) requirements.

Two, function characteristics:

1, the use of radio frequency card, without any exposed electrode, good humidity resistance, easy to use.

2, through the double key encryption of user card, a card of a secret.

3, with a card table, or a card table function.

4, with the remaining water is insufficient, prompting the user to timely purchase of water.

5, with the battery voltage is too low, to prompt the user to replace the batteries.

6, has the data read back, when the user card to purchase management center of water, can use the card corresponds to the total amount of water in the water meter, battery status, interference times read back to the management center.

7, small starting flow, high precision.

8, display function: surplus for the purchase quantity, content, cumulative content and other parameters can be effectively displayed on the LCD screen, the user can through the user card check table in the surplus water and total water use information.

The basic structure and principle:

The IC Prepaid Water meter and the general appearance of the appearance of similar water meter, the installation process is basically the same. The use of IC card water meter is very simple, from the user’s point of view, the IC card water meter is to plug in your. The working process of IC card water meter in general as follows: containing the amount of IC card is inserted in the IC card water meter reader, the microcomputer module identification and download the amount, the valve opens, the user can be normal water. When users of water, water collection device began to water collection, and converted to an electronic signal supply microcomputer module required for measurement, and the LCD display on the display module. When the amount of user of water drops to a certain value, the microcomputer module out sound alarm, prompting the user to the cardholder fee should buy water. If more than the amount of water, then the computer module automatically will electric control valve closed, cutting off the water supply. Until the user has been inserted IC card fee start to open the valve for water supply.