Jul 01 2014

AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter works、table outlining the characteristics and advantages


In recent years, with the domestic water supply industry “a form of” carrying out, tap water charge system is an important reform, at the same time meter number increase, meter reading workload increases day by day, centralized meter reading to advance work efficiency and service level meter reading technology, has become the consensus of the water supply industry.

AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter

The necessity of AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter using the industry company

1, centralized meter reading system can realize monitoring, the fault can be found in a timely manner. For a city if all adopt the automatic meter reading mode after inspection is a can not be ignored.

2, centralized meter reading system can use is now very mature long-distance communication system, such as GPRS, broadband network, ADSL, mobile phone text messages and other methods to achieve the city’s network, and has been widely used in the bank for collection charges of governance, the meter reading and charging link to realize completely automation.

3, a water supply part can provide better and more perfect service, also can get more accurate water demand, especially for trade or industrial water meter.

4, centralized meter reading system can simplify the supply part of the management level, reduce or even eliminate the divided charges management business sites that require more than one person, the full realization of network governance.

5, because the centralized meter reading is an independent product, life can do and consistent base table, so the water supply part can be justifiably extraction of repair funds, so as to realize the sustainable operation table.

Begin from ninety time end, most city water supply company can not increase the number of meter reading staff, progress meter reading efficiency, different degrees on the meter and the meter reading system made active attempts, the most for pulse sender Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter, the system structure of pulse signal type water meter + collector. By running the tests for more than ten years, measuring the system correctness, poor reliability, low maintenance workload and other issues are completely unmasked, directly affect the popularization and application of remote meter.

In recent years, a new photoelectric direct reading remote meter reading technology — reading technology, has been quietly rising and a large number of applications, is increasingly becoming the city water supply company of choice.


Jun 26 2014

Processing method of Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter working process, product structure, performance parameters and common problems

Rotor type water meter is suitable for small diameter pipeline one-way flow metrology. Such as the use of household water metering caliber 15mm, 20mm specifications piping. The water meter is mainly composed of a casing, impeller measurement mechanism and a speed reducing mechanism, as well as the indicator, has the characteristics of simple structure. To flow a many, including mechanical style without output. With . With signal output, with signal output is the output of analog quantity, but also have the patent technology back-end digital style. In addition the rotor type water meter measuring principle has many kinds, for example, flow driven by rotary wing driving gear to count, there is the rotary wing each turn output 1 pulse signals, the circuit to statistics. The working principle of [1] rotor single flow meter is: flow from the inlet to the impact of the impeller rotating shell cut to, and then through the gear mechanism of continuous recording impeller revolutions, which recorded the cumulative flow meter.

Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter


The working principle of rotor type multi flow water meter with single flux water meter is basically the same, it is through the distribution function of the impeller box, multi beam flow from the inlet of impeller box tangential impact impeller, the flow of the impeller axial force balance, reduce the abrasion of the impeller of the bearing part, and reduce the water meter installation influence of scabbing, the error of watermeter from the structure, the overall performance is better than the single flux water meter.

Structure and principle:

Structure of rotor type water meter is divided into wet and Rolling Wing Wet Type Water Meter. Water meter counter has three: one is a pointer type, two wheel; three are combined.

Rotor type water meter mainly watchcase, strainer, metering mechanism, indicating mechanism and so on. The measuring mechanism is mainly composed of a box of impeller, impeller, impeller, adjusting plate. Indicating device is mainly composed of a dial, pointer, pointer, or triangle wheel gear.

Principle of rotor type water meter water from the water inlet is; in the case, the strainer, composed of a water inlet hole of impeller impeller box into the box, the impact of the impeller, the impeller rotation, the impeller outlet water box by case outlet flow in pipeline, the lower part of the impeller is supported by a top needle. The rotation of the impeller, the impeller center axis, the center of the upper part of the gear rotates, driven gear wheel box, according to the provisions of the rotating speed ratio, drives the pointer to the dial pointer. Delta began to turn to transfer decimal drives other gears and the upper part of the pointer, according to the degree of disc. Value, starting from 0 clockwise direction of rotation, to measure.

The case is a water meter cover, and water. Each component of water meter is arranged in the watchcase, watchcase protects the water meter of parts of the operation. The import and export of both ends of the pipe connection or flange connection with pipes, import and export of the caliber is the meter diameter, case requires pressure resistance and high tensile strength.

