Aug 08 2017

An Analysis of the Difference Between Woltman Type Water Meter&Rotary Vane Water Meter

rp_280_257_67acfc4dd5178328bd34fc2cefb3f10f.jpgMeters are used to measure the flow of water. Water meters can be recorded for the consumption of tap, just put it on a meter. When someone is releasing water, the pointer on the meter or the wheel of the word will indicate the amount of the passage. This will also allow each user to clearly understand the amount of water they use, which can also save water. Therefore, the water meter has gradually entered every household. Today’s little series to introduce is the woltman type water meter and rotary-wing type water meter, below we together to analyze the difference between the two.
Woltman Type Bulk Cold(Hot) Water Meter

Introduction of the spiral-fin water meter

The rotor water meter is suitable for measuring the total amount of one-way flow of small-caliber pipes. such as the diameter of 15mm, 20mm specifications of the household water consumption measurement. The water meter mainly consists of shell, impeller measuring mechanism and deceleration mechanism, as well as the indicator table, with simple structure characteristics. There are many kinds, including mechanical designs without output. With signal output, with signal output is analog output, but also patented technology back-end digital design. In addition, the measurement principle of the rotary-vane water meter also has many kinds, for example, the flow-driven rotary wing drive gears to count. There are also some rotating wings to output 1 pulses per turn, followed by the circuit to statistics.
Upright Rotary Vane Wheel Removable Water Meter

Introduction of rotor water meter

Same as rotary-wing type Water meter (dn15-dn65), the spiral-winged water meter also belongs to a speed-type water meter. When the water into the meter, along the direction of the axial impact of the spiral vane impeller rotation outflow, the impeller speed and flow rate is proportional to the speed reducer after transmission, in the indicator device to show the total water through the meter.
Element Woltman Cold Water Meter
The difference between the woltman type water meter and the rotary-wing type water meter
Rotary-wing type water meter: rotary-vane meter is applicable to the measurement of the total amount of one-way flow of small-caliber pipe. such as the diameter of 15mm, 20mm specifications of the household water consumption measurement. The water meter mainly consists of shell, impeller measuring mechanism and deceleration mechanism, as well as the indicator table, with simple structure characteristics.
Horizontal woltman water meter: horizontal screw-wing meter used to measure the flow of large-flow pipeline total. Especially suitable for water supply and large mines. The main characteristics are large circulation capacity, small size, compact structure, easy to use and maintenance. The Spiral-winged water meter is generally used to measure the flow of large flow pipelines. So the general large enterprises and schools and so on will choose the spiral-wing type water meter, but the opposite is the rotary-wing-type meter is suitable for metering small flow of the total flow, so the household meters are generally rotary-wing meter. The use of water meters is also to do a supervision of our behavior, if you waste a lot of the waters, you will be responsible for this behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to use water meters widely.
Woltman Type Irrigation &Agriculture Water Meter

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Jul 04 2014

Characteristics of the solution, the Turbine Woltman Type Water Meter performance parameters, common problems and development

Level Woltman water meter, also called vortex type water meter, water meter refers to the helix axis and the water pipe Zhou Xiancheng parallel (or overlap), the impeller adopts spiral wing shape. This is not to say that the level of the water meter can be installed. Of course, such as the water meter to vertical installation, should the water jewel plain end bearing selection inlet side spiral shaft bearing hole, in order to reduce friction, prolong the service life of the water meter. Imports of some types of spiral wing type water meter adopts dynamic balance technology, can work in horizontal, inclined and vertical state, but the class of measurement work in non horizontal state when the water to reduce the level of.

Turbine Woltman Type Water Meter

In the case, cover, table glass and a sealing washer together to form a sealed body, make the case within the tested water without leakage to the outside. According to the standard requirements, the Turbine Woltman Type Water Meter should be able to withstand the pressure of 1.6MPa, sustained pressure test pressure of 2.OMPa, 15min and 1min continued. Therefore, in the case, cover and table glass shall meet the requirements. The watchcase hole shall be lined with resistant liner rot material made of or coated with antirust coating with good.

Rectifier functions: one is to come from water upstream in turbulent flow in the rectifier through the grid, as far as possible the “out” into the state of laminar flow; two is provided with a shaft hole in the center rectifiers, to support the spiral shaft, axle hole and the shaft hole on the bracket should be coaxial, in order to ensure the spiral wing flexible rotation.

The role of stents: on the one hand supporting the helix axis, so that the spiral wing can rotate flexibly under flow action; on the other hand through a worm and worm wheel bracket and screw wing shaft is engaged, the spiral wing speed to the upper part of the bracket is connected with a counting mechanism.

Water meter Woltman water meter using spiral plate shaped impeller, also called spiral wing or wing wheel, enough mechanical strength engineering plastic generally use (such as ABS) injection molding. Spiral tube body is a hollow, to reduce weight and increase buoyancy. Spiral wing end is provided with a cover adhesive binder and, in case the measured water immersion after the increase of weight. Spiral wing has better dynamic balance performance, or when the high-speed operation, easy to make the spiral shaft and sleeve wear.

Common error adjusting device two.

