Jul 24 2015

Advantages and disadvantages of a variety of prepaid water meter

1, code prepaid water meter:
Advantage: card is not required for data exchange. So there is no lost cards, buy water don’t need a card.
Disadvantages: if function, the code will be very long, is very inconvenient to use. Feature was too simple to realize only basic charge. Water meter installation requirements, user if you do not see clear water meter can’t recharge it. Some elderly people are not able to use.
2, TM card water meter:

TM card can be thought of as a two-wire IC card, card reader site leakage, very easy to be destroyed. For button-style packaging, storage is not very convenient. Cost and IC card water meter and flat. Neither have the price advantage, and has no quality advantage.
3, wired remote prepaid water meter, also known as valve-controlled tables:
Advantages: real-time monitoring meter running, and fully functional.
Disadvantages: as the wired remote water meter, and prices for water meter is used connected to a host. Routing is complex. Very easy to be destroyed. For example users to cut or short circuit. When there was no where to be destroyed. Running user’s maintenance charges are high. Than to the mass promotion conditions.
4, wireless remote water meter:
Advantages: can monitor in real time the meter running, and fully functional, easy to install. A model is the next best.
Disadvantages: costs about one-third above the IC card water meter. And the technology is still immature, anti-jamming ability, running unstable, does not currently have the mass promotion conditions.
5, IC card intelligent water meter:

Advantages: low cost storing large amount of data, fully functional, is now the market is the most widely used products.
Disadvantages: slot, part of the card is therefore prone to rust or gets dirt in the cause of reading failure.
6, RF card water meter:-T5557 RF card and M1 radio frequency card
The T5557 RF card water meter
Advantages: radio frequency table because there is no card slot, moisture-proof waterproof, card reader and long service life.
Disadvantages: the manufacturers in order to reduce costs on the market today are the T5557. Functional and simple. Recharge can achieve. Cannot write-back user consumption. Water supply companies can not do analysis of profit and loss.
RF card water meter M1:
Advantages: no slot, moisture-proof waterproof, card reader and long service life. Data storage capacity. Users each month of water usage, user usage write-back to the system. This type of card in the bus system, campus one-card system, the city card system to be widely used, card technology is very mature.
Drawback: since than conventional IC card water meter and the T5557 card water meter costs about 20 Yuan, so even though the card is ideal for utility charges system, but there is no water supply enterprise support for areas of hard water charges to get mass promotion.
Smart prepaid water meter can be divided into:-IC card water meter, water meter, RF card code prepaid water meter, TM card water meter and wireless remote water meter wired remote prepaid water meter.