Apr 22 2015

Characteristics and classification of volumetric water meter

1, an overview of positive displacement meter

Positive displacement water meters are installed in closed conduits, some being full and the successive emissions Chamber of known volume of fluid and with fluid-drive mechanism of a meter. Because with pistons rotating to record the amount of drinking water through the pipe, also known as piston water meters, with initial flow of small, high precision, hygiene, easy reading and so on. Especially suitable for high quality, high cost of water for the occasion. As volumetric water meter repair debug more complex and high requirements for quality reasons, not yet widespread use in our country.

2, volumetric water meter characteristic

⑴ LCD display, convenient and intuitive readings, and instantaneous flow rate display cumulative flow.

⑵ test mode displays the cumulative flow of higher resolution, small-diameter minimum resolution: 0.00001m 3.

C with the zero function, each time you enter the test mode, the cumulative flow of test mode is cleared to zero, more applicable industrial ingredients measure the water.

⑷ rotating piston structure, with a small initial flow rate, high measuring accuracy, wear-resistant, non-rotational inertia and so on.

⑸ can be horizontal, vertical, inclined installation does not affect the accurate measurement of water meters.

⑹ with antimagnetic interference function, pleasing in appearance, small size, light weight and so on.
Volumetric (Piston) Type Water Meter

3, positive displacement meter classifications

Rotary piston volumetric water meter type and disc type, the two series, when the water flow through the meter, and water-driven piston (disc) rotation (Swing), and piston-cylinder (disk) the volume is constant, so the piston rotation measured by counting bodies (disc swing) number can be informed of water flow through the meter.

The main products for rotary piston volumetric water meter water meter, disc-type water meter did not use abroad for only the United States and a few other countries. Rotary piston meters for small caliber specifications, is characterized by high level of measurement (up to level c and level d) ability, high sensitivity, low flow rate measurement. Primarily used for metering of pipeline pure water in China, Ningbo Guoxin instrument technology limited, water meter products represented, meter size typically 8, 15, and 20mm.