Jun 13 2014

structural characteristics of Combination Cold Water Meter, working principle, methods of operation and the advantages


For cold water flow measurement in pipe, at the same time with automatic charging function. The user will water to management, management will buy water into the IC card, the user information input meter IC card water meter will automatically open the valve, water supply, the water users in the process of automatic reduction, the remaining amount of microcomputer water meter, the purchase of water after exhaustion, water will automatically shut off the valve to cut off the water supply, the user needs to buy water to once again open the valve for water supply.

Combination Cold Water Meter

Integrated management system:

A, business process: including the purchase of water (recharge IC card water meter), running status information; B, system settings: including water rate, less amount, warning amount set; C, basic information: including the basic user information, the IC card information and release, distribution, the loss of D, query statistics; operation conditions: information consumption inquiry display and print users and Combination Cold Water Meter; E, communication processing: used for IC card water meter reading and writing communication device and the management of computer room; F, system maintenance: including the operator management, password modification, data backup and configuration, maintenance and other functions

The performance index:

The main technical parameters of a water meter:

(1) the temperature: the parameter specifies the maximum temperature of water use, the user should choose the appropriate model specification to meet their own needs, otherwise it will lead to the total water flow measurement are not allowed.

(2) the working pressure: provides the maximum pressure measurement of water meter. Hydraulic pressure exceeds this limit, may cause damage or leakage of water meter.

(3) the flow coefficient: including nominal diameter, nominal flow rate, maximum flow, boundary flow, minimum flow, the starting flow. The user can select nominal diameter and nominal flow according to the practical need. The starting flow reflects the water sensitivity.

(4) shown value error.

(5) dimensions and weight: Element Woltman Cold Water Meter includes various parameters need to understand the installation such as long, wide, high, connecting thread etc.. In addition to size and weight and packing transportation.

Test method:

Water test is carried out according to technical conditions for the production of enterprises and GB/T778. Inspection: visual inspection (including the dimensions and so on), the hydraulic pressure test, shown value error, flow measurement and accelerated wear test. Number of test table of at least 3, the number of necessary increased by water table, can be up to 10.


Jun 12 2014

Product structure, design principles, advantages, and features four New multi jet dry type plastic water meter

Water meter reading and writing:

The water pipe of the water meter, a small hand several along the arcs in the water meter dial, the small triangular red, when the water in the flow leading twist, the red triangle is rotating. As for those little hands, regardless of the water does not flow are almost not to turn a hair. The dial is also with the word “m3″, namely the cubic meters of meaning. That is to say, the meter unit is cubic. Because each cubic meters of water is just a ton, reading is a direct tonnage, so water can be conveniently according to the water volume readings (tonnage) calculated.

New multi jet dry type plastic water meter

Structure of water meter:

The intelligent use of cash card as data storage and transmission medium; selection of multi beam wet water meter valve for base tables, and tables are integrated, the control structure, strong reliability; control valve with no loss of pressure ball valve type structure, driven by the miniature DC motor, the torque amplification of high reliable work; capacity of lithium battery life of up to 6 years; with fully enclosed design, realization of the waterproof and moisture-proof, antimagnetic, anti attack. So what is the working principle of the meter? Is actually very simple, because the water meter shell is fixed, the volume is fixed, and the water is flowing, it promotes a rotation of the New multi jet dry type plastic water meter, the impeller rotation every time a circle, there is a constant volume of water through. Therefore, as long as the circle rotating impeller number cumulative down, multiplied by the constant volume, you can get through the total content

The water function:

The unique battery chamber design, which is convenient to replace the battery

Three “function: fully sealed design, waterproof, anti leakage, anti attack

Have a prepayment function, can realize “to buy water, a new mode of management of water after the water”

Self cleaning function: water regularly automatic valve closing time, effectively avoid the scale, rust valve phenomenon

Micro power design, the quiescent current is less than 6uA, to ensure the service life of the battery is more than 6 years

The card function: the table support multi table one card, can realize water, electricity, gas, warm card

Valve with stainless steel floating ball valve, the valve pressure loss is small, small resistance, less power consumption, affecting the valve switch is susceptible to scale, water pressure. Ball valve and the outer wall, soak a long time will produce scale in the water, scale so that the friction resistance increases, thus affecting the valve; when the water pressure is increased, the ball valve resistance will also increase exponentially, switch on the valve will have a significant impact; the working principle of the pilot valve, are not affected by scale, pilot type pressure; electric control valve with magnetic and hydraulic combined technology, work power consumption is very low, and the valve under low pressure, stable and reliable opening and closing.

