Aug 11 2017

Intelligent water meter/IC card water meter Battery

IC Card Water meter/intelligent water meter is an intelligent water meter products, at this stage has begun to promote the application of many pilots, because it is necessary to install the battery, to work, display data, so some users have produced such questions: if the IC card water meter/intelligent water meters is power off, will the water supply be cut off?

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intelligent water meters need to recharge to buy a drink to use, after buying water on the meter inserted IC card, to water. However, in the use of the process, because of forgetting to replace the battery, many users found that the insertion of IC card, LCD screen has not shown the number, at this time will occur two kinds of possible problems, one is inserted card, water meter does not show the number, but the supply of normal tap. There will also be a situation, that is, immediately water. What are the reasons for these two different situations? This is because the IC card water meter/intelligent water meter motherboard battery and panel battery is different, if the LCD is not displayed, and will not affect the user normal water, at this time the user should replace the battery as soon as possible. And if the real water supply in the home, then there is almost only one reason, that is, intelligent meter monitoring to run out, automatic to the brake plate issued a signal.

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If the home is out of water, and the water meter screen after the card does not show, there may be battery exhausted, can not work, you can replace the same type of battery. The following is a description of the replacement battery steps:
1, cut the battery compartment seal, remove the fixed cover of the screw, remove the battery. The battery compartment is on the bottom of the meter.

Woltman Type Water Meter

Single Jet Dry Dial Brass AMR Remote Reading Water Meter

Single Jet Dry Dial Brass AMR Remote Reading Water Meter

2, press the buckle, unplug the connector, disconnect the battery snap connection. Water meter used for two 3V lithium battery, model CR14505E two series, the battery and the water meter by the buckle connection.
3, the new battery to buy, pay attention to whether the positive and negative batteries with the original battery, mainly to see the connection line. If correct, plug the buckle with the water meter can be inserted.
5, at this time without worry on the battery cover cover, first with their own water card into the water meter, insert the water meter after the solenoid valve action, the screen shows the relevant figures, that the battery work properly, the water meter can work. Note: There may be a small amount of water in the water meter.

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6, cover the battery cover, screw on the screw, if the water meter has been replaced, call the property staff to change the water meter on it


Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter

Jan 27 2015

Two-way horizontal Woltman type water meter levels of structures, as well as bi-directional screw-type water meters with which advantages?

Two-way horizontal Woltman type water meter, which includes case, wing wheel module, rectifiers, cumulative count of gear mechanism, which is characterized by: Cumulative count organizations connected in a planetary gear differential gear train–ratchet pawl, and administered by two separate counters for measuring water flow in both directions. Advantages: accurate measurement of the two-way flow of water in the pipeline, suitable for large and medium cities water supply water pipe NET system; because it consists of a simple gear train to achieve bi-directional measurement, than the existing bi-directional meter cost is greatly reduced.

Horizontal Woltman type water meter belongs to the field of fluid measurement instrument technology. Its mainly cover plate mounted on top of the case, lower part of the casing is equipped with counting bodies, counting bodies equipped with a drive mechanism, wing wheel mounted on one side of the center hole of the rectifier, wing at the other end of the wheel axle shaft mounted drive mechanism outside of the Center. Drive mechanism of shell with worm and worm gear and Center, respectively, fitted with a magnet on the worm and gear.

This practical new structure compact, and reasonable; due to used has overall type vacuum sealed of magnetic drive institutions, so can makes wing round and drive institutions Zhijian no directly of mechanical drive, can reduced has wing round turned of mill wipe resistance, improve meter of performance; can makes drive institutions long-term keep stable of work; can effective to prevent flow in the of impurities winding in worm, and worm Shang and produced meter of fault; and can effective to prevent mutations of flow impact worm, and worm and produced meter of fault.


Aug 21 2014

Error of Turbine Woltman Type Water Meter adjusting device, a counting mechanism, a rectifier and history

Turbine meter, refers to the helix axis and the axis of the tap water pipeline for water meter into parallel (or overlapping), the impeller adopts spiral wing shape. This is not to say that the level of the water meter can be installed. Of course, such as the water meter to vertical installation, should the water jewel plain end bearing selection inlet side spiral shaft bearing hole, in order to reduce friction, prolong the service life of the water meter. Imports of some types of spiral wing type water meter adopts dynamic balance technology, can work in horizontal, inclined and vertical state, but the class of measurement work in non horizontal state when the water to reduce the level of.

Nominal diameter 80 ~ structure level of Woltman water meter of 200mm indicated in Figure 2-12, in fact, object diagram see Annex C figure C.7. Turbine Woltman Type Water Meter is mainly composed of a watchcase, rectifier, error adjusting device, spiral wing, bracket, worm gear, a counting mechanism, sheet glass, sealing gasket and cover parts.

Common error adjusting device two.

(1) Combination Cold Water Meter

In part this adjustment device is a piece of flat and symmetrical paddle shaped adjusting plate, rectifying plate is positioned in the rectifier part. When the rotating paddle shaped adjusting plate, it can increase or decrease this part of water flow to the spiral rotation impact, thus plays the role of error. Paddle shaped error adjusting device has the advantages of simple structure, less components and easy processing and convenient assembly and disassembly, so widely used.

(2) the rudder type error adjusting device

The regulating device role is part of a flat plate, plate is provided with a shaft hole, the adjusting plate is arranged on the rectifying plate rectifier for shaft parts. The regulation error, a shaft on the other side the rudder shape adjustment plate, so that the adjusting plate around the axis of rotation, to increase or decrease the water flow to the spiral rotation impact, thus plays the role of error. The adjusting device is complex.

