Aug 11 2017

Intelligent water meter/IC card water meter Battery

IC Card Water meter/intelligent water meter is an intelligent water meter products, at this stage has begun to promote the application of many pilots, because it is necessary to install the battery, to work, display data, so some users have produced such questions: if the IC card water meter/intelligent water meters is power off, will the water supply be cut off?

Multi Jet Water Meter     Prepaid water meter  

intelligent water meters need to recharge to buy a drink to use, after buying water on the meter inserted IC card, to water. However, in the use of the process, because of forgetting to replace the battery, many users found that the insertion of IC card, LCD screen has not shown the number, at this time will occur two kinds of possible problems, one is inserted card, water meter does not show the number, but the supply of normal tap. There will also be a situation, that is, immediately water. What are the reasons for these two different situations? This is because the IC card water meter/intelligent water meter motherboard battery and panel battery is different, if the LCD is not displayed, and will not affect the user normal water, at this time the user should replace the battery as soon as possible. And if the real water supply in the home, then there is almost only one reason, that is, intelligent meter monitoring to run out, automatic to the brake plate issued a signal.

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If the home is out of water, and the water meter screen after the card does not show, there may be battery exhausted, can not work, you can replace the same type of battery. The following is a description of the replacement battery steps:
1, cut the battery compartment seal, remove the fixed cover of the screw, remove the battery. The battery compartment is on the bottom of the meter.

Woltman Type Water Meter

Single Jet Dry Dial Brass AMR Remote Reading Water Meter

Single Jet Dry Dial Brass AMR Remote Reading Water Meter

2, press the buckle, unplug the connector, disconnect the battery snap connection. Water meter used for two 3V lithium battery, model CR14505E two series, the battery and the water meter by the buckle connection.
3, the new battery to buy, pay attention to whether the positive and negative batteries with the original battery, mainly to see the connection line. If correct, plug the buckle with the water meter can be inserted.
5, at this time without worry on the battery cover cover, first with their own water card into the water meter, insert the water meter after the solenoid valve action, the screen shows the relevant figures, that the battery work properly, the water meter can work. Note: There may be a small amount of water in the water meter.

Ultrasonic Water Meter
6, cover the battery cover, screw on the screw, if the water meter has been replaced, call the property staff to change the water meter on it


Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

Feb 05 2015

Several suggestions on widely used water meter installation, points to note a remote water meter installation

Remote water meter as a new generation of smart meter, use a wide, accurate count without door-to-door meter has now spread widely. The widely used water meter installation, pay attention to safety and convenience.
For a long time, the water meters are usually installed outside of the South, some mounted on the wall of the building, installation of water meter hole in the ground, has no uniform standard for the installation. Groundwater table covers are lighter can not withstand the vehicle rolled erosion, much less tolerate cold weather test, especially in recent years, the La Nina weather phenomenon, resulting in Jiangnan region temperature normal cool, frequent water frost damage.

Water meter installed taking into account safety and convenience, should not be installed in sensitive to freezing and exposure conditions, should be installed in a closed solid, dry-and sediment pollution, prevent water erosion-proof vehicles rolling sites, so as to further improve the quality of water services, resolving the contradiction between water supply and charges, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Therefore, the unified houses under construction when a water meter installation environment, relevant departments as soon as possible a clear design standards, introduction of specification for installation of House in a well designed and built a margin for piping or equipment. Water meter installation planning for routine inspection and maintenance, as well as frost damage and facilitate unified meter reading and management. Existing and underground water meters will be installed on the wall reinforcement and protection work, add strong durable wall water meter protection box, reinforced surface water table covers, in cold weather before the water companies should unify the bandage cold warm outdoor water meter equipment, increase the security level.
Remote water meter installation, to pay attention to these matters. Such as winter frost, best signal transmission area can open, and user-friendly as possible and water Division.


Jan 31 2015

Remote meter base table technology specific requirements

Base table length, connecting ends of threaded or flanged, pressure loss and flow rate technical parameters should comply with the relevant provisions of the national standard GB/T778-1996 in the water meter, and at least b-class accuracy grade. Base tables should have the manufacturer’s name or trademark and the product name, model.

Sensor specifications:
Sensors in intelligent remote water meter system is the most critical part of is the key part of this selection and use.
(1) sensor signal conversion methods can be divided into: 1, real time conversion type: electromechanical conversion unit of the sensor turns the signal in continuous motion in General continues to produce electrical signal components. 2, direct-reading: these sensors are electromechanical conversion unit in telemeter recording directly from a base table only if the mechanical indication device reads the cumulative traffic signals.
(2) the sensor shall be ≥ 7 years service life.
(3) the selection and use, direct-reading sensor should be preferred.
(4) the sensor should be better protected against electromagnetic fields, radiation, water hammer, such as outside interference. Electrostatic discharge, electrostatic field, radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, electrical fast transient/burst, surge (impact) under electromagnetic disturbance, such as, the sensor should not be damaged, data processing and storage of the sensor should not be lost memory data.