Four advantages:

The whole system work without any power, only provides power meter reading data never lost in the moment,

The unique patented bee technology in the wet water meter, the thick film circuit and a character wheel sealed in a transparent word wheel box, can be used in different Dry Type No Lead Bronze Cold Water Meter, both to ensure water meter readings permanently clear, but also to ensure the long-term stable and reliable work of electronic sensors

The newly installed, replacing the direct reading water meter without initialization

Open circuit, short circuit fault occurs in the signal lines, do not affect the accuracy of the data, when the route returned to normal, count data and water collected current values remain the same


Jun 11 2014

Features Drinking Water Measuring Instrument( Water Meter), principles, introduction and use of traditional

Measurement of water flow meter. Mostly is the cumulative flow measurement of water. Generally divided into volumetric meter and velocity meter two. The accuracy is higher than, but the high requirement of the water quality, water containing impurities easily blocked. Recording water water meter, installed in the pipe, when the user when discharging water, table rotation pointer or wheel pointed out that through the water.

Drinking Water Measuring Instrument( Water Meter)

The internal structure of the traditional water meter from the outside to the inside can be divided into the shell, the inner core sleeve, three piece. The shell is made from pig iron, water inlet out through the lower part of the annular space shell, here called “ring room”. On top of the annular space of the “upper room” and the Drinking Water Measuring Instrument( Water Meter). One with a hole at the bottom of the filter sleeve, filter water impurities. The side of the sleeve has two rows of round holes, the hole position coincided with the shell on the annular chamber to, obviously, the lower is the water inlet, outlet row is. In particular, the two rows of holes are sideways along the tangential direction round. Note on two rows of holes in the opposite direction. Water from the discharge hole along the tangential direction of flow in, will form a rotating water flow, this is very important for water works. The inner core is divided into upper, middle, lower three layers, see from the glass of the window is the upper, only the pointer and dial. In fact, the key is lower, there is a plastic wheel, there are many plastic blade wheel, called “impeller”.

Impeller location right in the rotating stream formed by the lower hole of the casing, the impact of water flow blades, wheel torque is generated, so that the rotation of the impeller. The tap was greater, the more anxious, impeller will turn faster.

The impeller shaft vertical upward to the middle, there is a small gear on a shaft, use it and “decimal gear meshing, achieve” to total revolution. “The decimal number gear” role is when the single digit gears turn ten laps, ten digit gear will turn a circle. In other words, a digit gear rotates a circle, the ten digit gear will turn 1/10 times. A number of gear are active, rely on it to drive ten digit gear. In fact, every decade with two on gear, so that the rotation direction, wherein a pair of transmission ratio is 9:30, another is 10:30, the two together, the total transmission ratio is the two product, namely 0.099999, can approximate to 0.1. According to this calculation, if you want to read (seven digits before the decimal point read four black scale after the decimal point, read three red scale), have 12 pairs of gears. Plus some other purpose, in the middle and small space into 18 shaft and 34 gears, also can be a high density mounting. This type of meter with its simple and cheap, can be used without the need to repair in damp environment, without power supply, power failure does not affect the work of the advantages will still long service.

The term:

The minimum flow rate (Q1): showing the value of the maximum permissible error meets the minimum flow requirements of water meter.

The boundary flow (Q2): appeared in between, commonly used flow Q3 and minimum flow Q1 will flow range is divided into the two region specific maximum permissible error of “high” and “low” flow.

The commonly used flow (Q3): maximum flow rated working conditions. In this flow, water meter should work normally and meet the maximum permissible error.

Overload flow (Q4): water in a short time can meet the requirements of the maximum Rotary Volumetric Piston Water Meter, maximum flow in rated working conditions can still maintain the metrological characteristics.

Pressure loss (Δ P): at a given flow rate, head loss caused by the existence of water pipeline


Jun 10 2014

IC Prepaid Water meter introduction, product structure, working principle and Precautions


IC card intelligent water meter the table adopt advanced microcomputer control technology, using IC card as the information carrier, a liquid sealed wet and replaceable battery technology, to achieve a reliable data acquisition, processing, display, save and prepayment control functions. Has the advantages of low power consumption, strong anti-interference, high reliability, convenient installation and other advantages, change the original “water first, pay after” for the “first payment, after the water”, to avoid the inconvenience household meter reading fee to users, improve the modern management level of water supply industry and property services, has a good the economic benefit and social benefit. Our products meet GB/T778-2007 and CJ/T133-2007 standard.

