Oct 26 2015

Multi-jet Dry type water meter Supplier

Multi-Jet Dry type Water Meter is for measuring the volume of cold water. Technical data conforms to ISO 4064
Class B
Name :
Multi-jet Dry Type Water Meter With Rotary Register
Model :

Multi-jet Dry type water meter Supplier

Multi-jet Dry type water meter Supplier

Multi-jet Dry type water meter Supplier
Applications :
Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline
Optional features :
Non return valve for selecting except LXSC-50Z and LXSC-25Z(L=225mm), LXSC-32Z(L=230mm) and LXSC-40Z(L=245mm);There are two versions DN50 meter body to choose:with threaded ends and with flanged ends;Meter for hot water up to 90°is available;……
Water temperature:≤40
KeyWords: Multi Jet Water Meter | multi-jet dry type water meter
Water pressure:≤1.6MPa
Standards:ISO 4064 Class B
Features :
With external regulating device;Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance;Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection;Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading;Register can rotate more than 360°for easily reading in any position;Internal strainer;Inlet strainer

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Oct 26 2015

Multi-Jet dry type water meter for sale

Plastic water meter, Multi jet water meter, single jet water meter, rotary postion type water meter,woltman type water meter
This range of water meter is used to measure the total quantity of cold potable water which consumed in houshold or a resident unit, passing through the pipeline.

Multi-Jet dry type water meter for sale

Multi-Jet dry type water meter for sale

Multi-Jet dry type water meter for sale
This is a dry-type water meter.Its counting and measuring devices are driven by magnetic coupling. It is characterized by easy reading,good antifreezing property and ability to permanently keep the reading clear.
Water temperature≤50°c Water pressure≤1MPa
KeyWords: Multi Jet Water Meter | multi-jet dry type water meter
At low zone is±5% from minimum flow rate(qmin)to transitional flow rate(qt)exclusive boundary
At high zone is±2% from transitional flow rate(qt) to overload flow rate(qs)

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Jan 21 2015

Rotation causes the rotation of the meter’s main reason for

1, pressure fluctuations

Because water is a liquid, under normal circumstances physicalcharacteristics manifested as incompressible, but water pipes, pipepressure is higher, then the water will show some compressibility. Inwater supply pipeline, pressure fluctuations are inevitable, and themeter is a mechanical watch that we use, on the kinetic energy of waterflow to drive the gears, so as to achieve the purpose of metering ofwater. Dang without water Shi, meter ends connection of pipeline in the are beings a quantitative fixed of high-pressure water; so, dang municipal tube network pressure increased Shi, table Hou tube in the of tap water volume will due to pressure increased and narrowed, at on will has trace of water through meter, produced are turned; Dang pressure reduced Shi, table Hou tube in the was compression of water due to pressure reduced and expansion, also will has trace of water through meter, by different of is then is reverse. As we all know, under normalmechanical watches in the water is out, drive gears are turning andupside down under water is motivated, drive gears reverse two phases ofwater resistance is different, although the two headed into the water thesame but reflected on the meter reading has varied widely. According tostatistics, in the pipeline with no air, the resulting water rarely,about 0.5-1M m³/month. Normally, water users do not pay attention to this point; and it is currently measuring the level, normal results.
2, balloon
This causes rotation of the water. Water construction of enterprises ’production processes are open, will dissolve into water in the productionof large amounts of gas, while in the course of construction, pipelinewill bring gas, exhaust valve setting unreasonable if the pipe, gas isunable to eliminate. So if home without water or pipe design is notreasonable for a long time, home raised piping high points or points willhave air bags. As we all know, high compressibility of gases, then if thepipe pressure fluctuations in the Internet, forms the space expansionwill be very big in the pipeline, resulting a meter of amount ofrotation.
3, installation methods and installation quality
(1) because now most of out home water meter is a unit of table are setin a box installed on the first floor. Considering the cold winter frostand meter reading easier, with a φ 40mm-50mm pipes 6 or 12 meter, tablesand table spacing smaller and fewer meter straight section set aside, itwould also affect the normal meter measurement, resulting in rotation of the meter.
(2) a quality installation pipeline projects are essentially buried inthe ground or a wall, a concealed work. National plumbing code provisionson a variety of pipe installation requirements for pipeline construction,construction procedures, acceptance criteria and considerations, and so on, but the field construction, some managers are not according to thespecification requirements, resulting in pipeline, more or less, thereare some quality issues.
Jan 20 2015

Some basic installation of remote water meter

Water meter is every family is a measurement commonly used machines,water metering and water companies to account for the convenient product.With advances in technology and people’s precise standards for water meters have become increasingly demanding, intelligent remote water meterhave been developed and are now gradually being accepted and used.