(1) paddle error adjusting device

In part this adjustment device is a piece of flat and symmetrical paddle shaped adjusting plate, rectifying plate is positioned in the rectifier part. When the rotating paddle shaped adjusting plate, it can increase or decrease this part of water flow to the spiral rotation impact, thus plays the role of error. Paddle shaped error adjusting device has the advantages of Woltman Type Bulk Cold(Hot) Water Meter, less components and easy processing and convenient assembly and disassembly, so widely used.

(2) the rudder type error adjusting device

The regulating device role is part of a flat plate, plate is provided with a shaft hole, the adjusting plate is arranged on the rectifying plate rectifier for shaft parts. The regulation error, a shaft on the other side the rudder shape adjustment plate, so that the adjusting plate around the axis of rotation, to increase or decrease the water flow to the spiral rotation impact, thus plays the role of error. The adjusting device is complex.

Jun 13 2014

structural characteristics of Combination Cold Water Meter, working principle, methods of operation and the advantages


For cold water flow measurement in pipe, at the same time with automatic charging function. The user will water to management, management will buy water into the IC card, the user information input meter IC card water meter will automatically open the valve, water supply, the water users in the process of automatic reduction, the remaining amount of microcomputer water meter, the purchase of water after exhaustion, water will automatically shut off the valve to cut off the water supply, the user needs to buy water to once again open the valve for water supply.

Combination Cold Water Meter

Integrated management system:

A, business process: including the purchase of water (recharge IC card water meter), running status information; B, system settings: including water rate, less amount, warning amount set; C, basic information: including the basic user information, the IC card information and release, distribution, the loss of D, query statistics; operation conditions: information consumption inquiry display and print users and Combination Cold Water Meter; E, communication processing: used for IC card water meter reading and writing communication device and the management of computer room; F, system maintenance: including the operator management, password modification, data backup and configuration, maintenance and other functions

The performance index:

The main technical parameters of a water meter:

(1) the temperature: the parameter specifies the maximum temperature of water use, the user should choose the appropriate model specification to meet their own needs, otherwise it will lead to the total water flow measurement are not allowed.

(2) the working pressure: provides the maximum pressure measurement of water meter. Hydraulic pressure exceeds this limit, may cause damage or leakage of water meter.

(3) the flow coefficient: including nominal diameter, nominal flow rate, maximum flow, boundary flow, minimum flow, the starting flow. The user can select nominal diameter and nominal flow according to the practical need. The starting flow reflects the water sensitivity.

(4) shown value error.

(5) dimensions and weight: Element Woltman Cold Water Meter includes various parameters need to understand the installation such as long, wide, high, connecting thread etc.. In addition to size and weight and packing transportation.

Test method:

Water test is carried out according to technical conditions for the production of enterprises and GB/T778. Inspection: visual inspection (including the dimensions and so on), the hydraulic pressure test, shown value error, flow measurement and accelerated wear test. Number of test table of at least 3, the number of necessary increased by water table, can be up to 10.

May 28 2014

Woltman Type Irrigation &Agriculture Water Meter works, design structure, the maximum permissible error and conditions of use

Spiral wing type water meter, water meter is also called volts, a velocity meter, suitable for use in large diameter pipeline, which is characterized by large flow capacity, small pressure loss.

Woltman Type Irrigation &Agriculture Water Meter

As the rotor type water meter, a spiral wing type water meter belonging to the velocity meter. When the water flows into the water after the impact, along the axial direction meter spiral wing shaped impeller outflow, impeller rotational speed and flow speed is proportional to, through the reduction gear transmission, the indicator displays the total amount of water meter.

Woltman Type Irrigation &Agriculture Water Meter is divided into horizontal spiral wing type water meter and the vertical spiral wing type water meter two categories. Most of the industrial scale is horizontal spiral wing type water meter. In addition the detachable horizontal spiral wing type water meter, flow meter, because of its wide range of strong versatility, installation and repair in the surface case is not cut off the water supply is not removed, has also become a series of products, users are welcome.


Wet type E: with high precision measurement, small starting flow, reading is convenient; the liquid seal type F: counting mechanism adopts a special liquid packaging, good antifouling performance, can keep clear reading; cold, hot water optionally; series of versatility; large flow capacity, small pressure loss; flow capacity; compact structure.

Main technical parameters:

Water meter imported German technology, detachable structure, water does not need to be disassembled from the pipes, movement can be pulled out for repair or replacement; copper sealing counter readings, permanent remain legible, universal measuring mechanism, reduce the spare parts; magnetic connection, the transmission resistance is small, reliable operation, small pressure loss, long service life. Woltman Type Bulk Water Meter is unchanged in the original metering mechanism, counter with multiple output distance function, appearance more beautiful. The F table is a recently developed wet seal liquid water gauge, the detachable structure. Counter with special liquid encapsulation and can keep the liquid does not leak, to ensure that the counting mechanism is not contaminated, and has the advantages of high precision, small starting flow counting, antifouling, reading convenience etc..


Level Woltman water meter for measuring flowing through the water pipe cold (hot) the total amount of water.

Conditions of use:

Temperature class: T30

Pressure rating: MAP10

Pressure loss grade: P63

The upstream flow sensitivity level: U10

Flow sensitivity level: D5

The maximum permissible error:

A) low area (Q1 ≤ Q < Q2) maximum permissible error of ± 5%

B) high (Q2 ≤ Q ≤ Q4) maximum permissible error of ± 2%