External strainer is installed in the water inlet end of the impeller box, the Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter from the inlet from the strainer filter, can enter the impeller box. Strainer to remove impurities and sediment in the water, avoid water meter malfunction and damage.

The impeller box has three functions: one is the water from the water hole in the impact of the impeller outlet and then by out; two is to protect the impeller to rotate; three is to adjust the impeller speed. The lower part of the impeller box with an adjusting hole and an adjusting plate, adjusting hole size and impeller speed is proportional to, the height and the speed is inversely proportional to the impeller. Because when assembled impeller inlet at the lower end of the lower edge of the impeller box, upward, will make the water inlet flow part of impact is not the impeller, so slow, and faster. The measurement error of adjusting water meter.

The impeller is the sensitive element of water, the water’s kinetic energy into rotational speed, the impeller shaft is then passed to the indication mechanism for instructions. The impeller the impeller shaft is arranged at the upper part of the impeller box. Leaf blade rotor type water meter for the straight plates.

The impeller shaft is provided with an impeller, and is provided with a transmission gear and the indication mechanism is connected, for the transmission of the speed of rotation of the impeller.

Dial for water meter index value. Dial surface is white, indexing is less than the value of 1m3 is red, indexing above 1m3 value is black. The dial shall conform to the relevant standards. A pointer gear shaft installed in the upper part of the dial, a red and black two and dividing plate one one to be, in addition to a sensitivity limit pointer, also known as the red triangle pointer. The role and watch the second hand, is to identify water moving signs motionless. It is dynamic, other hands, if it does not move, the other pointer does not move.

Rotor type water meter for the measurement of small flow of water supply project of small pipe, household water meters are such.


Jun 25 2014

Single jet dry type brass water meter brass performance characteristics, product descriptions, product structure, and maintenance

The test instrument is used to measure the amount of water flowing through a water supply pipeline. Dry water meter, between the impeller and the counter by a magnetic drive, wheel and pointer combined display, with convenient reading, anti freezing, long-term to maintain a clear surface, long life and other advantages more. But the counter sealing, small pressure loss, in full compliance with the GB/T 778-1996 B standard.

Single jet dry type brass water meter


The total measure of potable water.


The Single jet dry type brass water meter using the pointer type display, E table using a pointer wheel combined display, has clear reading convenience features, small starting flow etc..

Rotary vane wheel Multi jet dry type water meterThis rang of water meter is used to measure the water which consumed in household or a resident unit,

Passing through pipeline.As equipped with a built-in sensor, it can be used for a remote reading transmission system.


1.Dry-dial, Magnetic drive, resistance to exterior magnet interference


3.Selected high quality materials for steady & reliable characteristic

4.Single Jet Water meter sealed register ensures the dial kept free from fog and keep the reading clear in a long term service

5.Measuring accuracy conform to ISO 4064 class B Standard

6.Universal use.Easy for interchange & maintenance

This series of products adopt magnetism transmission, the impeller and the counter isolation, counter individually sealed without contact with water, and vacuum treatment. The water meter counter degree permanently clear, and has the characteristics of anti freezing. Applicable to the pipeline water bad or cold. Some products counter rotate 360 degrees, convenient lookup table.

Network is especially suitable for poor water quality.


Jun 24 2014

Plastic Wet and Liquid Sealed Dial Water Meter structural characteristics, the principle outlined, performance advantages, technical parameters and routine maintenance

Water meter.

Measurement of water flow. Mostly is the cumulative flow measurement of water. Generally divided into volumetric meter and velocity meter two. The accuracy is higher than, but the high requirement of the water quality, water containing impurities easily blocked. Recording water water meter, installed in the pipe, when the user when discharging water, table rotation pointer or wheel pointed out that through the water.

Plastic Wet and Liquid Sealed Dial Water Meter

Liquid seal water: for meter reading meter number wheel or the counter liquid seal water all with certain concentration of glycerol, influence of counter seal the definition from the outside water, the rest of the same structure performance and wet water meter.

It is used for measuring water volume measurement through the water pipe, applicable to small enterprises water and water for domestic use.

