Feb 05 2015

Several suggestions on widely used water meter installation, points to note a remote water meter installation

Remote water meter as a new generation of smart meter, use a wide, accurate count without door-to-door meter has now spread widely. The widely used water meter installation, pay attention to safety and convenience.
For a long time, the water meters are usually installed outside of the South, some mounted on the wall of the building, installation of water meter hole in the ground, has no uniform standard for the installation. Groundwater table covers are lighter can not withstand the vehicle rolled erosion, much less tolerate cold weather test, especially in recent years, the La Nina weather phenomenon, resulting in Jiangnan region temperature normal cool, frequent water frost damage.

Water meter installed taking into account safety and convenience, should not be installed in sensitive to freezing and exposure conditions, should be installed in a closed solid, dry-and sediment pollution, prevent water erosion-proof vehicles rolling sites, so as to further improve the quality of water services, resolving the contradiction between water supply and charges, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Therefore, the unified houses under construction when a water meter installation environment, relevant departments as soon as possible a clear design standards, introduction of specification for installation of House in a well designed and built a margin for piping or equipment. Water meter installation planning for routine inspection and maintenance, as well as frost damage and facilitate unified meter reading and management. Existing and underground water meters will be installed on the wall reinforcement and protection work, add strong durable wall water meter protection box, reinforced surface water table covers, in cold weather before the water companies should unify the bandage cold warm outdoor water meter equipment, increase the security level.
Remote water meter installation, to pay attention to these matters. Such as winter frost, best signal transmission area can open, and user-friendly as possible and water Division.


Feb 04 2015

Water meter sensor has a “magic”, you know? And its performance characteristics

Meter box is commonly used in civil infrastructure facilities, is widely used in villages and towns, big cities and civilian infrastructure. Meter box its structure features for: box back for open structure, box side wall Hou Department has into pipes through of into pipes gap, box Shang wall Hou Department has outlet through of outlet gap (Note: access pipes gap location due to production design of different and slightly has differences); box including multiple small box door and a big box door, and can according to actual needs configuration observation window, and bills hole.

Water meter sensor hammer shockproof, waterproof, easy disassembly and replacement of the sensor. Low cost, fit into people’s homes.
Low prices, money for small, quick, and automatic meter reading systems, equipment and construction costs low. Especially suitable for one family, one meter, the collector may soon be installed in or upon the grounds of implementing Group chart box copy.

Performance characteristics
1, water meter boxes in gray or blue colour, simple;
2, box has excellent corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, impact-resistant;
3, long life, indoor service life up to 30-60, up to 15-30 for outdoor use;
4, low value materials that can be recycled, effectively avoid theft;
5, the enclosure without cracking, deformation, easy to use, easy maintenance;


Feb 03 2015

Smart meter installation will be what’s so different about it?

Intelligent water meter is a modern micro-electronics, modern sensor technology, the intelligent IC card technology to measure the water consumption and water use data transfer and settlement of the transaction and the new water meters.
Water meter installation
1, select the correct caliber water meter;
2, mounted horizontally, on the surface, casing the up direction of the current in the same direction. Installation location should avoid exposure, water, ice and pollution, easy Assembly and disassembly, meter reading. Newly installed piping must be gravel in the pipes, hemp thread and other debris washed again to install water meters, so as to avoid water meter: fault;
3, water meters should be installed upstream and downstream of the valve and must be used to ensure that all open;

4, install water meters upstream and downstream straight pipe of the necessary rectifier or its equivalent, required upstream pipe length not less than 10D and downstream straight pipe lengths of not less than 5D (d is the nominal meter diameter). Vortex caused by the bends or centrifugal pumps must be in front of a straight pipe installed rectifiers;
5, meter installation, should pay attention to water meters downstream piping outlet is higher than a meter over 0.5M, in case water meter throw measurement is not correct due to insufficient water flow in the pipe;
6, excellent water anti-blocking properties, but sensitive to silt sediment and weeds in the pipe, during use should be avoided. If a pipe containing silt and sediment and weeds should be cleared up, otherwise it will affect the normal meter measurement.