But above the installation, remote water meter must be installed in order to ensure normal performance.
    First of all, before starting theinstallation to select the right environment, not prolonged exposure toSun, corrosive substances, etc, can extend the service life of the water meter second installation of water meters are divided into horizontal,inclined, vertical, such as, for example rotor type water meter forhorizontal installation; and, finally, installed to match the water metermodels and specifications.
Most remote water meter installation it is important to ensure thatproblems such as leaky connection does not appear in the meter, canprovide users with the most accurate measurement of the amount of waterand installed at the right temperature, so it rupture affected water meter performance of normal play.
Jun 26 2014

Processing method of Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter working process, product structure, performance parameters and common problems

Rotor type water meter is suitable for small diameter pipeline one-way flow metrology. Such as the use of household water metering caliber 15mm, 20mm specifications piping. The water meter is mainly composed of a casing, impeller measurement mechanism and a speed reducing mechanism, as well as the indicator, has the characteristics of simple structure. To flow a many, including mechanical style without output. With . With signal output, with signal output is the output of analog quantity, but also have the patent technology back-end digital style. In addition the rotor type water meter measuring principle has many kinds, for example, flow driven by rotary wing driving gear to count, there is the rotary wing each turn output 1 pulse signals, the circuit to statistics. The working principle of [1] rotor single flow meter is: flow from the inlet to the impact of the impeller rotating shell cut to, and then through the gear mechanism of continuous recording impeller revolutions, which recorded the cumulative flow meter.

Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter


The working principle of rotor type multi flow water meter with single flux water meter is basically the same, it is through the distribution function of the impeller box, multi beam flow from the inlet of impeller box tangential impact impeller, the flow of the impeller axial force balance, reduce the abrasion of the impeller of the bearing part, and reduce the water meter installation influence of scabbing, the error of watermeter from the structure, the overall performance is better than the single flux water meter.

Structure and principle:

Structure of rotor type water meter is divided into wet and Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter. Water meter counter has three: one is a pointer type, two wheel; three are combined.

Rotor type water meter mainly watchcase, strainer, metering mechanism, indicating mechanism and so on. The measuring mechanism is mainly composed of a box of impeller, impeller, impeller, adjusting plate. Indicating device is mainly composed of a dial, pointer, pointer, or triangle wheel gear.

Principle of rotor type water meter water from the water inlet is; in the case, the strainer, composed of a water inlet hole of impeller impeller box into the box, the impact of the impeller, the impeller rotation, the impeller outlet water box by case outlet flow in pipeline, the lower part of the impeller is supported by a top needle. The rotation of the impeller, the impeller center axis, the center of the upper part of the gear rotates, driven gear wheel box, according to the provisions of the rotating speed ratio, drives the pointer to the dial pointer. Delta began to turn to transfer decimal drives other gears and the upper part of the pointer, according to the degree of disc. Value, starting from 0 clockwise direction of rotation, to measure.

The case is a water meter cover, and water. Each component of water meter is arranged in the watchcase, watchcase protects the water meter of parts of the operation. The import and export of both ends of the pipe connection or flange connection with pipes, import and export of the caliber is the meter diameter, case requires pressure resistance and high tensile strength.

External strainer is installed in the water inlet end of the impeller box, the Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter from the inlet from the strainer filter, can enter the impeller box. Strainer to remove impurities and sediment in the water, avoid water meter malfunction and damage.

The impeller box has three functions: one is the water from the water hole in the impact of the impeller outlet and then by out; two is to protect the impeller to rotate; three is to adjust the impeller speed. The lower part of the impeller box with an adjusting hole and an adjusting plate, adjusting hole size and impeller speed is proportional to, the height and the speed is inversely proportional to the impeller. Because when assembled impeller inlet at the lower end of the lower edge of the impeller box, upward, will make the water inlet flow part of impact is not the impeller, so slow, and faster. The measurement error of adjusting water meter.

The impeller is the sensitive element of water, the water’s kinetic energy into rotational speed, the impeller shaft is then passed to the indication mechanism for instructions. The impeller the impeller shaft is arranged at the upper part of the impeller box. Leaf blade rotor type water meter for the straight plates.

The impeller shaft is provided with an impeller, and is provided with a transmission gear and the indication mechanism is connected, for the transmission of the speed of rotation of the impeller.

