Jan 24 2015

How to choose a water meter fittings became an important factor

Water meter has become one important tool for life saving. First of all both general mechanical water meters and the smart meter, quality is one of the most important choices of meter, good quality depends on what? Water meter fittings is made, of course, how to select a water meter fittings became an important factor.

How to choose a water meter fittings meter structure first start, general mechanical water meters can be divided into: movement, pressure, connector fittings, table cover, table glass shell in five parts Movement is drinking water directly impact of parts, so movement. of material must to selection by have live flow impact of material; and pressure cover up with dial fixed of role, must to select easily rust of material case rust pollution table glass and dial; table glass also can not using general household of glass, table glass should easily broken, resistance damage, anti-miscellaneous smashed ,, protection dial and measurement of intact; joints fittings General are used copper mass of but different of meter models must have meet GB of standard; table shell of material has many species, Steel should be used without secondary pollution Stainless steel water standards-compliant, and most manufacturers are now using copper should conform to the national standard;. the smart meter is the electronic component parts more than the General mechanical water meters, electronic component parts should be quality, accurate measurement, and most of all flexible intelligent water meter valves must be closed, the best use of ball valves.

Guarantees the quality of the water meter fittings water security is also very important. Water meter every household tap water flows through the direct channel, meter movements, watch cases, joint pipe fittings should be adopted in accordance with the national provisions of the safe drinking water safe and sanitary materials. So smart meter, how to select a water meter fittings according to the quality and safety aspects are marvellous.