Feb 04 2015

Water meter sensor has a “magic”, you know? And its performance characteristics

Meter box is commonly used in civil infrastructure facilities, is widely used in villages and towns, big cities and civilian infrastructure. Meter box its structure features for: box back for open structure, box side wall Hou Department has into pipes through of into pipes gap, box Shang wall Hou Department has outlet through of outlet gap (Note: access pipes gap location due to production design of different and slightly has differences); box including multiple small box door and a big box door, and can according to actual needs configuration observation window, and bills hole.

Water meter sensor hammer shockproof, waterproof, easy disassembly and replacement of the sensor. Low cost, fit into people’s homes.
Low prices, money for small, quick, and automatic meter reading systems, equipment and construction costs low. Especially suitable for one family, one meter, the collector may soon be installed in or upon the grounds of implementing Group chart box copy.

Performance characteristics
1, water meter boxes in gray or blue colour, simple;
2, box has excellent corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, impact-resistant;
3, long life, indoor service life up to 30-60, up to 15-30 for outdoor use;
4, low value materials that can be recycled, effectively avoid theft;
5, the enclosure without cracking, deformation, easy to use, easy maintenance;


Jan 28 2015

Single flow meter how to achieve high sensitivity? Its main feature is that those aspects of

High-sensitivity single flow meter, in particular one used to measure flow through the water pipes of the total water volume measuring instruments-single flow meter-high sensitivity.


Its features is: is on meter shell water hole shape design of improved, meter shell water hole of shape for tapered, in flow direction aperture by big to small, its axis and meter into, and export axis is Alpha =15~35 ° angle, makes flow formed Jet State, increased passed pressure, thus increases has flow impact impeller of pressure, can promoted impeller continuous rotating, led meter readings device of gear rotating, makes meter of sensitivity pointer turned.

Water meter the utility high-sensitivity single flow meter, water meter is realized on micro-flow metering of water, its high sensitivity, up to 1~2 l/h maximum sensitivity, increases the sensitivity of a single flow meter completely, accurately reflect the user of water, to prevent the loss of water, avoiding the waste of water resources.