Jan 22 2015

Prepaid water meter features, functions, and the introduction of new ways of using

(1) does not require manual meter reading is beneficial to modernmanagement. With the “one household, one table” implementation of watermeter reading of water supply enterprise has increased dramatically, installing prepaid water meter is strengthening modern management ofwater supply enterprises, improving the level of service one of the bestchoices. Also avoided manual use of prepaid water meter meter door feesinconvenience to customers, and historical purchasing data can be storedto facilitate customer inquiries. (2) fully reflects the commodity property of water. Principles of pre-paid water meters in accordance with the commodity exchange, buy waterfirst with water, completely change the traditional water chargingmodels, fully embodies the hydraulic properties of goods. Customer mayact according to own actual need to have planned to buy water, water, notdue to debt incurred late fees, unnecessary expenses. (3) solves the problem of charging. Can well solve the scatteredresidents, temporary water supply customers, customers often owe thecustomer’s charges.


A card table features: newly issued cards to insert a new table, thetable will automatically recognize and Save tab of the unique code, thenext card will automatically recognize the code, that is, the tablematches the card automatically, prevent illegal use Large-screen liquid crystal display: water quantity data, valve status, battery status at a glance Low-voltage detection: when the battery voltage is less than 3.8V, andshuts down the motor valve and display “voltage” and “valve” Need toinstall new batteries can. be reused Not enough water Tip: when when the table contains the remaining quantityis less than 2.0m3, self-closing valves, prompts the user to purchasewater, when the card is open, you can continue to use the remaining wateruntil 0 o’clock, closing valve


Security features: when a card counter thrusting or non-system when thecard is inserted, it displays “card error” Special projects: easy maintenance Magnetic protection: when there is close to strong magnetic fields, thetable will display “alarm” and closing valve Integrated design: Compact, elegant appearance Keep the machine wheel display: table with mechanical and electronicdual-display capability 4 battery: user-friendly to replace it Intelligent monthly self-test function: to ensure reliable under all kinds of interference
Jan 21 2015

Rotation causes the rotation of the meter’s main reason for

1, pressure fluctuations

Because water is a liquid, under normal circumstances physicalcharacteristics manifested as incompressible, but water pipes, pipepressure is higher, then the water will show some compressibility. Inwater supply pipeline, pressure fluctuations are inevitable, and themeter is a mechanical watch that we use, on the kinetic energy of waterflow to drive the gears, so as to achieve the purpose of metering ofwater. Dang without water Shi, meter ends connection of pipeline in the are beings a quantitative fixed of high-pressure water; so, dang municipal tube network pressure increased Shi, table Hou tube in the of tap water volume will due to pressure increased and narrowed, at on will has trace of water through meter, produced are turned; Dang pressure reduced Shi, table Hou tube in the was compression of water due to pressure reduced and expansion, also will has trace of water through meter, by different of is then is reverse. As we all know, under normalmechanical watches in the water is out, drive gears are turning andupside down under water is motivated, drive gears reverse two phases ofwater resistance is different, although the two headed into the water thesame but reflected on the meter reading has varied widely. According tostatistics, in the pipeline with no air, the resulting water rarely,about 0.5-1M m³/month. Normally, water users do not pay attention to this point; and it is currently measuring the level, normal results.
2, balloon
This causes rotation of the water. Water construction of enterprises ’production processes are open, will dissolve into water in the productionof large amounts of gas, while in the course of construction, pipelinewill bring gas, exhaust valve setting unreasonable if the pipe, gas isunable to eliminate. So if home without water or pipe design is notreasonable for a long time, home raised piping high points or points willhave air bags. As we all know, high compressibility of gases, then if thepipe pressure fluctuations in the Internet, forms the space expansionwill be very big in the pipeline, resulting a meter of amount ofrotation.
3, installation methods and installation quality
(1) because now most of out home water meter is a unit of table are setin a box installed on the first floor. Considering the cold winter frostand meter reading easier, with a φ 40mm-50mm pipes 6 or 12 meter, tablesand table spacing smaller and fewer meter straight section set aside, itwould also affect the normal meter measurement, resulting in rotation of the meter.
(2) a quality installation pipeline projects are essentially buried inthe ground or a wall, a concealed work. National plumbing code provisionson a variety of pipe installation requirements for pipeline construction,construction procedures, acceptance criteria and considerations, and so on, but the field construction, some managers are not according to thespecification requirements, resulting in pipeline, more or less, thereare some quality issues.
Jan 20 2015

Some basic installation of remote water meter

Water meter is every family is a measurement commonly used machines,water metering and water companies to account for the convenient product.With advances in technology and people’s precise standards for water meters have become increasingly demanding, intelligent remote water meterhave been developed and are now gradually being accepted and used.

But above the installation, remote water meter must be installed in order to ensure normal performance.
    First of all, before starting theinstallation to select the right environment, not prolonged exposure toSun, corrosive substances, etc, can extend the service life of the water meter second installation of water meters are divided into horizontal,inclined, vertical, such as, for example rotor type water meter forhorizontal installation; and, finally, installed to match the water metermodels and specifications.
Most remote water meter installation it is important to ensure thatproblems such as leaky connection does not appear in the meter, canprovide users with the most accurate measurement of the amount of waterand installed at the right temperature, so it rupture affected water meter performance of normal play.