May 27 2014

Overview Ultrasonic Water Meter, advantages characteristics, operating principles and applications


Ultrasonic water meter is the use of ultrasonic time difference principle, electronic water meter using industrial grade electronic components manufacturing and become. Compared with the mechanical water meter has high accuracy, good reliability, wide measurement range, long service life, no moving parts, no need to set parameters, features installed at any angle.

Ultrasonic  Water Meter


1, the speed difference method, for the city Ultrasonic Water Meter and household metering table design, and is suitable for various industrial field;

2, diameter of pipe body design, no mechanical moving parts, no pressure loss, reduce the pump power loss, reduce the cost of water supply;

3, the battery power supply, a battery can work continuously for 6 years;

4, low starting flow, high accuracy;

The impact of 5, anti water, can run stably for a long time in the maximum water velocity, suitable for fire water.

6, single path, multi path optional;

7, according to the different needs of users, design for the ordinary type, bipolar and fire special type three;

8, has passed CE certification


Made of imported industrial electronic components, principle of the ultrasonic time difference method, patented double balance transceiving signal processing. Dry Type Drinking Cold Water Meter, good reliability, no moving parts, no need to set parameters, installed at any angle.

The measurement accuracy: ± 1%,± 2%, ± 3% optional, the repeatability is better than ± 0.5%.

Two wire or battery powered, lowest power consumption, powered by a battery can work continuously for 6-10 years.

Ultra low starting flow, low measurable fluid velocity 0.01m/s.

No pressure loss and the movable parts, 10 years of maintenance free design.

Design of common water meter size according to the length of pipe

IP68 protection level design, can be in 2 meters underwater work.

High temperature resistant ceramic sensor, applicable temperature is -40-160 ℃.

Test medium: water and other liquid.

Output: 4-20mA, RS232, RS485. Standard M-BUS communication protocol.

Automatic cycle accumulation, instantaneous, velocity and time results, programmable, overlooking the head up display, or split.

Patent double balanced 20dB dynamic ultrasonic adaptive receiving circuit, ensure state of deterioration can be operated reliably.


1, industrial process measurement and control

2, alternative to improve the reliability of mechanical flowmeter measurement.

3, to replace all kinds of pressed high performance flowmeter.