Jun 23 2015

Prepaid water meter installation of various safety factors to consider

Prepaid water meter is to ensure that the meter is installed correctly to work normal and necessary conditions for accurate measurement. Water meter installed taking into account security, convenience and accuracy.

Before installing a water meter pipe debris are cleaned during the installation, so as not to damage water affect the measurement accuracy of meter. Water meter outside should have layers of protection, and should not be installed in exposed places and frozen to prevent external damage. Winter outdoor water meter installation freezing measures. Water meter installation location should not be affected by the attack of corrosive gases. Once installed don’t forget to check and see if joints connected to the wrong, in order to ensure the connector valve leak-free. Water meter installation should be easy to see water meters, also taking into account the convenience of maintenance and changing tables. Outdoor water meter installed, consider looking for a dry, damp, insect’s location is very necessary.
A prepaid water meter quality, reflected in the external and internal aspects inherent to us, are relatively complex and difficult, more difficult to identify, but we can try the following solution:
1, whether the water meter was measuring instruments manufacturing license. If there is a license, but the number should be in water meter production location of the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision for the record.
2 products, the water meter installation prior to use, is scheduled for the first test.
3, the qualification rate of products within the water meter ribs. If it is not, water meters can also be sent to some authoritative identification of agencies to determine water meter is good or bad.
Prepaid water meter

Structure of an intelligent IC card water meter is composed of electronics and machinery-digital double counting. In order to better achieve the double counting functionality, therefore, provides great convenience for customers. But some would say that machinery and electronic sector is different, that’s because the testing of water meters in the factory will be qualified, this testing is needed to flush the water meter is working properly the experiment.
Intelligent meter remaining volume this meter Shang are has displayed of, to save inside battery, usually is not displayed of, you put IC card plug Shang seriously see, on will see it cycle displayed has, total purchase volume, using volume, remaining volume,, if meter no these function, you on put plug has meter of card got buy water of machine Shang read about, all wants to of information are out has.
If dial number subtracting the values less than 3 tons is normal, because the water meter in the production process will test the performance parameters of the meter, which will form a water meter at the factory of mechanical part has value. This requires the users to use the machinery sector has just been installing water meters on a simple records.