Matters needing attention
1, must cover the moisture after you replace the battery cover, and tighten the screws, otherwise display E–5 do not work and credit card.
2, periodically check the operation of the intelligent water meter, notice antifreeze in winter.
3, installed in the pipeline but not delivered or long-term use (over a week) does not close water meter before and after the valve, the company is not responsible for the resultant consequences.
4, if a smart meter does not match the wheel or an electronic display with intelligent water meter: fault, the type wheel measurement shall prevail.


Jan 31 2015

Remote meter base table technology specific requirements

Base table length, connecting ends of threaded or flanged, pressure loss and flow rate technical parameters should comply with the relevant provisions of the national standard GB/T778-1996 in the water meter, and at least b-class accuracy grade. Base tables should have the manufacturer’s name or trademark and the product name, model.

Sensor specifications:
Sensors in intelligent remote water meter system is the most critical part of is the key part of this selection and use.
(1) sensor signal conversion methods can be divided into: 1, real time conversion type: electromechanical conversion unit of the sensor turns the signal in continuous motion in General continues to produce electrical signal components. 2, direct-reading: these sensors are electromechanical conversion unit in telemeter recording directly from a base table only if the mechanical indication device reads the cumulative traffic signals.
(2) the sensor shall be ≥ 7 years service life.
(3) the selection and use, direct-reading sensor should be preferred.
(4) the sensor should be better protected against electromagnetic fields, radiation, water hammer, such as outside interference. Electrostatic discharge, electrostatic field, radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, electrical fast transient/burst, surge (impact) under electromagnetic disturbance, such as, the sensor should not be damaged, data processing and storage of the sensor should not be lost memory data.

(5) in dry and hot, cold, hot and humid weather conditions, the sensor should not be damaged, data processing and storage, memory data that should not be lost, and be able to work properly. In addition, there should be rain-proof, protected against sunburn.
(6) the sensor signal leads should be reserved for 1 metre long sets of stainless steel hose protection and external line should be in the junction boxes and special crimp terminals.


Jan 30 2015

Introduce the relevant knowledge of remote water meter Lightning Protection Technology

1) the system should have internal lightning protection devices, especially in signal acquisition and primary data collector should have better ability to mine, signal collector and the primary collector in using common grounding, grounding resistance should not exceed 1 w, when using special grounding device shall not be more than 4 ω.
(2) the collector and the main signal acquisition devices such as power line power surge arresters, plus signal arrester at the signal input line. Lightning protection measures for the further protection of equipment should be provided plus all technical parameters of SPD to prevent external changes in equipment performance after the SPD, so that system does not work correctly and the meter.

System test method
1) system testing will be necessary before a formal application can complete system testing, also can be partially separate trials.
2) sensor electrical conversion error test. Test results shall meet the requirements, namely, electronic counting signals form the cumulative flow of electronic value and mechanical counting error ≤ ± 1m3 integrated flux value.
3) sensor reliability test of mechanical and electrical conversion. Real-time intelligent remote meter test carried out in a relatively harsh environment you should choose, check the environmental impact on the sensor. Direct reading intelligent fareastone meter tests carry-select at least the wheel under the most unfavourable conditions, such as phases after jumps from 9 to 0, jumping process required less than 3 characters. Read test before and after mechanical readouts and electronic reading and comparing the data to determine its identity and relevance, required reading, not wrong code, garbled text and blind spots, and so on.
4) collector, the collector and the handsheets test. Parameters of testing device functionality, performance, and compliance requirements. Far Eastone Telecommunications testing can be conducted concurrently, terminals use GPRS communication mode, such as CDMA, GSM and telephone lines. Communications should be safe, reliable, accurate and timely data.

5) meter reading cycle of once a day. Recording symptoms, and do analysis. Technical summary of performed on a monthly basis.
6) summary every three months. After one year to undertake a comprehensive analysis and summary inspection system sensor measurement accuracy and reliability, testing system functionality, performance, and whether it meets the requirements of the parameters, the stability of the system to meet the requirements. To determine whether the system can be used.