IC Prepaid Water meter

Two, product features:

1 appearance: fully sealed waterproof design, using food grade ABS high strength plastic material, large LCD screen, digital display is clear, easy to read.

The 2 movement: the IC Prepaid Water meter movement, to ensure that the water wheel shows a permanent and clear, is not influenced by the water quality.

3 cell battery: 14505 GB theory life is 6-8 years, our company adopts 18505 battery, the actual service life of 6-8 years, the capacity is increased by 1.5 times.

4 Glass: IP68 dry dial RF card prepaid water meter glass using food grade transparent high strength organic glass, effectively prevent foreign objects damage of the water meter, freezing good performance, the same temperature, even if the water freeze will not overflow losses caused to the user.

5 high strength waterproof waterproof performance: IC card water meter is my company’s patented technology, all the electronic devices are used in food grade professional electronic potting sealing, waterproof performance is high, safe and reliable.

6 IC: multi point star signaling design, convenient for the user to accurately and effectively card.

7 low static power consumption: the static power current meter is less than 5 μ A, 25 μ A below the national standard, static current my company more than 5 times lower than the national standar

8 disassembling heat shrinkable film: zero cost investment, tamper proof effect of 100%, the effective corrosion protection, Yong Bu rust effect on water meter joint, easy to use for a long time after the repair and maintenance.

9 shell: shell base table base table all copper material, using two electrostatic spray corrosion and oxidation process, the base table never corrosion.


Jun 09 2014

Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter structure design, working principle, the error value and maintenance


Is the total volume of measuring instrument used for measuring the water passing through the pipeline, metering and suitable for industrial water and domestic water. LXS type wet type structure, scale for digital and pointer type (E type). Display the number of LXLG type magnetic coupling drive dry type structure, reading, convenient, high precision, is not influenced by the water quality, the dial to keep clean and clear.

Product main features:

1, firm structure, anti impurities capability, low pressure loss, long service life;

2, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, repair, time saving, labor saving;

Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter
3, using a pointer, a character wheel combined display, digital display clear reading convenience features, small starting flow etc.;

4, direct drive is not influenced by the magnetic field, the transmission resistance is small, sensitive and reliable operation, large measuring range, high measuring accuracy;

5, Wet Type Brass Hot Water Meter is detachable, easy replacement of measurement movement, high precision, strong anti-interference, reliability;

6, connected to the head part by national standard thread / flange connection;

Technical parameters:

A, maximum flow rate (Qmax) – meter in a short period of time, without damage cases, maximum flow.

B, commonly used flow (Qn) – meter in normal working condition is steady or intermittent flow, optimal use of flow.

C, the boundary flow (Qt) – flow range is divided into two zones of the flow appears.

D, the minimum flow (Qmin) – at the maximum allowable error limits required to show the value of the minimum flow meter.

The maximum permissible error:

A, including the minimum flow to not include boundary flow low area: + 5%

B, including boundary flow to maximum flow high: + 2%

3, the temperature: 0~45 ℃ cold water table, water table ≤ 95 ℃

4, the nominal pressure: DN15~DN40 ≤ 1.0MPa, DN50~DN200 ≤ 1.6MPa

5, the pressure loss: ≤ 0.1MPa


For a family or a resident unit of measurement of  Multi Jet Liquid Sealed Type Vane Wheel Water Meter.

Installation notes and instructions for use:

1, the water meter diameter should choose suitable caliber water meter according to the size of diameter and flow pipeline installation locations, often use flow close to the common flow is appropriate.

2, before installation should first remove the pipeline debris, sand so as to avoid the water meter fault, if the liquid impurities, need to install the filter or filter at both ends of the water meter.

3, the water meter are installed horizontally, dry water meter away from magnetic field, dial should be upward, watch the direction of the arrow must be consistent with the direction of flow. Installation location should avoid exposure, water, ice and pollution, convenient disassembly and reading. In the rainy season, the winter rain and freezing measures should be taken.

4, the installation should be equipped with valves, water front, in order to cut off the water supply and water meter.

5, water meter installed in the annular water distribution network or boiler water inlet end, a special check valve must be installed water meters, with waterproof table and hot reflux scalding water meter.

6, to ensure that the metering accuracy, directly connected with water meter straight length (excluding valve) before the table should be not less than 10 times the water meter nominal diameter, table should be not less than 5 times the nominal bore water meter.


