Jun 24 2014

Plastic Wet and Liquid Sealed Dial Water Meter structural characteristics, the principle outlined, performance advantages, technical parameters and routine maintenance

Water meter.

Measurement of water flow. Mostly is the cumulative flow measurement of water. Generally divided into volumetric meter and velocity meter two. The accuracy is higher than, but the high requirement of the water quality, water containing impurities easily blocked. Recording water water meter, installed in the pipe, when the user when discharging water, table rotation pointer or wheel pointed out that through the water.

Plastic Wet and Liquid Sealed Dial Water Meter

Liquid seal water: for meter reading meter number wheel or the counter liquid seal water all with certain concentration of glycerol, influence of counter seal the definition from the outside water, the rest of the same structure performance and wet water meter.

It is used for measuring water volume measurement through the water pipe, applicable to small enterprises water and water for domestic use.

Features: rotor wet seal liquid water gauge, has kept count permanent clear high measurement precision, small starting flow, can keep count of full irrigation (filled with water) antifouling, reading is convenient, beautiful appearance, safety and health, long life and other characteristics. LXS-15E~65E rotor with combined with wet water meter counter character wheel. LXS-15C~65C rotor wet water meter adopts full pointer counter.


1, the Plastic Wet and Liquid Sealed Dial Water Meter the technical indicators are in line with GB/T778.1~3-2007 (ISO4064-1~3:2005, IDT) requirements.

2, our company also produces the corresponding to the water meter vertical water meter — rotor vertical wet liquid seal water meter.

Error of indication:

A, including the minimum flow from Q1 to not include boundary flow Q2 low region of the maximum permissible error: ± 5%

B, including boundary flow Q2 to include overload flow Q4 high in the maximum permissible error: ± 2% (water table is ± 3%)

2, the use of temperature: 0~30 ℃ (water table is ≤ 90 ℃)

3, pressure rating: ≤ 1.0Mpa

Installation and maintenance method:

1, choose water meter diameter, should according to the installation site traffic and size, and should not be used in corrosive liquid.

2, the installation location should avoid exposure, frozen, pollution and flooding, should also be convenient and meter reading, in a 45 Degree Register Single Jet Dry Dial Vane Wheel Water Meter, should be the water meter and water binding, not when the water inlet end of the valve is closed, the outlet valve and open the water tap, can prevent water damage due to freezing expansion.

3, the water must be installed level, so that the literal upward, the direction of the arrow and the flow in the same direction.

4, the newly installed pipeline must be inside the tube, sand stone, hemp and other debris washed clean before installation of water meter, water meter failure in order to avoid.

5, in order to accurate measurement, water upstream and downstream should install the necessary pipe end, the tap should be higher than the water meter. Water meter as installed on the boiler inlet pipe, should prevent the return of hot water scalding water meter.

6, the water should not directly connected with the pipe, water pipe shall be connected nut are connected by pipe, a sealing washer. And water meters, must not force wrench, lest the twisted case.

7, water use for a long time, pipe rust clogging impurities will screen or into the water meter, the water meter error increases or affect the normal operation, the best timely flushing, and re calibration, but do not self assemble and disassemble.

8, the installation should be equipped with valves, water front, in order to cut off the water supply and water meter, water meter behind must be installed check valve (check valve) to control the water pressure is not stable enough, the water meter autobiography phenomenon.

9, such as wet water meter, under a glass with water or water is a normal phenomenon, a long time will automatically eliminate.