Jan 29 2015

Construction of remote water meter, as well as the installation of ten Essentials

1) selection first take into account water meter, water meter workingenvironment: such as water temperature and the working pressure, workingtime, to select measuring ranges and water quality for water, then pressthrough the flow meter design to produce water pressure loss approach and do not exceed the specified value to determine whether water meters diameter.Under normal circumstances, nominal diameter not greater than DN50, shoulduse the rotary-wing water meter DN50 mm nominal diameter, Woltman type water meter compound in which the very large changes in water flow meter. Interiordesign should be given priority in the use of wet water meter.

2) when, even when water, commonly used in the design flow should be no more than a meter flow to determine the nominal meter diameter. When there is afire flow and flow check is required to ensure that its total traffic does not exceed the maximum flow rate of the meter limit.
Construction of remote water meter and installation requirement
1), the meter should be installed in the convenience of maintenance andreading without exposure, freeze, where pollution and mechanical damage.
2) front end, Woltman type water meter shall have 8~10 times the nominalmeter diameters of straight pipe, and other types of water meter before and after should have a straight pipe of not less than 300mm.
3), rotary wing and horizontal Woltman type water meter water meters should be installed horizontally; horizontal Woltman type cubic meter according to the actual situation determine the horizontal, sloping or verticalinstallation; when mounted vertically, the direction of flow must be from the bottom up.
4), for the unity of life, production and fire water supply system, such aswhen only one service pipe should be around water meters installed bypasspipe.
5 per cent), and bypass pipe should be installed on both before and afterwater meter repair valves, valves should be installed after the water meterand meter discharge device. To reduce head losses and guarantee before thelinear flow of water flow in pipe, valve repair gate valve should be usedbefore the table. Household water meter in residential, table service valveand special discharge device can not be set.
6) should prevent flooding, water wells, and rainwater.
7), the meter should be consistent with its type.
8), inversion, occurred when the meter may affect the measurement, anddamaged when the meter should be set after the water meter check valve.
9), hot and cold water meter installation requirements in addition todifferences in temperature, is basically the same. The maximum operatingtemperature is 110 degrees hot water table. If hot water meter installed infront of the boiler or heat exchanger to prevent reflux, non-return valveshould be set after the water meter.
10), and far biography meter installation has two species way: only up to outdoor copy table role of far biography meter installation more simple, as long as will meter output system and installation Yu outdoor of data displayed device (relay device) connected received can; another a way is will whole floor or whole community of all far biography meter through relay device and network controller connection to community management sector, through terminals for unified management.
Jan 28 2015

Single flow meter how to achieve high sensitivity? Its main feature is that those aspects of

High-sensitivity single flow meter, in particular one used to measure flow through the water pipes of the total water volume measuring instruments-single flow meter-high sensitivity.


Its features is: is on meter shell water hole shape design of improved, meter shell water hole of shape for tapered, in flow direction aperture by big to small, its axis and meter into, and export axis is Alpha =15~35 ° angle, makes flow formed Jet State, increased passed pressure, thus increases has flow impact impeller of pressure, can promoted impeller continuous rotating, led meter readings device of gear rotating, makes meter of sensitivity pointer turned.

Water meter the utility high-sensitivity single flow meter, water meter is realized on micro-flow metering of water, its high sensitivity, up to 1~2 l/h maximum sensitivity, increases the sensitivity of a single flow meter completely, accurately reflect the user of water, to prevent the loss of water, avoiding the waste of water resources.


Jan 27 2015

Two-way horizontal Woltman type water meter levels of structures, as well as bi-directional screw-type water meters with which advantages?

Two-way horizontal Woltman type water meter, which includes case, wing wheel module, rectifiers, cumulative count of gear mechanism, which is characterized by: Cumulative count organizations connected in a planetary gear differential gear train–ratchet pawl, and administered by two separate counters for measuring water flow in both directions. Advantages: accurate measurement of the two-way flow of water in the pipeline, suitable for large and medium cities water supply water pipe NET system; because it consists of a simple gear train to achieve bi-directional measurement, than the existing bi-directional meter cost is greatly reduced.