Dial for water meter index value. Dial surface is white, indexing is less than the value of 1m3 is red, indexing above 1m3 value is black. The dial shall conform to the relevant standards. A pointer gear shaft installed in the upper part of the dial, a red and black two and dividing plate one one to be, in addition to a sensitivity limit pointer, also known as the red triangle pointer. The role and watch the second hand, is to identify water moving signs motionless. It is dynamic, other hands, if it does not move, the other pointer does not move.

Rotor type water meter for the measurement of small flow of water supply project of small pipe, household water meters are such.


Jun 19 2014

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter features a detailed overview of the maximum error value and precautions

Liquid seal water: for meter reading meter number wheel or the counter liquid seal water all with certain concentration of glycerol, influence of counter seal the definition from the outside water, the rest of the same structure performance and wet water meter.

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter

The in order to prevent the liquid seal character wheel counter box body fluid leakage to the dial and a watch glass and the formation of a gap between the bubbles affect the user visual design. It comprises a case, a wing wheel metering mechanism is arranged in the case, the Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter is connected by gear indication mechanism and a liquid seal character wheel counter, the top panel in the liquid seal character wheel counter pressure dial and a watch glass, and then put on the cover, lined with seal seals in contact above, is characterized in that the liquid seal character wheel counter box body and a transparent or translucent but not open display panel window join together, the liquid seal character wheel counter other side box body is open, for character wheel counter loaded with cover sealed. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy assembly, no liquid leakage caused the formation of bubbles and advantages, suitable for use in liquid seal water meter.

Features: the water meter is a kind of rotor, flow, liquid sealed type water meter, a character wheel sealed in a special liquid, the advantages of wet and dry water meter readings, clear and intuitive, accurate measurement. Products in line with national standards GB/T778.1 ~ 3-1996 requirements.

1, the series of  Wet Type Vane Wheel Brass Cold /Hot Water Meter is reversed turning water available. (the so-called anti put forward refers to the water meter installed backward, can still counts, to prevent the theft of water effect).

2, the so-called semi liquid sealed type water meter LXSY-15B-50B is a character wheel seal in the indication mechanism. The relatively low price.

Application conditions: temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ water: ≤ 1MPa

The maximum permissible error:

A. including minimum flow (qmin) and does not include the boundary flow (QT) low area: + 5%

B. including boundary flow (QT) to include overload flow (QS) of high: + 2%


Jun 12 2014

Product structure, design principles, advantages, and features four New multi jet dry type plastic water meter

Water meter reading and writing:

The water pipe of the water meter, a small hand several along the arcs in the water meter dial, the small triangular red, when the water in the flow leading twist, the red triangle is rotating. As for those little hands, regardless of the water does not flow are almost not to turn a hair. The dial is also with the word “m3″, namely the cubic meters of meaning. That is to say, the meter unit is cubic. Because each cubic meters of water is just a ton, reading is a direct tonnage, so water can be conveniently according to the water volume readings (tonnage) calculated.

New multi jet dry type plastic water meter

Structure of water meter:

The intelligent use of cash card as data storage and transmission medium; selection of multi beam wet water meter valve for base tables, and tables are integrated, the control structure, strong reliability; control valve with no loss of pressure ball valve type structure, driven by the miniature DC motor, the torque amplification of high reliable work; capacity of lithium battery life of up to 6 years; with fully enclosed design, realization of the waterproof and moisture-proof, antimagnetic, anti attack. So what is the working principle of the meter? Is actually very simple, because the water meter shell is fixed, the volume is fixed, and the water is flowing, it promotes a rotation of the New multi jet dry type plastic water meter, the impeller rotation every time a circle, there is a constant volume of water through. Therefore, as long as the circle rotating impeller number cumulative down, multiplied by the constant volume, you can get through the total content

The water function:

The unique battery chamber design, which is convenient to replace the battery

Three “function: fully sealed design, waterproof, anti leakage, anti attack

Have a prepayment function, can realize “to buy water, a new mode of management of water after the water”

Self cleaning function: water regularly automatic valve closing time, effectively avoid the scale, rust valve phenomenon

Micro power design, the quiescent current is less than 6uA, to ensure the service life of the battery is more than 6 years

The card function: the table support multi table one card, can realize water, electricity, gas, warm card

Valve with stainless steel floating ball valve, the valve pressure loss is small, small resistance, less power consumption, affecting the valve switch is susceptible to scale, water pressure. Ball valve and the outer wall, soak a long time will produce scale in the water, scale so that the friction resistance increases, thus affecting the valve; when the water pressure is increased, the ball valve resistance will also increase exponentially, switch on the valve will have a significant impact; the working principle of the pilot valve, are not affected by scale, pilot type pressure; electric control valve with magnetic and hydraulic combined technology, work power consumption is very low, and the valve under low pressure, stable and reliable opening and closing.

