Jun 19 2014

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter features a detailed overview of the maximum error value and precautions

Liquid seal water: for meter reading meter number wheel or the counter liquid seal water all with certain concentration of glycerol, influence of counter seal the definition from the outside water, the rest of the same structure performance and wet water meter.

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter

The in order to prevent the liquid seal character wheel counter box body fluid leakage to the dial and a watch glass and the formation of a gap between the bubbles affect the user visual design. It comprises a case, a wing wheel metering mechanism is arranged in the case, the Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter is connected by gear indication mechanism and a liquid seal character wheel counter, the top panel in the liquid seal character wheel counter pressure dial and a watch glass, and then put on the cover, lined with seal seals in contact above, is characterized in that the liquid seal character wheel counter box body and a transparent or translucent but not open display panel window join together, the liquid seal character wheel counter other side box body is open, for character wheel counter loaded with cover sealed. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy assembly, no liquid leakage caused the formation of bubbles and advantages, suitable for use in liquid seal water meter.

Features: the water meter is a kind of rotor, flow, liquid sealed type water meter, a character wheel sealed in a special liquid, the advantages of wet and dry water meter readings, clear and intuitive, accurate measurement. Products in line with national standards GB/T778.1 ~ 3-1996 requirements.

1, the series of  Wet Type Vane Wheel Brass Cold /Hot Water Meter is reversed turning water available. (the so-called anti put forward refers to the water meter installed backward, can still counts, to prevent the theft of water effect).

2, the so-called semi liquid sealed type water meter LXSY-15B-50B is a character wheel seal in the indication mechanism. The relatively low price.

Application conditions: temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ water: ≤ 1MPa

The maximum permissible error:

A. including minimum flow (qmin) and does not include the boundary flow (QT) low area: + 5%

B. including boundary flow (QT) to include overload flow (QS) of high: + 2%


May 29 2014

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter works, product structure, product characteristics and maintenance

Pulse type water meter is composed of rotor type water meter (dry, wet) composition and content acquisition sensor, the remote meter to the measurement data of the water meter is converted into a pulse signal, has the advantages of high sensitivity, signal transmission accuracy, overcomes the water hammer the critical point of the fibrillation mistaking signal weakness, can ensure that the thousands of times without error signal. A short, broken wire detection function, non normal water condition timely monitor users. The system has strong adaptability, can according to different acquisition system. Set different pulse equivalent or internal circuit. Promise not to make any alteration to be supporting the acquisition system. The remote meter stable performance, accurate measurement, magnetic disturbance, its various technical indicators are in line with national standards GB/T778-1996, is for the meter reading system acquisition, processing, realize the residential, industrial automation management essential water intelligent, products of A.

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter

Technical indicators: nominal diameter nominal pressure DN15–100:: 1MPa pressure loss ≤ 0.1MPa working temperature of 0–30 º C: cold water table, water table 0 – 90 º C. Working voltage: DC 5 24V pulse constant: 10/ cubic meters, 100/ meters, 1000/ meters installation dimensions: the same as ordinary meter size.


1, self maintenance, Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter to ensure that the special needle rotates 360 degrees in order to emit a pulse signal, working with remote meter magnetic interference from the solution of function, can effectively eliminate water hammer critical point fibrillation mistaking signal weakness, and have anti magnetic interference function.

2, high accuracy: measurement accuracy conforms to the ISO4046 standard, the transmitting signal error free.

3, high versatility: suitable for all standard meter, can fully meet the requirements of different meter reading system technology, remote meter output pulse width is more than 80ms.

4, strong anti-interference ability: stainless steel shell, with stainless steel hose protection, to prevent vandalism. Magnetic interference from solution allows remote meter can work normally in the condition of human strong magnetic interference, needle life span of 6 years.

5, does not damage the structure and performance of the common water meter, the water meter performance than ordinary water meter.

6, signal transmission modes: passive switch, has broken, short-term alarm function, according to customer needs, can use two wire or three wire. And remote water meter outdoor display instrument combined reading more convenient.

7, long service life. The expression to the common life of remote meter, transmission part can be ten years.

The installation and use of:

1 Multi Jet Dry Dial Plastic Water Meter, should be based on the location and size of the flow, and should not be used in corrosive liquids.

2 installation location to avoid exposure, frozen, pollution, moisture and water, so that the disassembly and meter reading, in a frozen period, in addition to the water meter and the water pipe

Dressing, not when the water inlet end of the valve is closed, the outlet valve and open the water tap, can prevent water damage due to freezing expansion.

Install tank in dedicated water meter.

3 meter must be installed level, so that the literal upward, the direction of the arrow and the flow in the same direction.

4 newly installed pipeline make sure pipe stone, sediment, hemp and other debris washed with water, to avoid the water meter fault.

5 in order to accurate measurement, the tap should be higher than the water meter.

6 if the water table is arranged in the boiler feed water pipe, should prevent more than 90 ℃ hot water recirculation scalding water meter.

7 meter should not directly connected with the pipe, water pipe should be through a nozzle, gasket seal, connecting nut is connected. And water meters, must not

Can force wrench, lest the twisted case.

The 8 meter long pipe impurities, rust will plug the filter or enter the water meter, the water meter error increases or affect the normal operation, the most

Good every wash once every three years, and re calibration, but do not self assemble and disassemble.

9 when no water, such as a small move is due to the pipeline water pressure is not stable enough or have other causes.