Aug 27 2015

Remote water meter in the rotor of water meters and Woltman type water meter where is the difference?

Remote water meter based on different characteristics, the structure consists of many different kinds. Such as rotary-wing water meters and Woltman type. Has a data transfer both water meter, accurate readings, and all Intelligent remote water meter the characteristics, specific structures is quite different. Next, we look at specific differences.

Rotor type water meter: rotary wing type water meter for measurement of the total one-way flow in small diameter pipe. Using calibre 15mm, 20mm pipes of domestic water metering. The water meter is mainly composed of a casing, impeller measurement and reduction gear, and table, has the characteristics of simple structure.
Horizontal Woltman type water meter: horizontal Woltman type water meter for measuring the total amount of water flow pipe. Particularly suited to the needs of water supply mains and large factories, water. Main feature is the large flow capacity, small size, compact structure, easy to use and maintenance.
Rotary-wing water impeller rotation direction perpendicular to the direction of flow is.

Rotor type water meter can be divided into many types are:
Suitable medium: water meter, water meter.
Works can be divided into: wet, dry, liquid, semi-liquid sealing.
Connection: flange connection rotor rotor threaded connection of water meter, water meter.
Installation: horizontal, vertical, rotary wing insertion type water meter, and so on.
Rotor type water meter features: narrow operating range, large size, installation and maintenance of high sensitivity with reduced mobility is mainly used for small diameter pipes, ranging in size from 15mm-150mm.
Horizontal Woltman type water meter impeller rotation direction and the direction of flow is horizontal it is called horizontal Woltman type water meter.
Horizontal Woltman type water meter (Woltman type water meter): horizontal Woltman type water table, horizontal Woltman type water meter, removable horizontal Woltman type water meter (cold and hot).
Horizontal screw wing detachable cold (hot) water meter counter (surface) for dry-not connected with the water pipe water through magnetic means.
Horizontal Woltman type cold (hot) water meter counter (surface) for wet and water pipe water directly connected.
Horizontal Woltman type water meter features: work range, easy installation and maintenance, small size, low sensitivity is mainly used in large-diameter pipes, produced by domestic manufacturers of horizontal Woltman type water meter diameter to 80mm–200mm,250mm–600mm only a handful of big companies.
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