Features: rotor wet seal liquid water gauge, has kept count permanent clear high measurement precision, small starting flow, can keep count of full irrigation (filled with water) antifouling, reading is convenient, beautiful appearance, safety and health, long life and other characteristics. LXS-15E~65E rotor with combined with wet water meter counter character wheel. LXS-15C~65C rotor wet water meter adopts full pointer counter.


1, the Plastic Wet and Liquid Sealed Dial Water Meter the technical indicators are in line with GB/T778.1~3-2007 (ISO4064-1~3:2005, IDT) requirements.

2, our company also produces the corresponding to the water meter vertical water meter — rotor vertical wet liquid seal water meter.

Error of indication:

A, including the minimum flow from Q1 to not include boundary flow Q2 low region of the maximum permissible error: ± 5%

B, including boundary flow Q2 to include overload flow Q4 high in the maximum permissible error: ± 2% (water table is ± 3%)

2, the use of temperature: 0~30 ℃ (water table is ≤ 90 ℃)

3, pressure rating: ≤ 1.0Mpa

Installation and maintenance method:

1, choose water meter diameter, should according to the installation site traffic and size, and should not be used in corrosive liquid.

2, the installation location should avoid exposure, frozen, pollution and flooding, should also be convenient and meter reading, in a 45 Degree Register Single Jet Dry Dial Vane Wheel Water Meter, should be the water meter and water binding, not when the water inlet end of the valve is closed, the outlet valve and open the water tap, can prevent water damage due to freezing expansion.

3, the water must be installed level, so that the literal upward, the direction of the arrow and the flow in the same direction.

4, the newly installed pipeline must be inside the tube, sand stone, hemp and other debris washed clean before installation of water meter, water meter failure in order to avoid.

5, in order to accurate measurement, water upstream and downstream should install the necessary pipe end, the tap should be higher than the water meter. Water meter as installed on the boiler inlet pipe, should prevent the return of hot water scalding water meter.

6, the water should not directly connected with the pipe, water pipe shall be connected nut are connected by pipe, a sealing washer. And water meters, must not force wrench, lest the twisted case.

7, water use for a long time, pipe rust clogging impurities will screen or into the water meter, the water meter error increases or affect the normal operation, the best timely flushing, and re calibration, but do not self assemble and disassemble.

8, the installation should be equipped with valves, water front, in order to cut off the water supply and water meter, water meter behind must be installed check valve (check valve) to control the water pressure is not stable enough, the water meter autobiography phenomenon.

9, such as wet water meter, under a glass with water or water is a normal phenomenon, a long time will automatically eliminate.


Jun 23 2014

Drinking Water Measuring Instrument( Water Meter) performance characteristics, technical parameters, the working principle, product introduction and use

Multi parameter water quality detecting instrument design is excellent, very convenient to use. Can automatically compensate the error caused by temperature changes due to measurement. The instrument measured PH, mV, C, EC, CF, TDS value, can be read by the liquid crystal display apparatus, display and backlight function.

Drinking Water Measuring Instrument( Water Meter)

PH: pH

ORP: redox (unit: mV): the amount of bacteria, the disinfection effect “of =650mv measure

Electrical conductivity (ms/cm): salt, ion, impurity content. The very low

CF: concentration of reverse osmosis device.

Whether it contains water, mineral and trace element is the key to determine its acidity. The pH of water is contained by the ion water decision. The Drinking Water Measuring Instrument( Water Meter) of the acid strength, is indicative of ion activity. Natural water pH value between 7.0-8.0 in general, weakly alkaline; pure water pH value between 5.0-7.0 in general, acidic substances acidic amount of active in the body will make the body’s internal environment deterioration, the blood acidic, appear very unhealthy “acidic” exceed the standard easy hair fat, calories, health hazards. Acidic, alkaline food collocation is very important to human health, the normal human body fluids, including blood: intracellular, extracellular are weakly alkaline, pH of the blood is 7.35 ~ 7.45, when the pH value below 7.30 will make the body showed “acidic”, often with acidic food intake, will the body and the lactic acid increased due to the digestive organs of the excitement, will increase the body of calcium, magnesium plasma consumption, causing these nutritional deficiencies, and dental caries susceptibility. “Acidic” harm, often eating fatty food, make the body acidic substances accumulation, blood is acidic, the body’s internal environment began to deteriorate, appears very unhealthy “acidic”, dizziness, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, decreased resistance, susceptible to upper respiratory tract infection. Because the blood viscosity increased, also can cause arteriosclerosis. In addition, only humoral pH is normal, the body cells and immune cells have the ability to engulf and destroy the cancer cells, cancer cells surrounding the pH value is 6.85 to 6.95, partial acid, survival and normal pH value is not conducive to cancer cells. Moreover, the body pH every drop of 0.1 units, insulin activity is decreased by 30%, which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Acidic foods too much influence intelligence British scientists found that: human brain fluid acid-base properties related to intelligence, that is in the range of body fluid pH within the allowed (i.e., pH value of 6.8 ~ 7.5, the acid is too high (low pH) low IQ; alkaline high IQ (PH high).