Four advantages:

The whole system work without any power, only provides power meter reading data never lost in the moment,

The unique patented bee technology in the wet water meter, the thick film circuit and a character wheel sealed in a transparent word wheel box, can be used in different Dry Type No Lead Bronze Cold Water Meter, both to ensure water meter readings permanently clear, but also to ensure the long-term stable and reliable work of electronic sensors

The newly installed, replacing the direct reading water meter without initialization

Open circuit, short circuit fault occurs in the signal lines, do not affect the accuracy of the data, when the route returned to normal, count data and water collected current values remain the same


Jun 09 2014

Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter structure design, working principle, the error value and maintenance


Is the total volume of measuring instrument used for measuring the water passing through the pipeline, metering and suitable for industrial water and domestic water. LXS type wet type structure, scale for digital and pointer type (E type). Display the number of LXLG type magnetic coupling drive dry type structure, reading, convenient, high precision, is not influenced by the water quality, the dial to keep clean and clear.

Product main features:

1, firm structure, anti impurities capability, low pressure loss, long service life;

2, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, repair, time saving, labor saving;

Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter
3, using a pointer, a character wheel combined display, digital display clear reading convenience features, small starting flow etc.;

4, direct drive is not influenced by the magnetic field, the transmission resistance is small, sensitive and reliable operation, large measuring range, high measuring accuracy;

5, Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter is detachable, easy replacement of measurement movement, high precision, strong anti-interference, reliability;

6, connected to the head part by national standard thread / flange connection;

Technical parameters:

A, maximum flow rate (Qmax) – meter in a short period of time, without damage cases, maximum flow.

B, commonly used flow (Qn) – meter in normal working condition is steady or intermittent flow, optimal use of flow.

C, the boundary flow (Qt) – flow range is divided into two zones of the flow appears.

D, the minimum flow (Qmin) – at the maximum allowable error limits required to show the value of the minimum flow meter.

The maximum permissible error:

A, including the minimum flow to not include boundary flow low area: + 5%

B, including boundary flow to maximum flow high: + 2%

3, the temperature: 0~45 ℃ cold water table, water table ≤ 95 ℃

4, the nominal pressure: DN15~DN40 ≤ 1.0MPa, DN50~DN200 ≤ 1.6MPa

5, the pressure loss: ≤ 0.1MPa


For a family or a resident unit of measurement of  Multi Jet Liquid Sealed Type Vane Wheel Water Meter.

Installation notes and instructions for use:

1, the water meter diameter should choose suitable caliber water meter according to the size of diameter and flow pipeline installation locations, often use flow close to the common flow is appropriate.

2, before installation should first remove the pipeline debris, sand so as to avoid the water meter fault, if the liquid impurities, need to install the filter or filter at both ends of the water meter.

3, the water meter are installed horizontally, dry water meter away from magnetic field, dial should be upward, watch the direction of the arrow must be consistent with the direction of flow. Installation location should avoid exposure, water, ice and pollution, convenient disassembly and reading. In the rainy season, the winter rain and freezing measures should be taken.

4, the installation should be equipped with valves, water front, in order to cut off the water supply and water meter.

5, water meter installed in the annular water distribution network or boiler water inlet end, a special check valve must be installed water meters, with waterproof table and hot reflux scalding water meter.

6, to ensure that the metering accuracy, directly connected with water meter straight length (excluding valve) before the table should be not less than 10 times the water meter nominal diameter, table should be not less than 5 times the nominal bore water meter.


May 30 2014

Liquid Sealed Brass Water Meter works, the maximum error value, conditions of use and installation


For a family or a resident unit measurement potable cold (hot) water consumption.

Liquid Sealed Brass Water Meter


Rotary piston type water meter for kiln product type water meter, the piston principle; high measurement precision, separated, counter with clear water data, reading is convenient; using high quality materials, stable and reliable performance; especially suitable for the pipe network water quality is better; the inlet is provided with a check valve can prevent reverse flow.

Domestic water is generally a single flow meter, Liquid Sealed Brass Water Meter in reverse flow (also called back or reverse flow) can also move and the cumulative number of reduce, the existing water meter seal mechanism does not prevent water flip function, so it is caused by the measurement disputes may and cheating. Anti falling water table in the table at the entrance to install one-way valve can be connected with water seal water over together, prevent the artificial flip water meter and the possibility of cheating. The two-way metering water meter is the function, a counting mechanism in reverse flow meter is still accumulating and meets accuracy requirements.

Note: the current national standard of anti falling water tables or two-way metering water meter and no detailed provisions, as long as the water meter “to withstand accidental countercurrent and show an inverse flow”.

