Jun 25 2014

Single jet dry type brass water meter brass performance characteristics, product descriptions, product structure, and maintenance

The test instrument is used to measure the amount of water flowing through a water supply pipeline. Dry water meter, between the impeller and the counter by a magnetic drive, wheel and pointer combined display, with convenient reading, anti freezing, long-term to maintain a clear surface, long life and other advantages more. But the counter sealing, small pressure loss, in full compliance with the GB/T 778-1996 B standard.

Single jet dry type brass water meter


The total measure of potable water.


TheĀ Single jet dry type brass water meter using the pointer type display, E table using a pointer wheel combined display, has clear reading convenience features, small starting flow etc..

Rotary vane wheel Multi jet dry type water meterThis rang of water meter is used to measure the water which consumed in household or a resident unit,

Passing through pipeline.As equipped with a built-in sensor, it can be used for a remote reading transmission system.


1.Dry-dial, Magnetic drive, resistance to exterior magnet interference


3.Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic

4.Single Jet Water meter sealed register ensures the dial kept free from fog and keep the reading clear in a long term service

5.Measuring accuracy conform to ISO 4064 class B Standard

6.Universal use.Easy for interchange & maintenance

This series of products adopt magnetism transmission, the impeller and the counter isolation, counter individually sealed without contact with water, and vacuum treatment. The water meter counter degree permanently clear, and has the characteristics of anti freezing. Applicable to the pipeline water bad or cold. Some products counter rotate 360 degrees, convenient lookup table.

Network is especially suitable for poor water quality.