Jun 12 2014

Product structure, design principles, advantages, and features four New multi jet dry type plastic water meter

Water meter reading and writing:

The water pipe of the water meter, a small hand several along the arcs in the water meter dial, the small triangular red, when the water in the flow leading twist, the red triangle is rotating. As for those little hands, regardless of the water does not flow are almost not to turn a hair. The dial is also with the word “m3″, namely the cubic meters of meaning. That is to say, the meter unit is cubic. Because each cubic meters of water is just a ton, reading is a direct tonnage, so water can be conveniently according to the water volume readings (tonnage) calculated.

New multi jet dry type plastic water meter

Structure of water meter:

The intelligent use of cash card as data storage and transmission medium; selection of multi beam wet water meter valve for base tables, and tables are integrated, the control structure, strong reliability; control valve with no loss of pressure ball valve type structure, driven by the miniature DC motor, the torque amplification of high reliable work; capacity of lithium battery life of up to 6 years; with fully enclosed design, realization of the waterproof and moisture-proof, antimagnetic, anti attack. So what is the working principle of the meter? Is actually very simple, because the water meter shell is fixed, the volume is fixed, and the water is flowing, it promotes a rotation of the New multi jet dry type plastic water meter, the impeller rotation every time a circle, there is a constant volume of water through. Therefore, as long as the circle rotating impeller number cumulative down, multiplied by the constant volume, you can get through the total content

The water function:

The unique battery chamber design, which is convenient to replace the battery

Three “function: fully sealed design, waterproof, anti leakage, anti attack

Have a prepayment function, can realize “to buy water, a new mode of management of water after the water”

Self cleaning function: water regularly automatic valve closing time, effectively avoid the scale, rust valve phenomenon

Micro power design, the quiescent current is less than 6uA, to ensure the service life of the battery is more than 6 years

The card function: the table support multi table one card, can realize water, electricity, gas, warm card

Valve with stainless steel floating ball valve, the valve pressure loss is small, small resistance, less power consumption, affecting the valve switch is susceptible to scale, water pressure. Ball valve and the outer wall, soak a long time will produce scale in the water, scale so that the friction resistance increases, thus affecting the valve; when the water pressure is increased, the ball valve resistance will also increase exponentially, switch on the valve will have a significant impact; the working principle of the pilot valve, are not affected by scale, pilot type pressure; electric control valve with magnetic and hydraulic combined technology, work power consumption is very low, and the valve under low pressure, stable and reliable opening and closing.

Four advantages:

The whole system work without any power, only provides power meter reading data never lost in the moment,

The unique patented bee technology in the wet water meter, the thick film circuit and a character wheel sealed in a transparent word wheel box, can be used in different Dry Type No Lead Bronze Cold Water Meter, both to ensure water meter readings permanently clear, but also to ensure the long-term stable and reliable work of electronic sensors

The newly installed, replacing the direct reading water meter without initialization

Open circuit, short circuit fault occurs in the signal lines, do not affect the accuracy of the data, when the route returned to normal, count data and water collected current values remain the same