Jan 22 2015

Prepaid water meter features, functions, and the introduction of new ways of using

(1) does not require manual meter reading is beneficial to modernmanagement. With the “one household, one table” implementation of watermeter reading of water supply enterprise has increased dramatically, installing prepaid water meter is strengthening modern management ofwater supply enterprises, improving the level of service one of the bestchoices. Also avoided manual use of prepaid water meter meter door feesinconvenience to customers, and historical purchasing data can be storedto facilitate customer inquiries. (2) fully reflects the commodity property of water. Principles of pre-paid water meters in accordance with the commodity exchange, buy waterfirst with water, completely change the traditional water chargingmodels, fully embodies the hydraulic properties of goods. Customer mayact according to own actual need to have planned to buy water, water, notdue to debt incurred late fees, unnecessary expenses. (3) solves the problem of charging. Can well solve the scatteredresidents, temporary water supply customers, customers often owe thecustomer’s charges.


A card table features: newly issued cards to insert a new table, thetable will automatically recognize and Save tab of the unique code, thenext card will automatically recognize the code, that is, the tablematches the card automatically, prevent illegal use Large-screen liquid crystal display: water quantity data, valve status, battery status at a glance Low-voltage detection: when the battery voltage is less than 3.8V, andshuts down the motor valve and display “voltage” and “valve” Need toinstall new batteries can. be reused Not enough water Tip: when when the table contains the remaining quantityis less than 2.0m3, self-closing valves, prompts the user to purchasewater, when the card is open, you can continue to use the remaining wateruntil 0 o’clock, closing valve


Security features: when a card counter thrusting or non-system when thecard is inserted, it displays “card error” Special projects: easy maintenance Magnetic protection: when there is close to strong magnetic fields, thetable will display “alarm” and closing valve Integrated design: Compact, elegant appearance Keep the machine wheel display: table with mechanical and electronicdual-display capability 4 battery: user-friendly to replace it Intelligent monthly self-test function: to ensure reliable under all kinds of interference