Jun 10 2014

IC Prepaid Water meter introduction, product structure, working principle and Precautions


IC card intelligent water meter the table adopt advanced microcomputer control technology, using IC card as the information carrier, a liquid sealed wet and replaceable battery technology, to achieve a reliable data acquisition, processing, display, save and prepayment control functions. Has the advantages of low power consumption, strong anti-interference, high reliability, convenient installation and other advantages, change the original “water first, pay after” for the “first payment, after the water”, to avoid the inconvenience household meter reading fee to users, improve the modern management level of water supply industry and property services, has a good the economic benefit and social benefit. Our products meet GB/T778-2007 and CJ/T133-2007 standard.

IC Prepaid Water meter

Two, product features:

1 appearance: fully sealed waterproof design, using food grade ABS high strength plastic material, large LCD screen, digital display is clear, easy to read.

The 2 movement: the IC Prepaid Water meter movement, to ensure that the water wheel shows a permanent and clear, is not influenced by the water quality.

3 cell battery: 14505 GB theory life is 6-8 years, our company adopts 18505 battery, the actual service life of 6-8 years, the capacity is increased by 1.5 times.

4 Glass: IP68 dry dial RF card prepaid water meter glass using food grade transparent high strength organic glass, effectively prevent foreign objects damage of the water meter, freezing good performance, the same temperature, even if the water freeze will not overflow losses caused to the user.

5 high strength waterproof waterproof performance: IC card water meter is my company’s patented technology, all the electronic devices are used in food grade professional electronic potting sealing, waterproof performance is high, safe and reliable.

6 IC: multi point star signaling design, convenient for the user to accurately and effectively card.

7 low static power consumption: the static power current meter is less than 5 μ A, 25 μ A below the national standard, static current my company more than 5 times lower than the national standar

8 disassembling heat shrinkable film: zero cost investment, tamper proof effect of 100%, the effective corrosion protection, Yong Bu rust effect on water meter joint, easy to use for a long time after the repair and maintenance.

9 shell: shell base table base table all copper material, using two electrostatic spray corrosion and oxidation process, the base table never corrosion.