Jun 13 2014

structural characteristics of Combination Cold Water Meter, working principle, methods of operation and the advantages


For cold water flow measurement in pipe, at the same time with automatic charging function. The user will water to management, management will buy water into the IC card, the user information input meter IC card water meter will automatically open the valve, water supply, the water users in the process of automatic reduction, the remaining amount of microcomputer water meter, the purchase of water after exhaustion, water will automatically shut off the valve to cut off the water supply, the user needs to buy water to once again open the valve for water supply.

Combination Cold Water Meter

Integrated management system:

A, business process: including the purchase of water (recharge IC card water meter), running status information; B, system settings: including water rate, less amount, warning amount set; C, basic information: including the basic user information, the IC card information and release, distribution, the loss of D, query statistics; operation conditions: information consumption inquiry display and print users and Combination Cold Water Meter; E, communication processing: used for IC card water meter reading and writing communication device and the management of computer room; F, system maintenance: including the operator management, password modification, data backup and configuration, maintenance and other functions

The performance index:

The main technical parameters of a water meter:

(1) the temperature: the parameter specifies the maximum temperature of water use, the user should choose the appropriate model specification to meet their own needs, otherwise it will lead to the total water flow measurement are not allowed.

(2) the working pressure: provides the maximum pressure measurement of water meter. Hydraulic pressure exceeds this limit, may cause damage or leakage of water meter.

(3) the flow coefficient: including nominal diameter, nominal flow rate, maximum flow, boundary flow, minimum flow, the starting flow. The user can select nominal diameter and nominal flow according to the practical need. The starting flow reflects the water sensitivity.

(4) shown value error.

(5) dimensions and weight: Element Woltman Cold Water Meter includes various parameters need to understand the installation such as long, wide, high, connecting thread etc.. In addition to size and weight and packing transportation.

Test method:

Water test is carried out according to technical conditions for the production of enterprises and GB/T778. Inspection: visual inspection (including the dimensions and so on), the hydraulic pressure test, shown value error, flow measurement and accelerated wear test. Number of test table of at least 3, the number of necessary increased by water table, can be up to 10.