(5) in dry and hot, cold, hot and humid weather conditions, the sensor should not be damaged, data processing and storage, memory data that should not be lost, and be able to work properly. In addition, there should be rain-proof, protected against sunburn.
(6) the sensor signal leads should be reserved for 1 metre long sets of stainless steel hose protection and external line should be in the junction boxes and special crimp terminals.


Aug 27 2014

Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter principle, structure design, application, maintenance and classification.

Intelligent remote meter is a common signaling electronic acquisition module and the electronic module, signal acquisition, data processing, storage and data through the communication line to upload to the repeater, or handheld meter reading device. The body adopts the integrated design, it can real-time record and save the water used by users, each water meter has a unique code, when the intelligent water meter reading instruction received after immediately the water meter data to management system.

Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter

Remote meter reading system of electronic water meter with automatic meter reading mode to replace the traditional manual meter reading, and compared to similar meter reading system, adaptive, network structure characteristics of simple debugging, stable running, convenient extension.

Main function:

Real-time meter reading function, frozen meter reading, Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter, equipment file management, user file management,

Statistical data analysis, report query and print, operation authority management, payment settlement management, data analysis,

Data backup and recovery.

Typical applications:

Single copy: management center set up reading task, the system can automatically copy specified areas of the water meter data information, automatic meter reading function unattended. At the same time, the system also supports manual meter reading function, can copy meter data.

Single copy + remote control mode: water meter inside with valves, management center can at any time on the water meter remote valve, closing valve control.

Single copy + IC card control mode: in addition to have all the features of single copy mode, water meter with IC card circuit and a valve, may realize the IC card prepayment function. Management through the IC card charging control of water meter.

The main parameters:

Remote meter is a mechanical hot and cold water common basis, constitute a remote transmitting system plus, main control parameters selected for flow meter, commonly used flow, overload flow, minimum flow, transitional flow rate, the nominal pressure, the maximum allowable working pressure, pressure loss.


1), water meter selection must first consider the water meter working environment: such as water temperature, working pressure, time, measurement range and the water quality of water were selected, then press through the design of flow meter, water meter pressure loss to produce close to and do not exceed the specified value to determine the water meter diameter. In general, nominal diameter less than DN50, should use the rotor type water meter; nominal diameter is more than DN50, should use the spiral wing type water meter; flow meter should be used when the variation range of compound water meter. Give priority to the wet water meter should be in interior design.

2), when the water is even, should be the common flow design flow does not exceed the water meter to determine the Single Jet Dry Dial Brass AMR Remote Reading Water Meter. When there is a fire flow and the need for calibration of flow rate, maximum flow rate is not more than the total water restrictions.


In the direct reading remote meter gradually overcome the technology difficulty is big, precision requirements of higher disadvantage entering the mature stage, pulse meter is already in the application specification product reliability, product technology, product in engineering and user recognition and entered the mature period. With the development of automatic meter reading market, pulse type, direct reading remote meter from opposition to unification, from exclusion to be complementary. There will be more and more manufacturers should the market demand, the left hand provides a pulse type, the right hand to provide direct reading. Direct reading water meter and pulse meter will be in for a long period of each share, two of the world, and sharing of automatic meter reading market a better future.

Jul 01 2014

AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter works、table outlining the characteristics and advantages


In recent years, with the domestic water supply industry “a form of” carrying out, tap water charge system is an important reform, at the same time meter number increase, meter reading workload increases day by day, centralized meter reading to advance work efficiency and service level meter reading technology, has become the consensus of the water supply industry.

AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter

The necessity of AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter using the industry company

1, centralized meter reading system can realize monitoring, the fault can be found in a timely manner. For a city if all adopt the automatic meter reading mode after inspection is a can not be ignored.

2, centralized meter reading system can use is now very mature long-distance communication system, such as GPRS, broadband network, ADSL, mobile phone text messages and other methods to achieve the city’s network, and has been widely used in the bank for collection charges of governance, the meter reading and charging link to realize completely automation.

3, a water supply part can provide better and more perfect service, also can get more accurate water demand, especially for trade or industrial water meter.

4, centralized meter reading system can simplify the supply part of the management level, reduce or even eliminate the divided charges management business sites that require more than one person, the full realization of network governance.

5, because the centralized meter reading is an independent product, life can do and consistent base table, so the water supply part can be justifiably extraction of repair funds, so as to realize the sustainable operation table.

Begin from ninety time end, most city water supply company can not increase the number of meter reading staff, progress meter reading efficiency, different degrees on the meter and the meter reading system made active attempts, the most for pulse sender Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter, the system structure of pulse signal type water meter + collector. By running the tests for more than ten years, measuring the system correctness, poor reliability, low maintenance workload and other issues are completely unmasked, directly affect the popularization and application of remote meter.

In recent years, a new photoelectric direct reading remote meter reading technology — reading technology, has been quietly rising and a large number of applications, is increasingly becoming the city water supply company of choice.