Apr 29 2015

Advantages of ultrasonic heat meter and points for attention

The structure of ultrasonic heat meter:

Ultrasonic heat meter, including components of the ultrasonic transducer, measurement pipes.
Characterized in that also includes tables, table left side installation set ball valve and ball valve motor with control connection;
Includes seals, springs and spring seats, spring seat in conjunction with ball valve for elastic contact;
Ball valve with the site of the valve seat sealing ring at the back table body, bracket, bracket parts installation settings the measuring tube in the Middle;
Bracket Setup mirrors at each end around, fastening sets the table box body chassis, fastening parts about setting component of the ultrasonic transducer.
Table boxes set on a base box seats, each seat match settings on box seat cover, seat cover set heat meter probe;
Integrators, control circuit board, control circuit board sets and for the m-meter M-bus meter bus interface.

The advantages of ultrasonic heat meter:
Ultrasonic Water Meter

1) using a combination of low costs: non-machinery impeller rotation, no mechanical wear and later use, low maintenance costs,
Service life is much longer than the mechanical type heat meters;
2) reliability of measurement: through the calorimeter front-end filter small impurities, accurate measurement of ultrasonic heat meter makes no difference;
3) minimize metering disputes: when used ultrasonic heat meter, is not blocked, no wear, accurate measurement and facilitate smooth metering;
4) easy maintenance: basic ultrasonic heat meter is maintenance-free product.
We need to focus on the following three points.
1, not free to device, device requires professional equipment personnel.
2, ensure its integrity, and cannot use the damaged goods.
Heat 3, table on the ends of the rays in a horizontal line, interval cannot be greater than 5mm.

Apr 22 2015

Characteristics and classification of volumetric water meter

1, an overview of positive displacement meter

Positive displacement water meters are installed in closed conduits, some being full and the successive emissions Chamber of known volume of fluid and with fluid-drive mechanism of a meter. Because with pistons rotating to record the amount of drinking water through the pipe, also known as piston water meters, with initial flow of small, high precision, hygiene, easy reading and so on. Especially suitable for high quality, high cost of water for the occasion. As volumetric water meter repair debug more complex and high requirements for quality reasons, not yet widespread use in our country.

2, volumetric water meter characteristic

⑴ LCD display, convenient and intuitive readings, and instantaneous flow rate display cumulative flow.

⑵ test mode displays the cumulative flow of higher resolution, small-diameter minimum resolution: 0.00001m 3.

C with the zero function, each time you enter the test mode, the cumulative flow of test mode is cleared to zero, more applicable industrial ingredients measure the water.

⑷ rotating piston structure, with a small initial flow rate, high measuring accuracy, wear-resistant, non-rotational inertia and so on.

⑸ can be horizontal, vertical, inclined installation does not affect the accurate measurement of water meters.

⑹ with antimagnetic interference function, pleasing in appearance, small size, light weight and so on.
Volumetric (Piston) Type Water Meter

3, positive displacement meter classifications

Rotary piston volumetric water meter type and disc type, the two series, when the water flow through the meter, and water-driven piston (disc) rotation (Swing), and piston-cylinder (disk) the volume is constant, so the piston rotation measured by counting bodies (disc swing) number can be informed of water flow through the meter.

The main products for rotary piston volumetric water meter water meter, disc-type water meter did not use abroad for only the United States and a few other countries. Rotary piston meters for small caliber specifications, is characterized by high level of measurement (up to level c and level d) ability, high sensitivity, low flow rate measurement. Primarily used for metering of pipeline pure water in China, Ningbo Guoxin instrument technology limited, water meter products represented, meter size typically 8, 15, and 20mm.

Apr 21 2015

Agricultural irrigation use IC card water meter

Peking Gazette net news (reporter Liu Feifei’s Yu Tie) early on August 9, the reporters came to Daxing town, Nan Li Qu village farmers xiāo shàn jūn vegetable greenhouses, old Shaw opened the faucet, thin water outlet from the micro-spray system evenly poured in on the lettuce. Xiāo shàn jūn said happily: “now how much water a computer calculated, scientific and water. “Today, in this village 60 greenhouse greenhouse, 696, all computerized calculation, IC card control of water consumption water irrigation, water cooler 50%.

