May 14 2015

On the problem of the application of the telemeter recording system and its development trend

A preface the Ministry of construction in the clear in China’s housing product development platform: easy look-up table and does not interfere with household, allowing manual look-up table and gradual transition to digital transmission, smart water, electricity, gas, heat metering and the interface box Cabinet. As electronic technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology, development of computer and communications technologies, the telemeter recording system has been gaining popularity in the intelligence community.

II, and far copying table system principle and the composition far copying table system of basic work principle is using electronic technology and sensing technology, on traditional meters, and meter, and gas table be improved, makes its became far biography measurement table, in outdoor loaded set measurement system, will each a measurement table sensor outgoing of data, sent to each table of collection device storage, after function transform sent to smart circuit unit, each unit through data bus parallel, in data bus Shang any point are can and computer communications, automatically copy three table data. Telemeter system consists of a remote detection meter, data collector, host controller, software metering server, and meter reading system consists of five parts.

1, remote detection meter by meter, water meter, gas meter, installed sensors, so that it is capable of displaying measurement data, and associated metering pulse signals. Sensor based on magneto-electric conversion technique is essentially or the pulse circuit of photoelectric conversion unit. FarEasTone meter is a mechanical turntable, magnetic probe in a testing header on a scale, and magnetic shielding to prevent interference of external magnetic field, can then pass a generic table restructuring Cheng Yuan detection headers. Shaft turns by probe component’s output to the data collector, which would become final by a certain ratio calculation of measurement data. For example, retrofitting existing Rotary meter that counts in the Hall sensor and magnet can constitute a sensor based on magneto-electric conversion technique, Hall iron mounted on the counting tray, when every turn around the turntable, permanent magnets by Hall element at a time, which produces a measurement on the signal side pulse, and its operating voltage supplied by the collector. Similarly, the photo-electric conversion technique can be used to produce metering pulses, achieve the purpose of the telemeter recording.

2 core, data collection is based on single-chip microcomputer for data acquisition device, used for collecting meter data, alarm, real-time data store for machine with trimmer, communicate with the host controller, and is usually installed on the household testing near the header. And its main function is to collect test header data, accumulation of header data, upload via system bus controller. Its usually have 4 or 8 channels, each channel is connected to 1 meter head. For the protection of the safety and reliability of the system, data collector should have a bottom of the table data and data storage capabilities, should also have a user thread trimmer, system bus disconnection, power failure alarm function. Data acquisition device is usually installed in the vicinity of the meter head, for example: same floor can be installed on the collector on this floor weak current shaft. Power supply data centrally provided by UPS.

3, upper controller is a stand-alone terminal devices for metering systems, UPS power supply. Host controller can be used with data collection, composed of gauges complete small scale meter reading system standard host controller via shielded twisted-pair cable hook up 255 data logger, extended host controller interface hooks unlimited number of data acquisition, communication lines should be guaranteed the total distance less than 1km. Host controller functions are: data acquisition hardware device management, historical data storage, accumulation, acquisition automatic data download, data display, printing, proofing, system maintenance user password settings, user account management, data sharing, and other functions. Host controller provides a rich interface, you can connect a printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, network adapters, USB devices, and so on. For smaller communities, can be replaced by the upper controller perform cell meter the meter server tasks.

4, meter reading meter reading system server is a large community of networks management servers, for a total distance of more than larger, lines of communication 1km community, meter reading should be added to the server, host controller uses an Ethernet connection and metering server in addition to the functions of network management, remaining with the host controller functionality is basically the same.
Remote Reading Water Meter

5, meter reading system software is the application of data storage, processing, analysis, with automatic data acquisition, data query, data modification, data communication, data printing, system maintenance, management, and other functions.

Third, the functions and features of the telemeter recording system the telemeter recording system has the following three functions: one is an independent user processing feature, each user has an independent run, will not interfere with each other and the short circuit or open circuit system connections bus causing data loss and confusion, ensure that collecting timely, accurate data (consistent with the detection of header data);