Jul 01 2014

AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter works、table outlining the characteristics and advantages


In recent years, with the domestic water supply industry “a form of” carrying out, tap water charge system is an important reform, at the same time meter number increase, meter reading workload increases day by day, centralized meter reading to advance work efficiency and service level meter reading technology, has become the consensus of the water supply industry.

AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter

The necessity of AMR Remote Reading Brass Cold Water Meter using the industry company

1, centralized meter reading system can realize monitoring, the fault can be found in a timely manner. For a city if all adopt the automatic meter reading mode after inspection is a can not be ignored.

2, centralized meter reading system can use is now very mature long-distance communication system, such as GPRS, broadband network, ADSL, mobile phone text messages and other methods to achieve the city’s network, and has been widely used in the bank for collection charges of governance, the meter reading and charging link to realize completely automation.

3, a water supply part can provide better and more perfect service, also can get more accurate water demand, especially for trade or industrial water meter.

4, centralized meter reading system can simplify the supply part of the management level, reduce or even eliminate the divided charges management business sites that require more than one person, the full realization of network governance.

5, because the centralized meter reading is an independent product, life can do and consistent base table, so the water supply part can be justifiably extraction of repair funds, so as to realize the sustainable operation table.

Begin from ninety time end, most city water supply company can not increase the number of meter reading staff, progress meter reading efficiency, different degrees on the meter and the meter reading system made active attempts, the most for pulse sender Electronic Remote Reading Water Meter, the system structure of pulse signal type water meter + collector. By running the tests for more than ten years, measuring the system correctness, poor reliability, low maintenance workload and other issues are completely unmasked, directly affect the popularization and application of remote meter.

In recent years, a new photoelectric direct reading remote meter reading technology — reading technology, has been quietly rising and a large number of applications, is increasingly becoming the city water supply company of choice.