Feb 27 2015

Valve maintenance of common problems in maintenance and matters needing attention

Daily valve maintenance

1, the valve should be kept dry and ventilated room, access to be blocked at both ends.

2, the long-term storage of the valve should be checked regularly, remove the dirt, and in the processing of surface coated with anti rust oil.

NSF Approval Volumetric Piston Brass Remote Reading Gallon Water Meter

3, after installation, should be regularly checked, the main inspection items:

(1) sealing surface wear.

(2) the trapezoidal thread wear stem and stem nut.

(3) packing is outdated, should be replaced if damaged.

(4) the valve repair assembly, the sealing performance test should be carried out.

The NSF Approval Volumetric Piston Brass Remote Reading Gallon Water Meter greasing maintenance work

Before the welding operation of the valve before and after commissioning professional conservation work, as the valve manufacturing operations in the service plays a vital role, correct and orderly and effective maintenance will protect the valve, the valve function and prolong the service life of the valve. Valve maintenance work may seem simple, but in fact it is not. Work often neglected aspects.

First, the valve grease, often overlooked issue of the amount of grease. Grease gun refueling, the operator select valves and grease coupling method, the grease job. There are two kinds of situations: on the one hand, less fat less grease, sealing surface accelerated wear due to lack of lubricant. On the other hand, excessive grease, resulting in a waste of. That there is no according to valve type category, the sealing capacity of different valves accurately calculated. Can be calculated valve size and type of seal capacity, and then injected into a reasonable amount of grease.

Second, the valve grease, often ignore the problem of stress. Operation in the grease, the grease pressure peak and valley was changed regularly. The pressure is too low, the seal leakage or failure, the pressure is too high, the injection port congestion, sealed within the lipid hardening or sealing ring and the valve ball, valve plate locking. Usually grease injection pressure is too low, grease into the valve chamber over the bottom, generally occurs in a small gate. While the grease injection pressure is too high, on the one hand to check the grease nozzle, such as pore blocking fat replacement to identify the situation; on the other hand the lipid hardening, to use the cleaning fluid, repeatedly soften the failure of sealing grease, and inject new grease replacement. In addition, the seal type and sealing materials, also affected the grease seal pressure, different forms have different grease injection pressure, in general hard sealing grease injection pressure is higher than the soft seal.

Third, the valve grease, pay attention to the valve in the switch position problem. Maintenance when the ball valve in the open spaces in general, special circumstances to choose to close the maintenance. Other valves can not be punished in order to open spaces. When the valve in the conservation must be closed, to ensure that the grease seal along the trenches filled with ring, if the open position, sealing grease flow directly into the cavity or valve, resulting in a waste of.

Fourth, the valve grease, the grease effect often ignore the problem. Injection pressure, fat operation amount of grease, the switch position are normal. But to ensure that the valve greasing effect, and sometimes need to open or close the valve, lubricating effect on the inspection, confirmed that the ball valve or gate surface lubrication uniform.

Fifth, the grease, should pay attention to body and plug the pressure relief discharge problem. Pressure test valve, gas valve chamber sealed chamber and the water temperature rises due to step-up, when to conduct the sewage grease relief, in order to facilitate the smooth progress of the work the grease. The grease seal cavity of the air and water are full replacement out. Timely release the pressure valve cavity, but also guarantee the safe use of the valve. After greasing, be sure to tighten the wire blocking the sewage and pressure relief, to prevent the accident.

Sixth, the grease, we should pay attention to the issue of fat evenly. Normal grease, the grease away from the port hole nearest the fat out of fat first, then to low, and finally the high point, successive fat. If not by law or not fat, prove the existence of congestion, Qingtong processing.

Seventh, the grease should be observed when the size of valve and seat ring flush problem. Such as ball valve, open spaces if there is interference, can be adjusted to the Volumetric Piston Plastic Remote Reading Gallon Water Meter with NSF Approval, after the lock confirmation straight path. Adjust the limit not only the pursuit of a party on or off position, to consider the overall. If the open position flush, customs are not in place, will cause the valve loose. Similarly, adjusting the relations in place, also want to consider to open a corresponding adjustment. Ensure that the right angle valve travel.

Eighth, the grease, the grease must seal the mouth. To avoid impurities, fat mouth or injection of lipid oxidation, rust proof seal to apply grease, avoid rust. Applications for the next operation.


