May 30 2014

Liquid Sealed Brass Water Meter works, the maximum error value, conditions of use and installation


For a family or a resident unit measurement potable cold (hot) water consumption.

Liquid Sealed Brass Water Meter


Rotary piston type water meter for kiln product type water meter, the piston principle; high measurement precision, separated, counter with clear water data, reading is convenient; using high quality materials, stable and reliable performance; especially suitable for the pipe network water quality is better; the inlet is provided with a check valve can prevent reverse flow.

Domestic water is generally a single flow meter, Liquid Sealed Brass Water Meter in reverse flow (also called back or reverse flow) can also move and the cumulative number of reduce, the existing water meter seal mechanism does not prevent water flip function, so it is caused by the measurement disputes may and cheating. Anti falling water table in the table at the entrance to install one-way valve can be connected with water seal water over together, prevent the artificial flip water meter and the possibility of cheating. The two-way metering water meter is the function, a counting mechanism in reverse flow meter is still accumulating and meets accuracy requirements.

Note: the current national standard of anti falling water tables or two-way metering water meter and no detailed provisions, as long as the water meter “to withstand accidental countercurrent and show an inverse flow”.

Error limit:

Including the minimum flow (qmie) to not include boundary flow (QT) low area + 5%

Including boundary flow (QT) to include overload flow (QT) of high ± 2% (water + 3%)

Conditions of use:

Cold water meter working temperature: +0.1 ℃ ~+35 ℃

The hot water meter of water wet: +0.1 ℃ ~+90 ℃

Working pressure ≤ 1.0MPa


1, New multi jet dry type plastic water meter should be based on the installation of the pipe diameter and the installation position, should avoid sunlight, water, ice and pollution, convenient disassembly and credit card.

2, the water level should be (for installation on display).

3, the newly installed before the lines of gravel, hemp and other debris, so as to avoid the water meter fault.

The direction of the arrow shown in 4, water meter and the pipeline should be consistent with the direction of flow.

5, water meter installed in the boiler water inlet, to prevent the boiler hot water and steam flow meter and damage internal parts, preferably in the water outlet to install check valve.