Jul 07 2014

introductionCombination Cold Water Meter classification, main control parameters and the implementation of standards

Water meter according to the medium temperature can be divided into cold water and hot water meter, water temperature 30 ℃ is the dividing line between the cold water meter: medium lower temperature is 0 ℃, the upper limit temperature is 30 ℃ water meter.

Combination Cold Water Meter

The main control parameters of cold water meter was chosen for water flow, flow, flow, overload, minimum flow boundary flow, nominal pressure, the maximum allowable working pressure, pressure loss.

Cold water meter main classification:

According to the different ways into the installation: horizontal, vertical water meter cold water meter.

According to the wing wheel structure is divided into: Woltman water meter, rotor type water meter.

In accordance with the immersion method counting machine is divided into: dry wet water meter, Combination Cold Water Meter.

Selected points:

1), water meter selection must first consider the water meter working environment: such as water temperature, working pressure, time, measurement range and the water quality of water were selected, then press through the design of flow meter, water meter pressure loss to produce close to and do not exceed the specified value to determine the water meter diameter. In general, nominal diameter less than DN50, should use the rotor type water meter; nominal diameter is more than DN50, should use the spiral wing type water meter; flow meter should be used when the variation range of compound water meter.

2), nominal diameter less than DN50 of the water meter, should according to the water supply system design flow using.

3), should be preferred dry water meter. In the non heating area specified by the state, and extreme minimum temperature below -4 ℃, indoor public part of the household water meters or adjacent to the northwest side wall should be used dry water meter, water meter. Such as the use of wet water meter should do heat preservation.

Edit the construction, installation points

1) General requirements

(1) the water should be easily accessible for reading (for example, do not use a mirror or a ladder), assembly, maintenance, disassembly and necessary “in situ” removing mechanism. In addition, on the quality of more than 25kg of the water meter shall be unhampered access to the installation site, so that the water meter can be attached to its working position or removed and the surrounding in the working position to provide appropriate space to install the lifting device and should consider the following points:

Need proper lighting installation location;

The floor should be no obstacles, and even hard and not slip.

(2) in all cases, especially in the table wells installed water meters off the ground, application of high enough to install water meters and fitting method to avoid contamination. When necessary, the table well should provide a clarifier or gutter drainage.

2) installation requirements

(1) the water meter should prevent to cause damage risk by the installation place around impact or vibration.

(2) the water cannot be caused by excessive stress of pipe and fittings. When necessary, the Woltman Type Bulk Water Meter should be installed in the base or carrier. In addition, the upstream and downstream should be properly fastened on one side, to ensure open or discharge water table, not by the stem the impact of water facilities for the moving parts

(3) the water meter should prevent the risk of damage caused by the limit temperature of water and the surrounding air.

(4) the water meter should prevent flood and rain.

(5) the water direction should be in conformity with the type.

(6) the water meter should prevent damage danger caused by external environmental corrosion.

(7) should always comply with the use of water as the ground of effective national laws and local regulations. The water meter as an electrical ground parts, in order to minimize the risk of operating personnel, the water meter and the connection bypass pipe should be permanent.

(8) in order to prevent the hydraulic conditions unfavorable (cavitation, surge and water hammer) caused water damage, preventive measures should be taken to.

(9) when necessary, measures should be taken to avoid sudden changes, close to the water meter flow section.

(10) spiral wing type water meter (also known as v Manchester meter) special installation requirements: the water meter disturbance on the upstream flow is sensitive, which cause large error and early wear. Flow under two types of perturbation velocity distribution and vortex distortion. The typical velocity distortion is caused by partially blocking the tube disorders, such as some closed valve, but this effect can be easily reduced to a minimum. The vortex is mainly caused by two or more elbow on different planes, this effect can be used to ensure the water upstream straight pipe have long controlled; if this is not possible, then install a straightening device.

Jun 13 2014

structural characteristics of Combination Cold Water Meter, working principle, methods of operation and the advantages


For cold water flow measurement in pipe, at the same time with automatic charging function. The user will water to management, management will buy water into the IC card, the user information input meter IC card water meter will automatically open the valve, water supply, the water users in the process of automatic reduction, the remaining amount of microcomputer water meter, the purchase of water after exhaustion, water will automatically shut off the valve to cut off the water supply, the user needs to buy water to once again open the valve for water supply.

Combination Cold Water Meter

Integrated management system:

A, business process: including the purchase of water (recharge IC card water meter), running status information; B, system settings: including water rate, less amount, warning amount set; C, basic information: including the basic user information, the IC card information and release, distribution, the loss of D, query statistics; operation conditions: information consumption inquiry display and print users and Combination Cold Water Meter; E, communication processing: used for IC card water meter reading and writing communication device and the management of computer room; F, system maintenance: including the operator management, password modification, data backup and configuration, maintenance and other functions

The performance index:

The main technical parameters of a water meter:

(1) the temperature: the parameter specifies the maximum temperature of water use, the user should choose the appropriate model specification to meet their own needs, otherwise it will lead to the total water flow measurement are not allowed.

(2) the working pressure: provides the maximum pressure measurement of water meter. Hydraulic pressure exceeds this limit, may cause damage or leakage of water meter.

(3) the flow coefficient: including nominal diameter, nominal flow rate, maximum flow, boundary flow, minimum flow, the starting flow. The user can select nominal diameter and nominal flow according to the practical need. The starting flow reflects the water sensitivity.

(4) shown value error.

(5) dimensions and weight: Element Woltman Cold Water Meter includes various parameters need to understand the installation such as long, wide, high, connecting thread etc.. In addition to size and weight and packing transportation.

Test method:

Water test is carried out according to technical conditions for the production of enterprises and GB/T778. Inspection: visual inspection (including the dimensions and so on), the hydraulic pressure test, shown value error, flow measurement and accelerated wear test. Number of test table of at least 3, the number of necessary increased by water table, can be up to 10.