PH is a measure of the pH scale, in many ways to control the pH, these places need to know the pH value of the solution

PH is one of the most important Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter of water solution. Natural phenomena involving an aqueous solution where. Chemical changes and production processes are related to pH value, therefore, in industry, agriculture, medicine, environmental protection and scientific research field needs to measure pH value.

The acidic aqueous solution, Ph<7, pH value is small, said more acidic; alkaline aqueous solution, Ph>7, the bigger the pH value, alkalinity more strong.


Jun 21 2014

Features AWWA standard water meter, product structure, working principle, common problems and solutions

Measurement of water flow meter. Mostly is the cumulative flow measurement of water. Generally divided into volumetric meter and velocity meter two. The accuracy is higher than, but the high requirement of the water quality, water containing impurities easily blocked. Recording water water meter, installed in the pipe, when the user when discharging water, table rotation pointer or wheel pointed out that through the water.

AWWA Standard water meter

According to the soaking status

According to the counter is immersed in water to distinguish, divided into the wet water meter, water meter, water meter and dry liquid seal.

(1) the wet water meter: counter is immersed in the water meter, the meter glass bear hydraulic drive, sensor and counter gear linkage, use a period of time after the water quality will affect the clarity of the water meter reading.

(2): dry water meter counter is immersed in the water meter, phase separation chamber and counter sensor structure, water meter glass is not affected by the pressure sensor, transmission and counter with magnetic drive.

(3) the AWWA Standard water meter for meter reading meter: digital wheel or the counter liquid seal water all with certain concentration of glycerol, influence of counter seal the definition from the outside water, the rest of the same structure performance and wet water meter.

The term:

The minimum flow rate (Q1): showing the value of the maximum permissible error meets the minimum flow requirements of water meter.

The boundary flow (Q2): appeared in between, commonly used flow Q3 and minimum flow Q1 will flow range is divided into the two region specific maximum permissible error of “high” and “low” flow.

The commonly used flow (Q3): maximum flow rated working conditions. In this flow, water meter should work normally and meet the maximum permissible error.

Overload flow (Q4): water in a short time can meet the requirements of the maximum allowable error, maximum flow in rated working conditions can still maintain the metrological characteristics.

Pressure loss (Δ P): at a given flow rate, head loss caused by the existence of water pipeline

There are three types of water meter on the market.

1, the first type of  Volumetric Piston Plastic Remote Reading Gallon Water Meter with NSF Approval is composed of magnetic sensitive elements of magnetic materials used for drip proof mechanism, and the water inlet of the body, when the water in the drip flow outward outward form water, magnetic sensitive mechanism will intermittently to the water supply, the water meter, this way the starting flow meter is less than 0.5 L/H, but the structure of the water meter, the magnetic pole piston, so most afraid of water, iron rust and mud and sand and other impurities, the magnetic columns are most likely to be water impurities stuck and no longer has the drip proof function;

2, second types of drip Water Leakage table is a tubular or hole of the small flow of water into the impeller box of water meter, and alignment impeller form the core of the jet, will focus on promoting the impeller in a bit tiny flow water kinetic energy, so that the impeller rotation to achieve the purpose of small flow measurement, the methods the starting flow meters can be up to 2 L/H, but the structure of the micro flow meter in a concentrated on water jet, it will cause the meter to measure, because it will be the water pressure of tap water pipe network instability and the water table has great creep (i.e. in the user will tap all closed without the water, because the pressure of the pipe network instability caused a water meter idling phenomenon), the creeping up to 192 liters / day (a month even without water will air 5 ~ 6m&sup3; tap water), leading to wrong delivery of water users, resulting in customer complaints and refusal to pay water charges phenomenon, another this kind of defect is very easily by the mud and sand blocking and clamping, over a period of time (usually three to five months) after the loss of the drip proof function;