Error limit:

Including the minimum flow (qmie) to not include boundary flow (QT) low area + 5%

Including boundary flow (QT) to include overload flow (QT) of high ± 2% (water + 3%)

Conditions of use:

Cold water meter working temperature: +0.1 ℃ ~+35 ℃

The hot water meter of water wet: +0.1 ℃ ~+90 ℃

Working pressure ≤ 1.0MPa


1, New multi jet dry type plastic water meter should be based on the installation of the pipe diameter and the installation position, should avoid sunlight, water, ice and pollution, convenient disassembly and credit card.

2, the water level should be (for installation on display).

3, the newly installed before the lines of gravel, hemp and other debris, so as to avoid the water meter fault.

The direction of the arrow shown in 4, water meter and the pipeline should be consistent with the direction of flow.

5, water meter installed in the boiler water inlet, to prevent the boiler hot water and steam flow meter and damage internal parts, preferably in the water outlet to install check valve.


May 29 2014

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter works, product structure, product characteristics and maintenance

Pulse type water meter is composed of rotor type water meter (dry, wet) composition and content acquisition sensor, the remote meter to the measurement data of the water meter is converted into a pulse signal, has the advantages of high sensitivity, signal transmission accuracy, overcomes the water hammer the critical point of the fibrillation mistaking signal weakness, can ensure that the thousands of times without error signal. A short, broken wire detection function, non normal water condition timely monitor users. The system has strong adaptability, can according to different acquisition system. Set different pulse equivalent or internal circuit. Promise not to make any alteration to be supporting the acquisition system. The remote meter stable performance, accurate measurement, magnetic disturbance, its various technical indicators are in line with national standards GB/T778-1996, is for the meter reading system acquisition, processing, realize the residential, industrial automation management essential water intelligent, products of A.

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter

Technical indicators: nominal diameter nominal pressure DN15–100:: 1MPa pressure loss ≤ 0.1MPa working temperature of 0–30 º C: cold water table, water table 0 – 90 º C. Working voltage: DC 5 24V pulse constant: 10/ cubic meters, 100/ meters, 1000/ meters installation dimensions: the same as ordinary meter size.


1, self maintenance, Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter to ensure that the special needle rotates 360 degrees in order to emit a pulse signal, working with remote meter magnetic interference from the solution of function, can effectively eliminate water hammer critical point fibrillation mistaking signal weakness, and have anti magnetic interference function.

2, high accuracy: measurement accuracy conforms to the ISO4046 standard, the transmitting signal error free.

3, high versatility: suitable for all standard meter, can fully meet the requirements of different meter reading system technology, remote meter output pulse width is more than 80ms.

4, strong anti-interference ability: stainless steel shell, with stainless steel hose protection, to prevent vandalism. Magnetic interference from solution allows remote meter can work normally in the condition of human strong magnetic interference, needle life span of 6 years.

5, does not damage the structure and performance of the common water meter, the water meter performance than ordinary water meter.

6, signal transmission modes: passive switch, has broken, short-term alarm function, according to customer needs, can use two wire or three wire. And remote water meter outdoor display instrument combined reading more convenient.

7, long service life. The expression to the common life of remote meter, transmission part can be ten years.

The installation and use of:

1 Multi Jet Dry Dial Plastic Water Meter, should be based on the location and size of the flow, and should not be used in corrosive liquids.

2 installation location to avoid exposure, frozen, pollution, moisture and water, so that the disassembly and meter reading, in a frozen period, in addition to the water meter and the water pipe

Dressing, not when the water inlet end of the valve is closed, the outlet valve and open the water tap, can prevent water damage due to freezing expansion.

Install tank in dedicated water meter.

3 meter must be installed level, so that the literal upward, the direction of the arrow and the flow in the same direction.

4 newly installed pipeline make sure pipe stone, sediment, hemp and other debris washed with water, to avoid the water meter fault.

5 in order to accurate measurement, the tap should be higher than the water meter.

6 if the water table is arranged in the boiler feed water pipe, should prevent more than 90 ℃ hot water recirculation scalding water meter.

7 meter should not directly connected with the pipe, water pipe should be through a nozzle, gasket seal, connecting nut is connected. And water meters, must not

Can force wrench, lest the twisted case.

The 8 meter long pipe impurities, rust will plug the filter or enter the water meter, the water meter error increases or affect the normal operation, the most

Good every wash once every three years, and re calibration, but do not self assemble and disassemble.

9 when no water, such as a small move is due to the pipeline water pressure is not stable enough or have other causes.