Xiaodong of the village water users Association staff told reporters that the farmer water users Association has developed a manual for the operation and management of the regulations, the system employs 4 pipe water to water to implement patch management. They installed water meters in each greenhouse, greenhouses, filters and other equipment, implements water-by-Studio measurement. User 3 days before the start of the growing season each shed, fill in the registration form for crop cultivation, according to different crops irrigation, by computing each greenhouse’s annual water quota and each plans to shed water, determine the yearly water consumption of each eye tube wells, and entered into a computer. System not only can be used to query greenhouses, farmers and the motor-pumped well water, water use in each shed can also be released to the public, and accept supervision by the masses.

“Look at this POS machine, now peasants from which all water used for irrigation per year IC card data input, then through IC card control each motor-pumped well water, scientific irrigation. “Staff of the Association said, agricultural water quota management system, completely change the phenomena of extensive irrigation, metering and billing are not allowed, improved irrigation management level.

Apr 17 2015

Analysis of smart IC card water meter specifications

Smart IC card water meter is placed in indoor use, so their use of environmental requirements is not high. Only the meter is usually placed in locations near the kitchen, so there is a problem to prevent water erosion and soot pollution. Those problems are not difficult to solve. Prevent water sealing technology for as long as is reasonable, generally meet the requirements. But preventing smoke pollution, just do something on the IC card technology such as dust cover, and it can be resolved. Following an analysis of several important specifications.
1, the battery life indicator. This is an important indicator. Gas meter in this area to address the bad. Some gas meter requires the user to change the battery a few months, it’s not science. Now low-power design can make a smart IC card water meter do not change battery life up to 8 or even 10 years. If you reach such a level, and water sectors will be very convenient to the user. Of course, meter mechanical metrology, and life of the electrical control should be higher, after replacing the battery, should continue to be used over a long period of time.

2 the entire table service life. Service life of the entire table is a question worth exploring. Because the whole life of the table in theory, is decided by the shortest life expectancy of the device. Then, use the shortest life expectancy of the device is that? According to the national standards, this device is a meter, but in fact, the meter uses the term far exceeded national standards for years, we can see that this criterion was unreasonable. From its current manufacturing situation, manufacturers committed to life expectancy index 6 years is reasonable. In practice, however, the life of more than 10 Smart IC card water meter is entirely possible.
3, damp-proof and sealing performance. Sealing problem has already been mentioned above. As long as the electrical part of a sealed deal, coupled with some anti-wet treatment means, above 85% specification should be no problem. Vibration-proof performance. Water meter in the transportation and installation of vibration problems will arise. To be considered for this indicator. Generally speaking reached 1g levels are sufficient.

4, physical damage indicators. Generally speaking, as long as the use of good overall shell of protection measures, is generally able to meet conservation requirements. Of course, the use of IC card water meter, its decks are vulnerable parts, this is a problem that cannot be solved. Software protection so it is considered processing, making attacks on the deck is not very helpful, even if the card holder is broken, does not affect the other parts of IC card water meter working properly. But from a practical point of view, this is not a serious problem. IC card water meter is installed on the user’s home, using targeted, and meter is the property of the user, without special reason, users and will not attack the dashboard. Cannot be considered unrestricted and strengthening the instrument of attack resistance of, but to deliberately imposed by the acts of sabotage can be identified and punished accordingly.
5, anti-electromagnetic interference indicators. Electromagnetic interference is not a significant indicator. Home environments above 2000 volts static electric field such conditions rarely. Normal use of electromagnetic intensity could not reach the intensity can damage people and other electronic products, so the targets set at 2000 volts is enough.
6, freeze-proof specifications. Anti freeze problem is primarily a method of storage and use, for example, in freezing temperatures, to do the drainage to prevent ice rise, this is obviously a question of management. Temperatures below freezing do not have to consider the use of meter, because the water had frozen, beyond measure. But in the course of transportation and storage, may experience far below freezing temperatures, it will need to consider. The reasonable index values should be within the range of-25 to +50, in this range, the meter should not be damaged when the temperature returns to normal temperature, water meters should be able to work properly.
Conclusion: with the development of science and technology, smart IC card water meter will be constantly developed and perfected. For example, now this old water meters on collecting the signal pattern will be replaced by advanced water flow signal extraction device, mechanical measurement display and mechanical parts will be eliminated, and will focus on one of the tables and valve and so on. In General, smart IC card water meter is an advanced measuring instruments, the large-scale promotion of the use of such advanced instrumentation for water management will contribute to China’s modernization process.