Aug 21 2014

Error of Turbine Woltman Type Water Meter adjusting device, a counting mechanism, a rectifier and history

Turbine meter, refers to the helix axis and the axis of the tap water pipeline for water meter into parallel (or overlapping), the impeller adopts spiral wing shape. This is not to say that the level of the water meter can be installed. Of course, such as the water meter to vertical installation, should the water jewel plain end bearing selection inlet side spiral shaft bearing hole, in order to reduce friction, prolong the service life of the water meter. Imports of some types of spiral wing type water meter adopts dynamic balance technology, can work in horizontal, inclined and vertical state, but the class of measurement work in non horizontal state when the water to reduce the level of.

Nominal diameter 80 ~ structure level of Woltman water meter of 200mm indicated in Figure 2-12, in fact, object diagram see Annex C figure C.7. Turbine Woltman Type Water Meter is mainly composed of a watchcase, rectifier, error adjusting device, spiral wing, bracket, worm gear, a counting mechanism, sheet glass, sealing gasket and cover parts.

Common error adjusting device two.

(1) Combination Cold Water Meter

In part this adjustment device is a piece of flat and symmetrical paddle shaped adjusting plate, rectifying plate is positioned in the rectifier part. When the rotating paddle shaped adjusting plate, it can increase or decrease this part of water flow to the spiral rotation impact, thus plays the role of error. Paddle shaped error adjusting device has the advantages of simple structure, less components and easy processing and convenient assembly and disassembly, so widely used.

(2) the rudder type error adjusting device

The regulating device role is part of a flat plate, plate is provided with a shaft hole, the adjusting plate is arranged on the rectifying plate rectifier for shaft parts. The regulation error, a shaft on the other side the rudder shape adjustment plate, so that the adjusting plate around the axis of rotation, to increase or decrease the water flow to the spiral rotation impact, thus plays the role of error. The adjusting device is complex.