Apr 29 2015

Advantages of ultrasonic heat meter and points for attention

The structure of ultrasonic heat meter:

Ultrasonic heat meter, including components of the ultrasonic transducer, measurement pipes.
Characterized in that also includes tables, table left side installation set ball valve and ball valve motor with control connection;
Includes seals, springs and spring seats, spring seat in conjunction with ball valve for elastic contact;
Ball valve with the site of the valve seat sealing ring at the back table body, bracket, bracket parts installation settings the measuring tube in the Middle;
Bracket Setup mirrors at each end around, fastening sets the table box body chassis, fastening parts about setting component of the ultrasonic transducer.
Table boxes set on a base box seats, each seat match settings on box seat cover, seat cover set heat meter probe;
Integrators, control circuit board, control circuit board sets and for the m-meter M-bus meter bus interface.

The advantages of ultrasonic heat meter:
Ultrasonic Water Meter

1) using a combination of low costs: non-machinery impeller rotation, no mechanical wear and later use, low maintenance costs,
Service life is much longer than the mechanical type heat meters;
2) reliability of measurement: through the calorimeter front-end filter small impurities, accurate measurement of ultrasonic heat meter makes no difference;
3) minimize metering disputes: when used ultrasonic heat meter, is not blocked, no wear, accurate measurement and facilitate smooth metering;
4) easy maintenance: basic ultrasonic heat meter is maintenance-free product.
We need to focus on the following three points.
1, not free to device, device requires professional equipment personnel.
2, ensure its integrity, and cannot use the damaged goods.
Heat 3, table on the ends of the rays in a horizontal line, interval cannot be greater than 5mm.