Jun 26 2014

Processing method of Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter working process, product structure, performance parameters and common problems

Rotor type water meter is suitable for small diameter pipeline one-way flow metrology. Such as the use of household water metering caliber 15mm, 20mm specifications piping. The water meter is mainly composed of a casing, impeller measurement mechanism and a speed reducing mechanism, as well as the indicator, has the characteristics of simple structure. To flow a many, including mechanical style without output. With . With signal output, with signal output is the output of analog quantity, but also have the patent technology back-end digital style. In addition the rotor type water meter measuring principle has many kinds, for example, flow driven by rotary wing driving gear to count, there is the rotary wing each turn output 1 pulse signals, the circuit to statistics. The working principle of [1] rotor single flow meter is: flow from the inlet to the impact of the impeller rotating shell cut to, and then through the gear mechanism of continuous recording impeller revolutions, which recorded the cumulative flow meter.

Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter


The working principle of rotor type multi flow water meter with single flux water meter is basically the same, it is through the distribution function of the impeller box, multi beam flow from the inlet of impeller box tangential impact impeller, the flow of the impeller axial force balance, reduce the abrasion of the impeller of the bearing part, and reduce the water meter installation influence of scabbing, the error of watermeter from the structure, the overall performance is better than the single flux water meter.

Structure and principle:

Structure of rotor type water meter is divided into wet and Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter. Water meter counter has three: one is a pointer type, two wheel; three are combined.

Rotor type water meter mainly watchcase, strainer, metering mechanism, indicating mechanism and so on. The measuring mechanism is mainly composed of a box of impeller, impeller, impeller, adjusting plate. Indicating device is mainly composed of a dial, pointer, pointer, or triangle wheel gear.

Principle of rotor type water meter water from the water inlet is; in the case, the strainer, composed of a water inlet hole of impeller impeller box into the box, the impact of the impeller, the impeller rotation, the impeller outlet water box by case outlet flow in pipeline, the lower part of the impeller is supported by a top needle. The rotation of the impeller, the impeller center axis, the center of the upper part of the gear rotates, driven gear wheel box, according to the provisions of the rotating speed ratio, drives the pointer to the dial pointer. Delta began to turn to transfer decimal drives other gears and the upper part of the pointer, according to the degree of disc. Value, starting from 0 clockwise direction of rotation, to measure.

The case is a water meter cover, and water. Each component of water meter is arranged in the watchcase, watchcase protects the water meter of parts of the operation. The import and export of both ends of the pipe connection or flange connection with pipes, import and export of the caliber is the meter diameter, case requires pressure resistance and high tensile strength.

External strainer is installed in the water inlet end of the impeller box, the Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter from the inlet from the strainer filter, can enter the impeller box. Strainer to remove impurities and sediment in the water, avoid water meter malfunction and damage.

The impeller box has three functions: one is the water from the water hole in the impact of the impeller outlet and then by out; two is to protect the impeller to rotate; three is to adjust the impeller speed. The lower part of the impeller box with an adjusting hole and an adjusting plate, adjusting hole size and impeller speed is proportional to, the height and the speed is inversely proportional to the impeller. Because when assembled impeller inlet at the lower end of the lower edge of the impeller box, upward, will make the water inlet flow part of impact is not the impeller, so slow, and faster. The measurement error of adjusting water meter.

The impeller is the sensitive element of water, the water’s kinetic energy into rotational speed, the impeller shaft is then passed to the indication mechanism for instructions. The impeller the impeller shaft is arranged at the upper part of the impeller box. Leaf blade rotor type water meter for the straight plates.

The impeller shaft is provided with an impeller, and is provided with a transmission gear and the indication mechanism is connected, for the transmission of the speed of rotation of the impeller.

Dial for water meter index value. Dial surface is white, indexing is less than the value of 1m3 is red, indexing above 1m3 value is black. The dial shall conform to the relevant standards. A pointer gear shaft installed in the upper part of the dial, a red and black two and dividing plate one one to be, in addition to a sensitivity limit pointer, also known as the red triangle pointer. The role and watch the second hand, is to identify water moving signs motionless. It is dynamic, other hands, if it does not move, the other pointer does not move.

Rotor type water meter for the measurement of small flow of water supply project of small pipe, household water meters are such.