Feb 03 2015

Smart meter installation will be what’s so different about it?

Intelligent water meter is a modern micro-electronics, modern sensor technology, the intelligent IC card technology to measure the water consumption and water use data transfer and settlement of the transaction and the new water meters.
Water meter installation
1, select the correct caliber water meter;
2, mounted horizontally, on the surface, casing the up direction of the current in the same direction. Installation location should avoid exposure, water, ice and pollution, easy Assembly and disassembly, meter reading. Newly installed piping must be gravel in the pipes, hemp thread and other debris washed again to install water meters, so as to avoid water meter: fault;
3, water meters should be installed upstream and downstream of the valve and must be used to ensure that all open;

4, install water meters upstream and downstream straight pipe of the necessary rectifier or its equivalent, required upstream pipe length not less than 10D and downstream straight pipe lengths of not less than 5D (d is the nominal meter diameter). Vortex caused by the bends or centrifugal pumps must be in front of a straight pipe installed rectifiers;
5, meter installation, should pay attention to water meters downstream piping outlet is higher than a meter over 0.5M, in case water meter throw measurement is not correct due to insufficient water flow in the pipe;
6, excellent water anti-blocking properties, but sensitive to silt sediment and weeds in the pipe, during use should be avoided. If a pipe containing silt and sediment and weeds should be cleared up, otherwise it will affect the normal meter measurement.

Matters needing attention
1, must cover the moisture after you replace the battery cover, and tighten the screws, otherwise display E–5 do not work and credit card.
2, periodically check the operation of the intelligent water meter, notice antifreeze in winter.
3, installed in the pipeline but not delivered or long-term use (over a week) does not close water meter before and after the valve, the company is not responsible for the resultant consequences.
4, if a smart meter does not match the wheel or an electronic display with intelligent water meter: fault, the type wheel measurement shall prevail.