Feb 05 2015

Several suggestions on widely used water meter installation, points to note a remote water meter installation

Remote water meter as a new generation of smart meter, use a wide, accurate count without door-to-door meter has now spread widely. The widely used water meter installation, pay attention to safety and convenience.
For a long time, the water meters are usually installed outside of the South, some mounted on the wall of the building, installation of water meter hole in the ground, has no uniform standard for the installation. Groundwater table covers are lighter can not withstand the vehicle rolled erosion, much less tolerate cold weather test, especially in recent years, the La Nina weather phenomenon, resulting in Jiangnan region temperature normal cool, frequent water frost damage.

Water meter installed taking into account safety and convenience, should not be installed in sensitive to freezing and exposure conditions, should be installed in a closed solid, dry-and sediment pollution, prevent water erosion-proof vehicles rolling sites, so as to further improve the quality of water services, resolving the contradiction between water supply and charges, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Therefore, the unified houses under construction when a water meter installation environment, relevant departments as soon as possible a clear design standards, introduction of specification for installation of House in a well designed and built a margin for piping or equipment. Water meter installation planning for routine inspection and maintenance, as well as frost damage and facilitate unified meter reading and management. Existing and underground water meters will be installed on the wall reinforcement and protection work, add strong durable wall water meter protection box, reinforced surface water table covers, in cold weather before the water companies should unify the bandage cold warm outdoor water meter equipment, increase the security level.
Remote water meter installation, to pay attention to these matters. Such as winter frost, best signal transmission area can open, and user-friendly as possible and water Division.


Feb 04 2015

Water meter sensor has a “magic”, you know? And its performance characteristics

Meter box is commonly used in civil infrastructure facilities, is widely used in villages and towns, big cities and civilian infrastructure. Meter box its structure features for: box back for open structure, box side wall Hou Department has into pipes through of into pipes gap, box Shang wall Hou Department has outlet through of outlet gap (Note: access pipes gap location due to production design of different and slightly has differences); box including multiple small box door and a big box door, and can according to actual needs configuration observation window, and bills hole.

Water meter sensor hammer shockproof, waterproof, easy disassembly and replacement of the sensor. Low cost, fit into people’s homes.
Low prices, money for small, quick, and automatic meter reading systems, equipment and construction costs low. Especially suitable for one family, one meter, the collector may soon be installed in or upon the grounds of implementing Group chart box copy.

Performance characteristics
1, water meter boxes in gray or blue colour, simple;
2, box has excellent corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, impact-resistant;
3, long life, indoor service life up to 30-60, up to 15-30 for outdoor use;
4, low value materials that can be recycled, effectively avoid theft;
5, the enclosure without cracking, deformation, easy to use, easy maintenance;


Feb 03 2015

Smart meter installation will be what’s so different about it?

Intelligent water meter is a modern micro-electronics, modern sensor technology, the intelligent IC card technology to measure the water consumption and water use data transfer and settlement of the transaction and the new water meters.
Water meter installation
1, select the correct caliber water meter;
2, mounted horizontally, on the surface, casing the up direction of the current in the same direction. Installation location should avoid exposure, water, ice and pollution, easy Assembly and disassembly, meter reading. Newly installed piping must be gravel in the pipes, hemp thread and other debris washed again to install water meters, so as to avoid water meter: fault;
3, water meters should be installed upstream and downstream of the valve and must be used to ensure that all open;

4, install water meters upstream and downstream straight pipe of the necessary rectifier or its equivalent, required upstream pipe length not less than 10D and downstream straight pipe lengths of not less than 5D (d is the nominal meter diameter). Vortex caused by the bends or centrifugal pumps must be in front of a straight pipe installed rectifiers;
5, meter installation, should pay attention to water meters downstream piping outlet is higher than a meter over 0.5M, in case water meter throw measurement is not correct due to insufficient water flow in the pipe;
6, excellent water anti-blocking properties, but sensitive to silt sediment and weeds in the pipe, during use should be avoided. If a pipe containing silt and sediment and weeds should be cleared up, otherwise it will affect the normal meter measurement.

Matters needing attention
1, must cover the moisture after you replace the battery cover, and tighten the screws, otherwise display E–5 do not work and credit card.
2, periodically check the operation of the intelligent water meter, notice antifreeze in winter.
3, installed in the pipeline but not delivered or long-term use (over a week) does not close water meter before and after the valve, the company is not responsible for the resultant consequences.
4, if a smart meter does not match the wheel or an electronic display with intelligent water meter: fault, the type wheel measurement shall prevail.