3, the third type is the diaphragm integral drip Water Leakage table, it is in the case of ordinary water at the bottom of a cavity, the upper part of the structure is still the same with ordinary water, during which the sealing separated by a flexible diaphragm, the bottom cavity and the water outlet is communicated with the water outlet in the shell, has a special anti drip mechanism, when the tap water to drip the form of outward drip, drip proof system will still at the water outlet is closed, the water dripped out is at the bottom of the water in the water chamber, when the bottom cavity water (Volume 36 ml) was dripping is finished, anti leakage mechanism will be opened, thus replenishing discharge the water to the bottom cavity, the cavity after water is added, anti leakage mechanism under the action of the spring and the water outlet seal, and into the next cycle, anti leakage mechanism in open process supply water to the bottom cavity is more than a meter of the starting flow process, so the water meter can measure.

Jun 20 2014

Volumetric Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register) structural features, working principle, operational procedures and FAQ

Nano nylon containing material product type (rotary piston) water table, the performance index of ISO4064; product can control temperature, low resistance to blast,

Volumetric  Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register)

The meter adopts composite nano meter nylon material for manufacturing, the products are green, pollution-free, non-toxic and nano nylon, no corrosion problem, the performance is stable and reliable, fully meet the safety requirements of the water meter manufacturing. Water movement is a new transformation, can realize the dripping metering, clear reading convenience.

Analysis of various materials and application of water meter:

The industry is developed for domestic need Volumetric Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register) and at the same time in the product standards.

Plastic water meter can not only solve the problems of cast iron water pollution two, copper water meter high price, but also prevent the installation of outdoor water meter copper piece is solution of theft.

The manufacturing process of plastic water meter, can fully reflect the energy saving and environmental protection, which is compatible with the national energy-saving emission reduction policies.

Nylon shell of water meter, in recent years is the preferred material for plastic water meter, water meter nylon plastic shell, in the international, the domestic market has withstood the test of various conditions.

Nylon material basically is divided into three levels, from high to low are: Swiss aromatic nylon (6T/6I), Germany BASF glass fiber nylon (PA66), glass fiber modification of domestic (PA6).

Nylon shell of water meter’s advantage lies in the health, security, cheap, its strength, anti-aging, anti creep as long as appropriate selecting, enough to meet the need of water meter.

However, because of the nylon raw material market price difference is very big, made of black water, very difficult to distinguish the performance, once a few years after the emergence of quality problems, may be explosive.

Nylon case possible problem is the problem of aging, ultraviolet irradiation therefore, critical water supplier test means and technical strength.

Nylon strength in water water will decrease the strength, toughness enhancement, only dry state 60%. The strength of nylon by means of adding glass fiber to fiber, nylon material more good prices more expensive, poor nylon material is glass fiber more of the cheaper.

Cast iron shell of water meter

Because the two pollution, has cast iron water so water meter shell, mandatory safety rules require casting materials in 2010 eliminated ash, for large caliber water, will replace the gray cast iron with spheroidal graphite cast iron and stainless steel material.

All contact parts in the Rotary Volumetric Piston Water Meter should be used generally non-toxic, no pollution, no biological activity material, and should be able to resist the internal and external corrosion.

Copper water meter

When phased out iron shell water is more and more high, the international price of copper is still in the low, some manufacturers use brass instead of cast iron water meter shell.

The subsequent rising copper prices, copper prices caused by water, and in the outdoor installation easy theft, made of brass instead of cast iron water meter shell trend has not formed climate.

China is a lack of copper resources in the country, and the copper smelting requires a lot of energy resources, and energy-saving emission reduction policies do not match.

Brass is a product of copper and lead, the Pseudomonas, its toxicity is far greater than the harm, iron rust on people so, use of brass, and can not solve the two problems of pollution.

Stainless steel 304 gauge

Stainless steel casting, forming distinct characteristics, product appearance.

