Mar 23 2015

Detachable meter horizontal screw wing market Outlook and analysis

In China water resources shortage situation and the national on environmental of increasingly attention, factors of promoted xiĆ , China meter manufacturing industry mass replacement of opportunities has comes, future drop count meter and far biography meter will became meter manufacturing industry of mainstream products, this will led to China meter market capacity of expanded and industry profit capacity level of improve, China meter manufacturing industry future still will in continued prosperity period. Meter manufacturing industry analysis report, accompanied by a steady growth in world demand for water meters, water meter manufacturing power in the world, industry exports will also be an important factor to promote development of the industry in the future. Based on existing pipe water and development trends in the ownership, according to the China 21st century agenda make it clear that urban household water meter penetration rates for the target of 100%, it can be predicted that China alone will need 55 million water meters, broad market prospects, is a product of economies of scale. At this stage, at home in a variety of commercial water meters, rotary-wing wet water meter measured in its simple structure, stable and low prices in the country are widely used. But it was inconvenient due to meter, inconvenience and waste of human resources management and other factors, will eventually replace it with water-water meters and water meter. Rotary wing mature wet water meter from turning into a recession, annual demand is less than 40 million units and resell them in poor and backward areas gradually. Although the total water production in China has accounted for one-third of the world, but there are still some uncertain factors.

According to related statistics, more than half of the more than 200 countries around the world does not have water meters manufacturing in recent years, world demand for water is growing every year. In addition to developed economies such as the countries of Western Europe and North America water meter installation is standard, in a State of stable moderate increase, only to eliminate the expired meter updates each year, a large number of developing countries, significantly increased demand for water meters, such as South America, South Africa, parts of Asia countries, Russia and its neighbouring countries and relatively poor countries, such as Africa is on the rise with water meter, which has few water meter manufacturing. Therefore, the meter market trend remains bullish about the future.
Southeast Asia and the Middle East is the meter outlet first and most populous regions, including Bangladesh, Thailand, and Nepal, and India, Sri Lanka, Iran, and Turkey, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Viet Nam, Myanmar and Laos, where. Most of those countries use small dry magnetic tables, there are volumetric, such as Sri Lanka, Iran, and Nepal and other countries are using positive displacement water meters. This grade of products demanded by the market are relatively low, competition is reflected in the price, and therefore, several large domestic water meter manufacturing plant were largely out of the market, primarily domestic small enterprises in this race. Only Sri Lanka and Iran remained essentially taste and higher prices in the market, domestic water meter manufacturers still have a better share of the market.

Detachable meter horizontal screw wing has developed stereotyped, and successfully obtained the measurement equipment manufacturing license. But in a small business we have just entered the water meter industry team, wants a foothold in today’s market environment and place, relying on full court press market, the effect was clearly unrealistic pursuit of ubiquitous.