Aug 27 2014

Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter principle, structure design, application, maintenance and classification.

Intelligent remote meter is a common signaling electronic acquisition module and the electronic module, signal acquisition, data processing, storage and data through the communication line to upload to the repeater, or handheld meter reading device. The body adopts the integrated design, it can real-time record and save the water used by users, each water meter has a unique code, when the intelligent water meter reading instruction received after immediately the water meter data to management system.

Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter

Remote meter reading system of electronic water meter with automatic meter reading mode to replace the traditional manual meter reading, and compared to similar meter reading system, adaptive, network structure characteristics of simple debugging, stable running, convenient extension.

Main function:

Real-time meter reading function, frozen meter reading, Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter, equipment file management, user file management,

Statistical data analysis, report query and print, operation authority management, payment settlement management, data analysis,

Data backup and recovery.

Typical applications:

Single copy: management center set up reading task, the system can automatically copy specified areas of the water meter data information, automatic meter reading function unattended. At the same time, the system also supports manual meter reading function, can copy meter data.

Single copy + remote control mode: water meter inside with valves, management center can at any time on the water meter remote valve, closing valve control.

Single copy + IC card control mode: in addition to have all the features of single copy mode, water meter with IC card circuit and a valve, may realize the IC card prepayment function. Management through the IC card charging control of water meter.

The main parameters:

Remote meter is a mechanical hot and cold water common basis, constitute a remote transmitting system plus, main control parameters selected for flow meter, commonly used flow, overload flow, minimum flow, transitional flow rate, the nominal pressure, the maximum allowable working pressure, pressure loss.


1), water meter selection must first consider the water meter working environment: such as water temperature, working pressure, time, measurement range and the water quality of water were selected, then press through the design of flow meter, water meter pressure loss to produce close to and do not exceed the specified value to determine the water meter diameter. In general, nominal diameter less than DN50, should use the rotor type water meter; nominal diameter is more than DN50, should use the spiral wing type water meter; flow meter should be used when the variation range of compound water meter. Give priority to the wet water meter should be in interior design.

2), when the water is even, should be the common flow design flow does not exceed the water meter to determine the Single Jet Dry Dial Brass AMR Remote Reading Water Meter. When there is a fire flow and the need for calibration of flow rate, maximum flow rate is not more than the total water restrictions.


In the direct reading remote meter gradually overcome the technology difficulty is big, precision requirements of higher disadvantage entering the mature stage, pulse meter is already in the application specification product reliability, product technology, product in engineering and user recognition and entered the mature period. With the development of automatic meter reading market, pulse type, direct reading remote meter from opposition to unification, from exclusion to be complementary. There will be more and more manufacturers should the market demand, the left hand provides a pulse type, the right hand to provide direct reading. Direct reading water meter and pulse meter will be in for a long period of each share, two of the world, and sharing of automatic meter reading market a better future.