The addition of trace elements of stainless steel material, can resist the external pollution, also won’t produce pollution to water quality in the interior.

The product strength meet the requirements of physical strength meter casing and accessories manufacturing.

Stainless steel water meter products can achieve food grade, no corrosion, no pollution second, durable.


Jun 19 2014

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter features a detailed overview of the maximum error value and precautions

Liquid seal water: for meter reading meter number wheel or the counter liquid seal water all with certain concentration of glycerol, influence of counter seal the definition from the outside water, the rest of the same structure performance and wet water meter.

Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter

The in order to prevent the liquid seal character wheel counter box body fluid leakage to the dial and a watch glass and the formation of a gap between the bubbles affect the user visual design. It comprises a case, a wing wheel metering mechanism is arranged in the case, the Pulse Type Liquid Sealed Water Meter is connected by gear indication mechanism and a liquid seal character wheel counter, the top panel in the liquid seal character wheel counter pressure dial and a watch glass, and then put on the cover, lined with seal seals in contact above, is characterized in that the liquid seal character wheel counter box body and a transparent or translucent but not open display panel window join together, the liquid seal character wheel counter other side box body is open, for character wheel counter loaded with cover sealed. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy assembly, no liquid leakage caused the formation of bubbles and advantages, suitable for use in liquid seal water meter.

Features: the water meter is a kind of rotor, flow, liquid sealed type water meter, a character wheel sealed in a special liquid, the advantages of wet and dry water meter readings, clear and intuitive, accurate measurement. Products in line with national standards GB/T778.1 ~ 3-1996 requirements.

1, the series of  Wet Type Vane Wheel Brass Cold /Hot Water Meter is reversed turning water available. (the so-called anti put forward refers to the water meter installed backward, can still counts, to prevent the theft of water effect).

2, the so-called semi liquid sealed type water meter LXSY-15B-50B is a character wheel seal in the indication mechanism. The relatively low price.

Application conditions: temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ water: ≤ 1MPa

The maximum permissible error:

A. including minimum flow (qmin) and does not include the boundary flow (QT) low area: + 5%

B. including boundary flow (QT) to include overload flow (QS) of high: + 2%


Jun 18 2014

Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter characteristics, water structure, technical parameters and the composition of the material

Volumetric meter is also called the piston type water meter, is a constant flow type water meter. The national standard in the volumetric meter is defined as “installed in the closed pipe, by some to be a water meter chamber volume successive full known and discharge fluid and with fluid driven mechanism.

Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter

Volumetric meter with rotary piston type and disc type two series, when the water flow through the meter, the drive piston flow (disc) rotation (swing), and the piston cylinder (disk chamber) volume is constant, so, by counting mechanism measured piston rotation (disc swing) times, can get through the water meter water.

Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter is the main rotary piston type water meter, water meter disc type not used in domestic, abroad also only a few countries American etc.. Rotary piston type water meter is generally small caliber specification, is characterized by measuring high level (up to C grade and D grade), small flow measurement capability, high sensitivity. At present is mainly used for the measurement of pipeline pure water, water purification water to produce drinking water meter water Limited by Share Ltd Ningbo and Ningbo Donghai instrument channel limited company as the representative, in the water meter diameter is 8, 15 and 20ram. Volumetric meter repair debugging complex, high requirement on quality, used in China has not yet been widely.

Under the action of water pressure, water from the lower water inlet into the measurement chamber, center 3 driven rotary piston 7 surround the measurement chamber shaft to rotate, and the water from the piston blank and piston and the measuring chamber wall surface formed by the air flows to the upper outlet, at the same time the piston rotates, connected by a rotating shaft 4 and shifting fork 5 and counting mechanism, so as long as the note of piston rotation times, can flow through the water volume.

Volumetric meter generally refers to the ordinary rotary piston type water meter, has the advantages of high accuracy and sensitivity. At present, it is not yet in China such as velocity meter (impeller, turbine and so on) that is generally used, but is widely used in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, as the share of 50% in France, 77% in Britain, 79% in Sweden, American is 99.8%; while in China and the former Soviet Union is almost zero.


1, the measurement principle of  Volumetric Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register).

2, high sensitivity, can be in 1 liters / low traffic hours were measured.

3, horizontal installation reach D standard, non horizontal installation of not less than C class standards.