Horizontal Woltman type water meter belongs to the field of fluid measurement instrument technology. Its mainly cover plate mounted on top of the case, lower part of the casing is equipped with counting bodies, counting bodies equipped with a drive mechanism, wing wheel mounted on one side of the center hole of the rectifier, wing at the other end of the wheel axle shaft mounted drive mechanism outside of the Center. Drive mechanism of shell with worm and worm gear and Center, respectively, fitted with a magnet on the worm and gear.

This practical new structure compact, and reasonable; due to used has overall type vacuum sealed of magnetic drive institutions, so can makes wing round and drive institutions Zhijian no directly of mechanical drive, can reduced has wing round turned of mill wipe resistance, improve meter of performance; can makes drive institutions long-term keep stable of work; can effective to prevent flow in the of impurities winding in worm, and worm Shang and produced meter of fault; and can effective to prevent mutations of flow impact worm, and worm and produced meter of fault.


Jan 26 2015

Unidirectional water meter is how to implement a one-way control introduction

One-way meter is to effective prevent many water households easy put meter pour turn installation, makes of pour count and reached stole water purposes of new meter, this new meter still contains table shell, and impeller measurement device institutions, and counters and the pipes joints, and connection nut and the rubber sealed circle, parts, but shell body of water mouth and water mouth of interface thread od size not as, makes of cannot put meter pour turn installation and stole water, while also does not appeared installation Shi due to negligence and put meter of water mouth and water mouth upside down installation of status. Installation and use of the same convenience and reliability.

Units and household water meter for measuring water consumption, which is based on the meter with mechanical rotor slightly improved, configure and ball valve seat valve structure a new single flow meter, it changes the original mechanical rotor-type water meter has been studied and single flow, prevents users from stealing water, improve water metering accuracy, has opened up new ways of energy-saving.

Applies to one-way meter for metering of water or a water pipeline system. It is available in rotor wet water meter inlet-side of a single control device, the device consists of a water meter screwed connections for water inlet end of the inner surface of the shell with a water hole in drain plug, t-shaped spool and sits between the spool and plug, and the t-shaped spool valve lever return spring on composition. Levers to move the spool fits into the center of the screw hole in the top of t-shaped spool for a round table, reverse the flow of top-pressure, so frustum of a cone and cone, tight-fitting on the water inlet end of the shell, cutting off water to achieve one-way control.


Jan 24 2015

How to choose a water meter fittings became an important factor

Water meter has become one important tool for life saving. First of all both general mechanical water meters and the smart meter, quality is one of the most important choices of meter, good quality depends on what? Water meter fittings is made, of course, how to select a water meter fittings became an important factor.

How to choose a water meter fittings meter structure first start, general mechanical water meters can be divided into: movement, pressure, connector fittings, table cover, table glass shell in five parts Movement is drinking water directly impact of parts, so movement. of material must to selection by have live flow impact of material; and pressure cover up with dial fixed of role, must to select easily rust of material case rust pollution table glass and dial; table glass also can not using general household of glass, table glass should easily broken, resistance damage, anti-miscellaneous smashed ,, protection dial and measurement of intact; joints fittings General are used copper mass of but different of meter models must have meet GB of standard; table shell of material has many species, Steel should be used without secondary pollution Stainless steel water standards-compliant, and most manufacturers are now using copper should conform to the national standard;. the smart meter is the electronic component parts more than the General mechanical water meters, electronic component parts should be quality, accurate measurement, and most of all flexible intelligent water meter valves must be closed, the best use of ball valves.

Guarantees the quality of the water meter fittings water security is also very important. Water meter every household tap water flows through the direct channel, meter movements, watch cases, joint pipe fittings should be adopted in accordance with the national provisions of the safe drinking water safe and sanitary materials. So smart meter, how to select a water meter fittings according to the quality and safety aspects are marvellous.