Jun 07 2014

Development Features Water Meter Box, overview, performance, and related accessories

Meter box is a civil infrastructure facilities used in civil infrastructure, widely used in large and medium-sized city in the township. Water meter box is characterized in: the backside of the body is the open structure, the side wall of the box body is provided with a water inlet pipe through the water inlet pipe of the box body is provided with a notch, the wall of pipe by pipe gap (Note: the inlet and outlet pipes of notch location for production design vary slightly); box comprises a plurality of small door and a big box the door, and can be configured according to actual needs, Bill hole observation window.

Water Meter Box


Early, because the water is exposed, with years of growth, water is easy to corrosion and damage. The emergence of water meter box, not only to solve the above problems, but also bring great convenience to the daily life of residents of water, maintenance and management of the use of tap Water Meter Box and valve in multilayer or high-rise residential in each floor outdoor centralized installation, convenient for reading the work timely.

Performance characteristics:

1, water meter box color to gray or blue, simple appearance;

2, the box body is provided with good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance;

3, long service life, the service life can reach 30~60 years of indoor, outdoor use up to 15~30 years;

4, the material of the box body Recyclable value low, effectively avoid the theft phenomenon;

5, no crack, no deformation of box, convenient use, simple maintenance;

The water tank accessories:

1, water separator:

(1) used in conjunction with the meter box, press the apartment layout installation;

(2) for the color blue or black, beautiful appearance;

(3) the internal water resistance is small, reasonable structure, high pressure resistance;

(4) copper insert using interface, GB thread structure.

2, water meter sensor:

Water meter sensor anti vibration, water hammer, easy disassembly and replacement of the sensor. Low cost, suitable for the people into the house.

3, data acquisition

Low price, small investment, quick effect, compared with the centralized meter reading system, equipment and low construction cost. Especially suitable for a one meter reading, collector can be installed nearby group copy in the unit floor or Plastic Water Meter Protect Box.

4, large caliber water meter:

Collector comes with batteries, use time of 6 years, the replacement of the battery is convenient, applicable to various environments. Low price, small investment, quick effect, compared with the centralized meter reading system, equipment and low construction cost.


Jun 06 2014

Error of Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter, characteristics, the main technical parameters and Principles

Volumetric meter is also called the piston type water meter, is a constant flow type water meter. The national standard in the volumetric meter is defined as “installed in the closed pipe, by some to be a water meter chamber volume successive full known and discharge fluid and with fluid driven mechanism.

Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter

Volumetric meter with rotary piston type and disc type two series, when the water flow through the meter, the drive piston flow (circle

Rotating disc) (swing), and a piston cylinder (disk chamber) volume is constant, so, by counting the measured piston rotation mechanism

Turn (disc swing) times, can get through the Rotary Piston Volumetric Type Water Meter of water.

Product volume type water meter is the main rotary piston type water meter, see figure C.5 and figure C.6 appendix C. Disc type water meter is not used in the domestic, abroad also only a few countries America etc.. Rotary piston type water meter is generally small caliber specification, is characterized by measuring high level (up to C grade and D grade), small flow measurement capability, high sensitivity. At present is mainly used for the measurement of pipeline pure water, water purification water to produce drinking water meter water Limited by Share Ltd Ningbo and Ningbo Donghai instrument channel limited company as the representative, in the water meter diameter is 8, 15 and 20ram. Volumetric meter repair debugging complex, high requirement on quality, used in China has not yet been widely.

Under the action of water pressure, water from the lower water inlet into the measurement chamber, center 3 driven rotary piston 7 surround the measurement chamber shaft to rotate, and the water from the piston blank and piston and the measuring chamber wall surface formed by the air flows to the upper outlet, at the same time the piston rotates, connected by a rotating shaft 4 and shifting fork 5 and counting mechanism, so as long as the note of piston rotation times, can flow through the water volume.

Features and main technical parameters:

The Volumetric Piston Type Nylon Plastic Water Meter(Dry Register) type metering mechanism, high precision measurement, counting mechanism adopts a special liquid packaging, has the characteristics of clear reading of delicate appearance, water inlet is provided with a check valve can prevent backflow. According to user requirements can increase the converted into electrical signal output, can realize remote reading purpose.


The total record of potable water.

Conditions of use:

Temperature class: T30

Pressure rating: MAP10

Pressure loss grade: P63

The upstream flow sensitivity level: U5

Flow sensitivity level: D0

The maximum permissible error:

A) low area (Q1 ≤ Q < Q2) maximum permissible error of ± 5%

B) high (Q2 ≤ Q ≤ Q4) maximum permissible error of ± 2%