4, the counter by vacuum sealing, can keep clear reading.

5, moving parts are made of high quality materials, stable and reliable performance, long service life.

6, the built-in check back plate, which can prevent the countdown.

7, the case is made of stainless steel, beautiful and durable.


Jun 17 2014

Water Meter check Non-return Valve characteristics, working principle, methods of operation and maintenance

Check valve also known as check valve, check valve, a one-way valve or check valve, and its role is to ensure the directional flow in the pipeline without backflow function. The bottom valve pump suction pipe valve category also belong. Check valves are automatic valves, pressure 1.6~25MPa/Class150-2500/2.0-42.0MPa working temperature is -29~+550 ℃, materials are: steel WCB, HT250, HT200. Cast iron, QT350, QT450, alloy steel WC6, WC9, CN7M stainless steel CF8 (M), CF3 (M). A105 forging steel, F304 (L), F316L piping. Various conditions of the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, electric power industry and so on, it is used to water, oil, steam, acid medium. Is the control of the medium in the pipeline one-way flow valve, used to prevent the media back in the pipeline.

Water Meter check Non-return Valve


A: check valve according to its structure, can be divided into the lift check valve, swing check valve and Water Meter check Non-return Valve

1 lift check valve can be divided into two types of vertical and horizontal.

2 swing check valve is divided into single type, double valve and valve type three.

3 butterfly valve for the straight through type.

The above non-return valve can be divided into connection, flange connection, welding connection and connected to the clip four is a thread in the connection form.

Opening and closing pieces by medium flow and the forces to open or close, backflow valve to prevent the media called the check valve. Check valves are automatic valves, mainly for one-way flow of media channels, only allowing media to flow in one direction, to prevent accidents.


Check valve (Check Valve): according to its structure, can be divided into the lift check valve, swing check valve and butterfly valve three. Lift check valve can be divided into vertical and straight through two. Swing check valve is divided into a single type, double valve and valve type three. Butterfly valve for the butterfly valve, butterfly type single, double above non-return valve can be divided into connection, flange connection, welding and connect to the clip on four kinds of thread in the connection form.

The installation should pay attention to the following matters:

1, in the pipeline not to bear the weight of a large check valve, non-return valve should be independent of support, so that is not affected by the influence of pressure piping system.

2, the installation media attention to the direction of flow should be consistent with the body of the arrow.

3, the vertical lift check valve should be installed in a vertical pipe.

4, the level of valve lift check valve should be installed in horizontal pipelines.

Working principle.

Water Meter Mechanism is to rely on the flow of the medium itself automatically open and close the valve, backflow valve to prevent the media, also known as check valve, Dan Xiangfa, the reflux valve and the back pressure valve. Check valve is an automatic valve, the main role is to prevent the media back, to prevent reverse pump and drive motor, and discharge the container medium. Check valve can also be used for the pipe to the pressure may rise to the auxiliary system supplies more than the system pressure. Check valve can be divided into swing check valve (according to the focus of rotation) and lift check valves (along the axis of movement).

Check valve is the role of this type of valve is only allowing media to flow in one direction, and stop the flow in the opposite direction. Usually the valve is automatically work, the fluid pressure in a direction of flow, the valve flap to open; the opposite direction of fluid flow, the fluid pressure and the self valve coincidence role in the valve seat, thereby cutting off flow.

Applicable occasions:

Butterfly double disc check valve is suitable for high-rise building water supply pipe network, a certain chemical corrosive media pipeline, installation space limited network, also applies to the sewage pipe network.

Lift silent check valve suitable for network of water supply and drainage engineering high quality requirements; the pipe pressure requirement is relatively high (PN2.5Mpa); can be installed in the pump outlet is economical and practical, water hammer check valve.

Lifting type silencing check valve is used in water supply and drainage system of high-rise building, pipe network, can be installed in the pump outlet, slightly modifying the structure, can be used as the suction end of the valve, but not suitable for the sewage pipe network.

Horizontal check valve suitable for diving, drainage, sewage pump, is particularly applicable to the sewage and sludge system.

Swing type rubber check valve is suitable for living water supply network; but not for sediment sewage

Swing check valve is suitable for the single water supply system, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industrial sectors for the confined space installation is most applicable.