Jan 26 2015

Unidirectional water meter is how to implement a one-way control introduction

One-way meter is to effective prevent many water households easy put meter pour turn installation, makes of pour count and reached stole water purposes of new meter, this new meter still contains table shell, and impeller measurement device institutions, and counters and the pipes joints, and connection nut and the rubber sealed circle, parts, but shell body of water mouth and water mouth of interface thread od size not as, makes of cannot put meter pour turn installation and stole water, while also does not appeared installation Shi due to negligence and put meter of water mouth and water mouth upside down installation of status. Installation and use of the same convenience and reliability.

Units and household water meter for measuring water consumption, which is based on the meter with mechanical rotor slightly improved, configure and ball valve seat valve structure a new single flow meter, it changes the original mechanical rotor-type water meter has been studied and single flow, prevents users from stealing water, improve water metering accuracy, has opened up new ways of energy-saving.

Applies to one-way meter for metering of water or a water pipeline system. It is available in rotor wet water meter inlet-side of a single control device, the device consists of a water meter screwed connections for water inlet end of the inner surface of the shell with a water hole in drain plug, t-shaped spool and sits between the spool and plug, and the t-shaped spool valve lever return spring on composition. Levers to move the spool fits into the center of the screw hole in the top of t-shaped spool for a round table, reverse the flow of top-pressure, so frustum of a cone and cone, tight-fitting on the water inlet end of the shell, cutting off water to achieve one-way control.