Apr 21 2015

Agricultural irrigation use IC card water meter

Peking Gazette net news (reporter Liu Feifei’s Yu Tie) early on August 9, the reporters came to Daxing town, Nan Li Qu village farmers xiāo shàn jūn vegetable greenhouses, old Shaw opened the faucet, thin water outlet from the micro-spray system evenly poured in on the lettuce. Xiāo shàn jūn said happily: “now how much water a computer calculated, scientific and water. “Today, in this village 60 greenhouse greenhouse, 696, all computerized calculation, IC card control of water consumption water irrigation, water cooler 50%.

Xiaodong of the village water users Association staff told reporters that the farmer water users Association has developed a manual for the operation and management of the regulations, the system employs 4 pipe water to water to implement patch management. They installed water meters in each greenhouse, greenhouses, filters and other equipment, implements water-by-Studio measurement. User 3 days before the start of the growing season each shed, fill in the registration form for crop cultivation, according to different crops irrigation, by computing each greenhouse’s annual water quota and each plans to shed water, determine the yearly water consumption of each eye tube wells, and entered into a computer. System not only can be used to query greenhouses, farmers and the motor-pumped well water, water use in each shed can also be released to the public, and accept supervision by the masses.

“Look at this POS machine, now peasants from which all water used for irrigation per year IC card data input, then through IC card control each motor-pumped well water, scientific irrigation. “Staff of the Association said, agricultural water quota management system, completely change the phenomena of extensive irrigation, metering and billing are not allowed, improved irrigation management level.